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Update (6-July-2022):

Nowadays, online shopping is quite common, and every other household stuff can be delivered to your doorstep. Hence, acquiring Qurbani animals through various online websites is the modern and feasible way to book an animal online. Now, we are back again to assist you with the current prices of animals in 2022. So, scroll down and find out about the best rates for cows, goats and sheep price on online Qurbani websites.

Qurbani Pro

This online website always follows the local market trends and provides decent and affordable price rates. Hence, the current rates are shared below: 

Category Weight 1st Day Price (PKR)2nd Day Price (PKR)
Goat13-15 Kg43000 PKR40000 PKR
Bull / Cow Share14-15 Kg23000 PKR21000 PKR
Bull / Cow Whole90-100 Kg150000 PKR140000 PKR
Qurbani Pro’s current price rate of Qurbani Animals

Official Website:


The Best thing about MeatOne is the charity option. Hence, you can book your animal on the 3rd day as well. So, have a look at the suitable rates given below:  

Category 1st Day Price (PKR)2nd Day Price(PKR)3rd Day Price (PKR)Charity 
Goat42,500 (PKR)42,000 (PKR)41,500 (PKR)37,500 (PKR)
Whole Cow182,000 (PKR)179,000 (PKR)169,000 (PKR)157,000 (PKR)
Share Cow 27,500 (PKR)27,000 (PKR)25,500 (PKR)22,500 (PKR)
MeatOne’s current price rate of Qurbani Animals

Official Website:

Metro Online 

Get ready for convincing and valid animal price rates at Metro Online as they take full responsibility for 100% safe and hygienic meat. Hence, avoid the mandi hassles and book your Animal for Qurbani now.  

Category Weight Day 1 Price(PKR)
Goat(12-14 Kg)40,000 (PKR)
Whole Cow(88-98 Kg)165,000 (PKR)
Share Cow (12-14 Kg)24,000 (PKR)
Metro Online’s current price rate of Qurbani Animals

Official Website:
Qurbani Express
Metro Online
Qurbani Market
Organsations you can donate to

Have you been delaying going to the Mandi, due to the fear of CoronaVirus? 

Don’t worry, with technology and innovation at its peak, we no longer have to worry about going out of the comfort of our homes to get something done. One can now visit the various online Qurbani websites offering the sacrificial services online; you can easily get this obligation done from the comfort of your homes. 

While you are at it, if you wish to read more about Qurbani, you can do so here. 

 List of Online Qurbani Websites in Pakistan

There are many organizations that offer online Qurbani services in Pakistan, in order to help you thin out the herd, we have mentioned some of the most trusted ones below:

  • QurbaniPro
  • QurbaniOnline
  • MeatOne
  • Metro Online
  • Qurbani Market

Scroll down to read about these organisations in more detail.  

Online Qurbani website
The website gives you an option to visit mandi remotely

Giving you the option to visit a mandi remotely during these times, has brought the traditional animal mandi to your screens.

From their official website, you can buy a goat, sheep, cow, buffalo, bull or a camel, at an affordable rate. All you have to do is register yourself on the platform by providing a few necessary details and select the animal. The animal will then be delivered to the address you provide directly.

You can get a complete package from their website, they offer butchery services as well, however, you will be charged extra for the delivery and butchery services.


An initiative by the Hilal Meat Processing (Pvt) Ltd. Qurbani Pro offers its services in the twin cities of Pakistan. They provide hassle free Qurbani services to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

You can rest assured knowing that you will not become a victim of fraud; the organization offers sale of live animals based on their weight and has a fixed rate per kilogram. Not only do they sell live animals in Pakistan, they also slaughter services at their slaughterhouses. You can pick up the meat from the outlet nearest to you. 

Let us also tell you their rates

CategoryWeight1st Day Price (PKR)2nd Day Price (PKR)
Goat13-15 Kg34,00033,000
Bull / Cow Share14-15 Kg18,00017,000
Bull / Cow Whole90-100 Kg115,000110,000

Visit their website to learn more. 


Chop-Shop qurbani
Chop-Shop sells only the most healthy animals

Allowing you to access their online shop in a much quicker and easier way, Chop-Shop has launched a mobile application.

The service belongs to Tata Best Foods, a meat processing company. With customers’ health being their number one priority, Tata Best Foods hires only the most experienced and certified butchers, and strictly guides the employees to follow hygiene protocols.

