6 Must-Visit Water Parks in Karachi

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Not only Karachi’s beaches offer a safe haven to cool off, but the city is dotted with some awesome water parks that you can either visit with your family or friends. In fact, water parks in Karachi are every citizen’s go-to place during summer break to enjoy quality time, eat lunch, and watch splendid views. 

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List of the Best Family Water Parks in Karachi

 Just the name of Karachi makes you think about endless coastline, flavoursome biryani, huge buildings, and extraordinary amusement. If you didn’t know already, the city is actually home to some of the best water parks and they are what make Karachi a much more special place to visit or live. 

  • Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course
  • Sunway Lagoon Water Park
  • Fiesta Family Water Park
  • Picnic World Water Park
  • BRP Water Park (Burhani Recreational Park)
  • Cosy Water Park

Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course

Dream World
The resort has 8 distinct water facilities
Credits: Dreamworld (official Facebook)

The first name on our list of the best water parks in Karachi is the Dreamworld Resort.

If you wish to spend these hot summer days with your friends and family, Dreamworld is the perfect choice for you. The place has it all, a huge swimming pool, where you can swim for hours and enjoy the various amenities the single pool has to offer, such as huge slides, several inflatable floats. Three separate pools just for the individuals who dare to slide on the huge kamikaze slides. Along with a kids pool area, the resort also has a water fountain, where you and your kids can run around and feel the joy of playing in rain, in this hot weather. 

The resort also has a huge artificial sea, for the ones who wish to get the feel of the ocean, under the blistering sun. The place also has ladies only swimming pool, with several amenities of its own, it also has an artificial lake, just for boating.

And just when you think a single resort cannot possibly have any more facilities, Dreamworld proves you wrong. Along with having 8 water facilities, the park has many other indoor and outdoor activities, such as a pool table, arcade games, bowling alleys, horse riding, motor and bike racing and much more. Above all the resort has an abundance of grass, where after a long day of enjoying these amenities, you can simply sit, relax and enjoy food from the various eateries open inside the resort. 

Membership Fee: PKR 25,000 per month

Entry Fee: PKR 2,500 per person

Timings: 10am-6pm (some activities are open till late night)

Location: Opposite Block-R, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park

Sunway Lagoon
Sunway lagoon is spread across 42 acres
Credits: Sunway Lagoon (official Facebook)

One of the most well-known water parks in Karachi is the Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi. Its luscious green grass spreads over an area of 42 acres, and has beautiful coconut trees lining the pathways and giving you the shade from the harsh sun. 

With more than 25 slides and 12 pools, Sunway Lagoon offers the ideal location to spend a summer’s day, with your family. Set on international standards, the water park has many pools including a huge central pool, children’s pool, mega pool, spiral pool, and ladies-only pool, among others. Sunway Lagoon Water Park can proudly say it has the biggest pool in Pakistan, which is equipped with the latest wave machine, giving you the feeling of being in the ocean. 

The park also has a covered cafeteria, where you and your kids can get all the refreshments you need to cope up with the harsh temperature, along with a tube shop, where your kids can get all the pool related accessories they might require.

Entry Fee: PKR 1,200

Kids Entry Fee: Free entry for children below three

Timings: 10:00 AM- 05-00 PM (Mon-Sun)

Note: Saturday is reserved for families.

Location: 6.5 KM away from Gharo City, Main National Highway, District Thatta, Sindh.

Fiesta Family Water Park

The Great Fiesta
The Great Fiesta is every Karachiites favourite water park
Credits: The Great Fiesta (official Facebook)

Having the pleasure of giving its guests the most exciting and daring experience, The Great Fiesta is every Karachiites favourite water park. The free fall slide is a must for the thrill seekers; it is a straight 60 feet high vertical drop, making it Pakistan’s largest slide, as per their official website.

The park has many other slides for the adventurous, such as the Big Monster, Pendulum, Boomerang, Turbo and Cyclone are among the 15 slides, people from all over the city visit the Fiesta Water Park Karachi for.

On the other hand, this water park  is not only for adults, it has many facilities for the kids as well, such as the family slide, Rim Jhim, The Jungle etc. The place also has several eateries offering distinct and various cuisines.

Entry Fee: PKR 1,200 per person

Kids Entry Fee: Admission is free for one year olds.

Timings: 10:30 AM- 05:30 PM

Location: Survey No. 25, Deh Amilano Tappo Kathore, Main Super Highway, Karachi.

Picnic World Water Park

Picnic World Water Park
It is the perfect place for anyone who wishes to spend a relaxing time

Providing you the perfect escape from the hubbub of the metropolitan, Picnic World Karachi, is spread over an area of 3 acres. 

The park has many amazing water facilities, suited to entertain both the kids and adults alike. Picnic World Water Park has 8 slides with each of them having a specialty and ample space to play water games, to keep the kids busy, so that you may enjoy the slides that are best suited for your adventure, such as the Lazy River and the Hurricane Pool. It is the perfect place for anyone who wishes to spend a relaxing time of pure bliss with their families.

Entry Fee: PKR 300 per person

Kids Entry Fee: PKR 250 (for kids under 4)

Timings: 09:00 AM- 06:00 PM

Location: Main Super Highway, Memon Goth Road, Karachi.

BRP Water Park (Burhani Recreational Park)

BRP Water Park
You can also rent the mini water park for the day
Credits: BRP Water park (official Facebook)

Built on international standards, this mini water park has been the go-to spot for many in the city. The water park has many slides installed to attract the kids and adults alike. The various pools and slides the park has to offer include the free fall, the surf racer, twister, three mini pools and a separate pool for the kids. 

The place also includes a full-service restaurant, for you to dine-in after an exciting day of availing the many facilities the park has to offer. 

On a side note, you can also rent the entire water park for a day, for just your family to take part in various summer activities.

Entry Fee: PKR 600 per person

Kids Entry Fee: PKR 300 

Timings: 09:00 AM- 06:00 PM

Location: Near Hub Industrial Area

Cosy Water Park

Cosy Water Park
Some of the many features the place has to offer includes the Giant Lazy Pool

This Water park in Karachi, fulfills its promise of giving you “Wildly Wet, Fabulous Fun” by featuring 12 distinct slides and various other amenities. 

Some of the many features the place has to offer includes the Giant Lazy Pool, the Twin Pool, a Giant Water Slide, Twin Rapid slide, a Children pool as well as a Children’s Park, with rain drops, merry-go-round etc. Besides separate pools and slides for women, the water park also has a beautiful lake with an island, where you can enjoy pedal boating.

An added bonus, the park also provides you with transport services, so you no longer have to worry about conveyance.

Entry Fee:  PKR 700 (for individuals over 4.5 feet)
                    PKR 500 (for individuals below 4.5 feet)                

Timings: 10:00 AM- 06:00 PM

Location: Near Super Highway Behind New Sabzi Mandi Just Twenty Minutes’ Drive From Sohrab Goth, Deh Shah Mureed, Topa Songal, Karachi.

So, there it is folks, a list of perfect places to spend your weekends during this harsh weather, and enjoy with your family and friends. We have listed down the best water parks in Karachi, their specialty, their ticket price, the water park timings and the many facilities they have to offer. Spend your day at one of the places and let us know how it went by writing to us at blogs@jagahonline.com

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Disclaimer: Owing to the pandemic, most public places in Karachi are closed to the general public. We will advise you to avoid crowded and high-risk locations such as swimming pools. Take care of yourself and others around you.