Rana Resort- A Joyful Escape for Summer Day

Summer days and weekends are the best combinations for planning a holiday. If you are in Lahore, you must have experienced the monuments surrounded by the old city. Moreover, don’t forget to stroll in the delicious food streets of Lahore. Now that summer is already above the head, melting you with heavy heat waves. In this situation, we all seek a calm and peaceful destination to spend a day. However, Rana Resort is a perfect spot to escape into the wilderness of woods, away from the bustling city life, to enjoy the serene views and vibes it offers.

Discovering Rana Resort Lahore

Discovering Rana Resort Lahore
Rana resort offers luxury huts to stay in.

The Rana Resort Lahore is situated near the Bhai Pheru – Head Balloki Road, Nankana Sahib, Punjab. However, it is located at a distance of 70 kilometres from Lahore, which is accessible for the residents. Commonly, it is known as “Rana resort Park” or “Safari Park” because of its lavish clean green environment and wildlife. The park doesn’t only feature entertainment for a particular age group; besides, younger and elderly can enjoy the day by visiting the Rana Resort.

Nonetheless, the resort offers green surroundings, tall trees, magnificent gardens, and flower-laden lawns, which impacts a lot on the visual views of this place. Additionally, by the entrance, you will be encountered by the wooden huts providing a shaded space to protect yourself from the burning sun. The most adventurous services offered by the resort are as follows:

  • Boating Area
  • Entertaining Rides
  • Play and Fun Area
  • Wild Life
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants

Boating Area

The massive area of the resort is dedicated to the lakes. While visiting the resort, if you haven’t gotten yourself in the boat, you are missing the best adventure. Boating is the most captive water activity which refreshes your mind. Additionally, the resort is surrounded by beautiful views, which attract you to grab a ticket as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, they offer electric boating as well as the paddle one. Once the boat starts moving into smooth water, it gives delightful vibes and makes you lost in beauty. In the meantime, boating in the lake of Rana resorts helps to enjoy the calmness and collect picture-perfect memories.

Entertaining Rides

Entertaining Rides
Tonga ride is popular among kids

In the resort, you can find various entertaining rides, including a Train ride, Tonga ride, Donkey cart, Camel cart, Bollox cart ride, and Horse ride. However, the resort is spread over a vast area, and to enjoy the maximum of it, these rides are here. You can hop on to your favourite one and explore the serene view of the place. Not just these rides are for views, alongside you will find yourself enjoying and giggling. 

Play and Fun Area

Amusement parks are always fun with extraordinary rides. However, the resort provides its audiences with a complete package of fun. You can find various swings like; Marry Go Rounds, Trampoline, Dodging Cars, Dragon Ships, and other rides for kids and young. The entertainment area is quite popular in this location; you will always find people hanging or standing in queue for their turn. 

Wild Life

Wild Life
The wildlife includes 500 exotic animals

The Wildlife in Rana Resort is full of exotic animals, including Deer, Ostriches, Peacocks, Crocodiles, and many other animals running freely in the jungle. You will be amazed by watching them freely in the mega jungle through a train ride. Moreover, the sound of chirping birds will give you a nostalgic feeling. Indeed, the wildlife in the resort gives you a unique experience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now. 

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is the most exciting part of the resort; moreover, it requires booking a pool in advance. The swimming pool charges around 4 to 5 thousand with a duration of three hours. Similarly, the swimming pool is designed with a fine structure, following modern infrastructure. 



Dine in restaurants offers traditional dishes.

You can find food stalls in restaurants facilitating quality food. Whether you want to enjoy the Savoury Gol Gappas or the Spicy Biryani, you can find it all here. There are dine-in restaurants also, which are newly constructed. Additionally, all the food places offer economical rates and an extended range of variety. 

Rana Resort Ticket Price

According to the official site of Rana Resort, the ticket price is as follows:

  • Adult Entry Charges = Rs 250
  • Under 12 Years = Rs 100
  • Under 6 Years = Entry Free
  • Senior Citizen (age above 60) = Entry Free
  • Disabled Persons are free

Rana Resort Discount 

The resort offers a wide range of discounts for special occasions. Moreover, it has a 60% Discount on School Trips by providing a request on the school letterhead by the principal.

Rana Resort Location

Address: Head Balloki – Nankana, Punjab, Pakistan

Lahore Office: 51 Canal Park, Rana Shaukat Mahmood Road, Gulberg II, Lahore.

Contact Number: 03000457683 – 03000457684 – 03000457685

Email: ranaluxuryresort.com@gmail.com

Planning a day out with friends and family to a beautiful destination like Rana Resort is just the perfect choice. There is no better time than now to pack your bags and leave for a short trip. However, on the way, you can enjoy the Lahore serene views and the bustling old life of the city. Once you reach the final destination Rana Resort, explore and enjoy time with some relaxing break. 

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