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Looking for a place that can give you some heebie-jeebies? Well, there are countless horror stories in Pakistan coupled with historical aspects, frightening experiences, and suspected supernatural appearances.

Disclaimer: Some of these stories are extremely terrifying not for the faint of heart. So, read at your own risk. 

Haunted Places in Karachi with Famous Horror Stories

Chowkandi Graveyard famous for tourism but haunted at night
Chowkandi Graveyard- oldest in history with famous horror story

Karachi is a city with lights on the street, but it does get scary at night. 

That said, here are some haunted places in Karachi with famous horror stories and that you should [or should not] visit: 

Mohatta Palace

The palace was built by Rajasthani businessmen back in 1927. It was a summer house for his family and after the partition, the Pakistani Government took control of the palace. 

Now, it is an art museum for the public.

Although there are no legends attached to the Palace, there are incidents in this palace filled with horror stories – where visitors, including the staff and gatekeeper, have witnessed moving objects and heard conversations inside the palace’s rooms when no one was there. Legend has it, some objects in the museum change their position before dawn.

Karsaz Road

Cemeteries are creepy, but who would have imagined an entire road being haunted by a witch. The famous ‘Karsaz Witch’ is not unknown to Karachittes. 

According to the story, a newlywed couple was driving on Karsaz Road and they faced a terrible accident and died on the spot. Ever since the accident, there are countless events where people have witnessed a woman in a red dress with twisted feet walking aimlessly on the road.

The Karsaz Witch tries to approach people whose vehicle would unexpectedly stop in the middle of the night. She has also been captured in CCTV footage.

Chowkandi Graveyard at Highway

It goes without saying that the ancient Chowkandi Graveyard –  located near the National Highway in Karachi – makes a famous horror story in Pakistan. According to some researchers, it is the oldest cemeteries, dating back to the 15 century AD. The graveyard is included in a historical site. But, no one dares to visit them after sunset.

As a whole, it is a beautiful place for attracting tourists. University students visit these graveyards in the morning or noon.

Those who have explored the graveyard at night encountered strange activities. The locals would hear voices coming out from the graveyard at 03:00 AM and shadowy creatures creeping within these graveyards.

Shireen Cinema 

Situated in North Karachi and now it is completely closed as the staff and visitors witnessed supernatural activities inside the cinema.

According to some sources, they heard weird noises in empty rooms and constant talking of people in the back row when no one was there. Dark things walk in front of them and creep around the walls. Such incidents led the Government to shut it down permanently.

Haunted Places in Lahore with Famous horror Stories

Lahore is the Old City with many interesting historical sites, but there are two historical places where no one dares to go near them due to paranormal activities occurring at night.

Moti Masjid

The masjid was constructed during the Mughal period. It primarily served as a worship place for the emperors of the said period. Designed to look like a pearl, the mosque is deemed as ‘Pearl Masjid’ or ‘Moti Masjid’. However, witnesses stated that it is a haunted masjid and many have seen dark images inside the Pearl Masjid. 

For now, it is closed, but some say they have seen a lot of people worshipping inside the masjid. It’s not confirmed who these people are, either they are jinns, who are residing near the area.

Sheikhupura Fort

This Fort depicts Mughal architecture and is displayed as a historical site for tourists. Even though it looks beautiful in the morning, it gets scarier at night. The Fort is abandoned and closed for the public. According to the locals, shadowy images walking nearby the fort and making absurd voices in the dark have been observed on several occasions. 

Famous Haunted Places in Islamabad 

Islamabad- Beautiful city with horror stories
Islamabad is the beautiful city with haunted places

The capital is known for its magnificent landscape and hilltops. It is one of the beautiful capitals in the world. Yet, there are haunted places within the city. Below are the names.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

If you live in Islamabad, you know very well about these caves that are centuries old along with older trees. These caves are haunted, and those who go near them, feel an uncanny presence and sometimes they see moving shadows near the old trees. Not to mention the presence of apparitions. 

Our first and foremost advice to the visitors is DON’T visit. But, if you really want to, visit these during bright morning or noon. 

Lotus Lake

This lake is situated at Shakarparian, Islamabad. The horror story about this lake is when various murders took place and dead bodies were found near the lake; which made the area popular and haunted. For this reason, it is completely abandoned and warning signs are placed along the way to warn people about this lake.

Buddhist Graveyard 

The graveyard is situated near Sector F7 in Islamabad, it is famous for paranormal activities. The gatekeeper says that he witnessed footsteps at night when no one was there and heard cries and laughter from the graveyard. 

Those who cross the graveyard have felt a supernatural presence like someone is staring at them or following them. It is one of the scariest graveyards in Islamabad; best not to go near it. 

Haunted Hills in Balochistan

Traveling to hilly areas can be adventurous but not all of them are for exploring. Here are two places in Balochistan that will give you goosebumps if you ever visit them alone at night.

Gondrani Caves City

It is a place for tourism and a famous picnic spot in Balochistan where you can see lakes nearby the caves. But those who visited the area experienced apparitions living inside these caves, and locals believe that these caves are dangerous. If you want to visit these caves, make sure you travel during sunlight and with a group to avoid mishaps.

Koh-i-Chiltan Peak

This place is haunted by 40 children, who were possessed by evil spirits – they haunt the area and lure tourists astray, even make weird voices to scare the locals. There are some cases that visitors lost their way and were never found. To ensure your safety, always take a tour guide, so that you do not run into these children.

Saif-ul-Malook in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Beautiful Jheel Saif ul Malook
Beautiful Saif-ul-Malook in Pakisatn

Pakistan’s Northern areas have remarkable scenery and best for tourism. People can enjoy their summer vacation in the chilly weather of Naran and Kaghan. 

Usually, visitors go to Jheel Saif ul Malook for exploring the lake and taking pictures. But there are multiple accounts, who viewed the Jheel as haunted. In the dark, many have seen shadowy images walking on the streets, and heard cries at night. Friendly advice, you should visit them in the morning or noon. Avoid trips at night because the roads to jheel become deadly.

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