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The people of Pakistan are quite generous, whether you are talking about giving gifts, financial help, clothes, food or organising iftar during Ramadan. Ramadan was made obligatory on the Muslims, with the intention of the rich learning about the pain the less fortunate have to face on a daily basis. With Ramadan, comes a chance for us to give and purify ourselves. 

Thankfully, the list of charitable organisations in Pakistan is not a short one. We have made a list of the most trusted welfare organisations, whose sole purpose is to give back to society and help the needy.

Without any delay, let’s read ahead and find out how we can make a difference! 

List of the Welfare Organisations Hosting Iftar drives

Here is a list of all the organisations that are working during the Ramadan: 

  • Saylani Welfare International Trust
  • Aik Naiki
  • Social Welfare and Trust
  • Be There Welfare Trust
  • Alamgir Welfare Trust
  • Edhi Foundation

Let’s take a look at each of these separately, so you can make an informed decision about your donations.

Saylani Welfare International Trust

Saylani Welfare
Saylani Welfare International Trust aims to break the wheel of poverty.
Credits: Saylani Welfare International Trust (Official Facebook)

Saylani Welfare Trust was established in 1999 by Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui, to alleviate the standards of living in Pakistan. By helping the needy in every way possible, the trust aims to break the wheel of poverty.

With over 125 branches all over the country, the welfare feeds almost 150,000 individuals twice on a daily basis.  Not only does the organization feed the hungry, they also distribute rickshaws to jobless citizens, aiming to tackle the root cause of poverty.

Another charitable initiative that they launched in 2018, was the “Roti Bank”. Under this program, an individual and their families can receive 2 meals per day for a month. 

During the month of Ramadan, an uncountable number of individuals visit their centres for Iftar and Sehri.

Website: https://www.saylaniwelfare.com/home

Aik Naiki

The group of students has extended into an army of social workers
Credits: Aik Naiki (official Facebook)

The organisation started its work five years ago, when just a few college students distributed iftar boxes to the needy and to those stuck in traffic. Since then, the group of students has extended into an army of social workers. 

Apart from hosting Iftar drives at a number of places such as KMDC in North Nazimabad and outside Jinnah hospital, where they feed more than 1000+ people every day for the entire month, they have various other programs during the rest of the year as well. 

Some of the programs Aik Naiki organises are health and education campaigns, and the Thar Ration Drive. You can help Aik Naiki fulfill their wish of serving the people of the entire country and not just Karachi by donating to their causes.

You can visit their Facebook page for more details. 

Social Welfare and Trust

SWAT Society
SWAT is a welfare society dedicated to work for the welfare of the citizens of Pakistan
Credits: SWAT (official Facebook)

Social Welfare and Trust (SWAT) is a university society dedicated to work for the general welfare of the citizens of Pakistan. 

By working with the dedicated team of students, SWAT promises to raise the standard of living conditions of the less fortunate ones. This student welfare society has multiple projects under its belt; Roshan Thar Drive, under which the citizens of Thar are given a chance to bring some light into their dark life. Educational programs are initiated to fight the cause of poverty.  

Apart from these drives, SWAT conducts various food and ration drives. Their upcoming campaign includes distributing Ramadan ration packs, and carrying out Iftar drives at various locations in Karachi, orphanages and old age homes as well.

If you wish to take part in SWAT’s Ramadan food distribution, visit their Facebook page and help them feed the poor. 

Be There Welfare Trust

Be there welfare society
With the vision of eradicating hunger, Be There Welfare Trust works for those in need
Credits: Be There Welfare Trust (Official Facebook)

Among the many welfare organisations arranging Iftar drives, Be There Welfare Trust is one to be trusted. With the vision of eradicating hunger, this charitable organisation serves meals on the wheels. 

The areas in which this organisation provides social welfare services are North Nazimabad, Gulshan, Gulistan-e-Johar, Civil Hospital, Saddar and Cantt Station.  Even though the Be There Welfare Trust hasn’t been operating for a long time, it has worked day and night to feed the underprivileged of the society.

For more details you can visit their Facebook page. 

Alamgir Welfare Trust

Alamgir Charity welfare
Alamgir Welfare Trust is one of the most trusted names when it comes to charity
Credits: Alamgir Welfare Trust (official Facebook)

When it comes to charity, Alamgir Welfare Trust is one of the most trusted names. Operating for the last two decades, it was established by Shaheed Anwer Naseem Chanda for the betterment of the society.  The organisation came into existence on the ideology that small things can matter a lot. 

Alamgir Welfare Trust following Muslim charity principles, does not discriminate between caste, creed, color or religion, but aims to serve every needy individual of the society. The organisation works to reduce the level of unemployment by providing sewing machines and various other opportunities. The foundation, understanding that education is the basic right that everyone deserves, has many educational programs for the needy. 

In the holy month of Ramadan, Alamgir Welfare organisation distributes iftar boxes among the needy, in orphanages and madrasas. Each month the trust feeds more than 5000 people.

For more details about their upcoming campaigns, visit their official website. 

The Edhi Foundation

Feed The Poors
The foundation is recognised on both national and international levels
Credits: Edhi (official Facebook)

The list of welfare organisations hosting food drives remains incomplete without mentioning Edhi Foundation. 

Almost everyone is aware of the noble work that the Edhi family has been doing for the underprivileged class of Pakistan. With a solid aim such as “Serving Humanity is the Spirit of All Religions”, the Edhi foundation does not discriminate among the needy. 

The foundation is recognised on both national and international levels. It is pretty evident from the fact that the foundation has won multiple awards. 

Furthermore, the organisation works on various fronts, providing shelters to the homeless, free treatment to the sick, education and care to orphans, and much more. Not to mention, Edhi Foundation has the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service. Apart from all of this, the main focus of the foundation is on feeding as many hungry individuals as possible. 

This Ramadan, the Edhi family plans to host iftar and ration drives at various locations, to know more about their plans, visit their official website

We have listed some of the welfare organisations that host iftar drives, these are a handful of the charitable organisations that constantly inspire and motivate us to do better and help the less fortunate individuals of the society.

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