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Serving at Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) is the dream of thousands of students and job seekers in Sindh. However, certain factors come into play for cracking this exam such as knowledge, confidence, communication skills, and other such things. In this blog, we will tell you all there is to know about this exam, eligibility criteria, and how to be a part of the commission. 

About SPSC

Sindh Public Service Commission
SPSC is responsible for evaluating the applicants who wish to serve the nation

In a parliamentary system of government, for example, the Pakistani government, the responsibility for running and managing the country falls on the chosen minister, the Members of the National Assembly (MNAs). However, administrating a country that is vastly overpopulated is quite difficult for the handful of the ministers. To help them with their responsibilities, civil officers play an important role. 

SPSC is responsible for evaluating the applicants who wish to serve the nation. Firstly, the commission evaluates the criteria. Afterwards, they conduct the test [similar to NTS] and the interview. At the end, they analyse if an individual is worthy of the post.

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History of SPSC

The history of this commission predates the creation of Pakistan. However, some policies were revised under the provision of Act 1935 after independence.

Currently, the commission functions and is given autonomy under the constitution of Pakistan. Similar to any other commission, Sindh Public Service Commission is also administered by a Chairman, who is appointed by the Governor of Sindh. To help him achieve the goals of the organisation, several members are also appointed. 

At present the organisation is chaired by Mr. Noor Muhammad Jadmani.

SPSC Jobs Vacancies

Each month, the Sindh Public Service Commission announces various job vacancies in a wide range of sectors, through the print media and on its official website. As per the commission, anyone with Sindh domicile can apply for SPSC job vacancies. These are the fields people can choose as per their background and interest: 

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Education 
  • Police 

While these are some of the most essential and popular choices, there are a few fields that you can check out on the official website of SPSC.

If you are applying to any public service commission job, then you can opt for any of the departments that fall under the commission and you desire to be a part of.

In order to be a part of the civil service, you first need to fit the eligibility criteria, clear the test and the interview –  we will discuss these aspects in detail later in the blog. Along with the list of job vacancies, SPSC website also provides information on examination date, result date, and a lot more within a few clicks.

How to Apply Online for SPSC

Spsc Apply Online
In just few simple steps you can register yourself to apply for a jo vacancy at SPSC

Let us breakdown the procedure of applying for various jobs through the commission: 

Eligibility Criteria

These are the characteristics that an individual applying for a job must have; they can differ in fields, age, gender, medical history, education, etc. An individual applying for a job in SPSC:

  • Can be of either gender
  • Age limit for the applicants is 21-30 years, however, if you have previously served for the Government of Sindh, your maximum age can be 35 years
  • Should be a citizen of Pakistan
  • Should be a domiciled and permanent resident of Sindh
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree


  • The criterion for a certain post is put out through the very same post that announces the vacancy
  • The candidate can submit the requirements up until the deadline of the vacancy
  • No exceptions are given to an applicant, if the deadline is missed, however, sometimes the government does extend the deadlines for some jobs

Registration Procedure for SPSC Job Application

Let us breakdown the registration process, follow the below mentioned simple steps:

Step 1: Create Profile

The first step is to login into your account, using your CNIC number. If you don’t already have an account, create an account following the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Visit their website
  • Navigate to ‘APPLY ONLINE’ and click on it (you will be directed to the login page)
  • Click on create account
  • Enter the required details, such as your NIC number, mobile number, email, and password

After your account has been successfully created, login by entering your CNIC number and password. 

Step2: Fill Your Profile

Enter the three sections to create your profile:

  • Personal Information
  • Educational Information
  • Service/Job Information

Let’s discuss these three sections in more detail:

Personal information

Enter your full name, as per your matriculation certificate, and other relevant details, such as father’s name, postal and permanent address, domicile details etc.

Along with adding these details, you will also be required to upload a recent passport size photo with a white background.

Educational Information

Select one level of education; enter the board or the university you graduated from and some additional details. If you have additional certificates or any of your research has been published, you will be required to enter the respective details as well. 

Service/Job Information

If you have any job experience, you will be required to add in the details of the job, such as, the post held at the office, the nature of the job and the duration of your time there. 

Now that all the required information has been filled, save the progress and press finish. Your profile will now be created.

Step 3: Submit Fees Challan

After your account will be created, click on available jobs. You will be directed to the page that shows all the available jobs. Please note that the SPSC challan has to be paid before applying for a job. 

  • Download the challan form
  • Fill the required information, such as the amount, challan number and the centre for the test
  • Submit the challan at the nearest National Bank of Pakistan, along with the fee of Rs. 1000

Step 4: Confirm the Status

To ascertain the status of your submission process, take a look at the three following things:

  • A message “Under Initial Process” will appear in the alert section
  • The “Apply Now” will be replaced with “Already Applied”, and you won’t be able to apply to any other job
  • In the section of job history, the history of the application submission will be shown

Step 5: Download Roll no. Slips

The roll number slip will be issued to the applicants, who have passed the initial process and are now eligible to appear for the test and the interview. SPSC sends the roll number slips to the candidate’s postal address, however, one can download the slip through their web portal by following the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Visit the web portal, enter your CNIC number, you can see the relevant details
  • If your roll no slip has arrived, download the slip
  • Print out the roll no slip
  • On the date of the test, submit the roll number slip at the SPSC help desk

Step 6: Appear for the Interview

If you have cleared the test, you will be called for the interview. You will be notified of the date and the centre through their web portal.

Step 7: Results

The document containing the list of the accepted candidates will be uploaded on their website, in the section of interview result.

Sindh Public Service Commission Contact Number

If any confusion persists related to the application process or while receiving the results, you can contact them at the following numbers:

Hyderabad: o22-9200694, 246

Karachi: 021-99218343

Sukkur: 071-5815123

Larkana: 0333-7076356

FAQs About Sindh Public Service Commission

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the organisation:

The exams conducted by SPSC are called SPSC exams; they are carried out for the purpose of recruitment of candidates for the government.

The position is currently filled by Mr. Noor Muhammad Jadmani

There are a total of 10 positions in SPSC:

·         1 chairman

·         9 members

The governor of Sindh is responsible for the appointment of the chairman

An applicant is supposed to cover the syllabus of 5 compulsory and 3 optional subjects along with sitting for a viva-voce

This concludes our blog on the Sindh Public Service Commission; we have covered all the necessary details one might need about the commission, their responsibilities, the job vacancies and  how to apply for the jobs. If you think we missed out on any detail, write to us at blogs@jagahonline.com

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