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Punjab is the greenest region of Pakistan , considering the number of parks and lush green gardens. In our recent effort to contribute to the local tourism industry, we had given a guide on  Jallo Park in Lahore. Similar to our past post, here’s a visitor’s guide to Gatwala Wildlife Park in Faisalabad. 

Situated in WAPDA city –  one of the most meticulously planned housing schemes in Faisalabad – Gatwala Park spans over an area of 131 acres. A major picnic spot for the residents of the city, the park has luscious green grass and plenty of facilities for the kids to enjoy.

Let us take you on a virtual tour of Gatwala Wildlife Park!

Gatwala Wildlife Park

 Wildlife park in Faisalabad
The bird sanctuary hosts a variety of bird species
Credits: Gatwala Wildlife Park (official Facebook)

Deemed as the most beautiful wildlife and amusement parks in Faisalabad, Gatwala Park is managed by the Punjab Forestry Department. A sneak peek into the history reveals that the construction work of the park began in 1985 and took almost seven years to complete.

The existence of Gatwala Wildlife Park –  often spelled as Gutwala Park – has made it evident that botanical parks are unique and astounding while simultaneously providing the added benefit of being budget-friendly. 

Moreover, Gatwala Park comprises a botanical garden, wildlife park, breeding centre, two huge lakes, and a children play area. 

In addition, the park is dotted by huge trees, wooden gazebos, and exceptional beauty. If comfort and solitude is something that you truly value, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, so that you can explore everything on your feet. 

Features of Gatwala Park in Faisalabad

When planning a trip to a sprawling spot such as Gatwala Wildlife Park, you might be overwhelmed by the thought of where to begin. Hence, we have listed some of the spots in Gatwala Park that you shouldn’t miss in the process of deciding how many landmarks you should witness in a single day. 


This huge park has two different lakes.

One lake is located at the northwest end of the Gatwala park. The lake is further lifted up by vibrant flowers such as moss and tulips. Visitors of the park can also use the facility of boating while on the lake.

Second lake is home to crocodiles, known as the crocodile farm, it attracts a number of visitors and gives your kids the feel of a zoo. Don’t worry! The lake is fenced to keep the crocodiles inside the vicinity and keep the visitors safe.

Children Area

For those visiting the park with families, especially children, planning a trip to Gatwala Park can be both exciting and knowledgeable. Besides crocodile farm, the park has rides such as jungle gym, monkey bars, and swings that can keep them engaged while you observe the surroundings.  

Bamboo Forest

Towards the east of the park, a huge area is covered by the bamboo forest. The thick stem of the trees provides shade from the scorching sun during summers, thus attracting huge crowds during the season. 

If that’s not enough, there is a beautiful natural canal flowing beside the forest.

Bird Sanctuary

gatwala park Faisalabad
The huge open area is decorated with various, beautiful flowers
Credits: Gatwala Wildlife Park (official Facebook)

Towards the northern section of the park lies a huge bird sanctuary, similar to the one in Lake View Park, Islamabad. It hosts a variety of bird species, both local and from other regions of the country.

For the citizens of Faisalabad, who wish to relax and take a break from their lives, a huge open area is decorated with various, beautiful flowers. The added facility of a Gazebo allows the visitors to take shade from the sunlight, whenever needed. The open park attracts a huge crowd, kids and adults alike.

Wildlife in Gatwala Park

Given that it’s a wildlife park, it hosts a number of animals, such as:

  • Deer
  • Mouflon (wild sheep)
  • Black Bucks (antelope)
  • Monkeys
  • Rabbits
  • Crocodiles
  • Cranes
  • Partridge
  • Pigeon 

Gatwala Park Location

Gatwala Park is located at a distance of approximately 2 km from Wildlife Breeding Centre in Faisalabad near Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad road. Faisalabad Canal Expressway runs northwest of this park, while Punjab Forest Research Institute is just 3 minute drive away. 

Gatwala Park Entry Fee & Timings

While visiting the Gatwala park Faisalabad, you will have to pay absolutely no fee, and you can enjoy all the facilities from 8:00 AM till sunset.

This is all you need to know about the Gatwala Wildlife Park in Faisalabad. It is one of the best places for a resident of Faisalabad to spend a day with their families. We have shared the features and the location of the park as well as a list of the wildlife present there.

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