The livestock offered by Chop-Shop comes directly from trusted farmers. So, head to their website now, place your order and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

You can buy your qurbani animal or a share from Chop-Shop at the following rates:

Goat – PKR 32,000

Cow Share – PKR 22,000

Whole Cow – PKR 135,000

Qurbani Express

Prioritising customer health and satisfaction, Qurbani Express has been providing the customers with halal meat following all the hygiene protocols.

Qurbani Express not only acts as a platform for you to buy your sacrificial animals from, it also delivers the animals to your home. They offer the best and healthy animals raised on their farms at affordable rates.

After your order is placed, the selected animal will undergo an inspection process. Once the animal is carefully inspected and cleared, your order will be confirmed. The animal will then be delivered to your home soon afterwards.

Their services also include sacrificial services performed in accordance with Sharia, which will be livestreamed to you.

For more information about their rates and processes visit their website.


MeatOne selling live animals
MeatOne offers Halal farm raised animals
Credits: MeatOne (official website)

Almost all of us are aware of MeatOne, the meat experts. For those of you who are not aware of the organisation, let us tell you that MeatOne is a chain of specialty meat shops that offer a wide range of ready to cook meat, chicken and mutton products. 

Recently, they have introduced online Qurbani services. They offer farm raised Halal animals, sacrificed in the most hygienic way possible. They offer the Qurbani services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Their rates for providing online Qurbani services are as follows:

CategoryDay 1Day 2Day 3Charity
GoatPKR 34,750PKR 34,250PKR 32,750PKR 29,000
Cow SharePKR 24,950PKR 24,450PKR 22,950PKR 19,000
Whole CowPKR 165,918PKR 162,593PKR 152,618PKR 132,000

You can visit their website to learn more about their services and rates. 

Metro Online

Metro Cash and Carry have initiated an Online Qurbani Website, in order to provide comfort and convenience to their customers. 

Taking responsibility for not just providing you with a farm raised Halal animal, sacrificing and delivering it as well, Metro Online leaves you only to worry about what to cook with the quality controlled meat you will receive on the selected Eid day.

Metro does not just comply with the sharia regarding Qurbani, but also with all the regulation imposed by the government. 

They offer Qurbani services on the following rates in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad and Multan:

CategoryDay 1Day 2
GoatPKR 31,000PKR 31,000
Cow Share Min: 14 KgPKR 22,000PKR 22,000
Cow (Whole)Min: 95 KgPKR 142,000PKR 142,000

If you wish to find out more about Online Qurbani Services by Metro Cash and Carry, visit their webpage

Qurbani Market

Qurbani Market online
Qurbani Market is a remote substitute to the traditional Qurban mandi

Just as their name suggests, Qurbani Market is a remote substitute to the traditional Qurban mandi. This online Qurbani website is highly known among the customers, for their animals, hygienic Qurbani process and highly efficient distribution channels.

Qurbani market offers their services to muslims all over the world, UK, USA and other countries. 

The process for the animals available varies as per their weight, you can visit their website to know more about their rates and procedures.  

Organisations You Can Donate To

The purpose of this festival is not only to show our love and devotion to the All-Mighty, it is also to spread happiness and joy in our community, which we can do by donating a part of our meat. 

Similar to our blog about the welfare organisations in Pakistan you can donate in Ramadan, let us tell you some of the most trusted welfare organisations, you can donate meat to this Qurbani.

Al-Khidmat Foundation

One of the biggest non-profit organisations operating in Pakistan at the moment, Al-Khidmat has vowed to service humanity. Working tirelessly since 1990, Al-Khidmat tries to make sure no one goes to sleep on an empty stomach.

Al-Khidmat has a wide range of services to offer, through which they hope to make tomorrow better. Their services range from providing education to the underprivileged, to interest free loan and disaster management.

This Eid-ul-Adha, share your meat and happiness, by donating to Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan.

Al-Khidmat is just one of the many organisations that thrive due to the philanthropic attitude of Pakistanis, here is a list of the organisations that work day and night to feed the hungry.

  • Edhi Foundation
  • Alamgir Welfare Trust
  • Saylani Welfare International Trust
  • Social Welfare and Trust
  • Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE)
  • Jafaria Disaster Cell (JDC)

On a side note, if you are a Karachite and are having a BBQ party this Eid and wondering how one can cook Biryani in this heat, here are the best Biryani places in Karachi.

This brings us to an end on our blog about the various online Qurbani websites that offer not only halal sacrificial animals, but qurbani services as well.

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