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The capital city of Pakistan is dotted with picnic places and tourist spots. Mountains tracks, lush green gardens, stunning monuments, historical sites, and family parks makes it easier for both residents and visitors to find a place to unwind on weekends. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast or like pondering over life near the lakeside, our comprehensive guide to Lake View Park, Islamabad has something for everyone. 

Let’s kickstart this traveller’s guide with an overview of the park!

Overview of Lake View Park, Islamabad

lake view park
A normal day at the Lake View Park, Islamabad.

A trip to Islamabad is not complete without a visit to Lake View Park. 

Sitting on the fringes of Rawal Dam, the park is often confused with Rawal Dam Park since it was previously known as old Lake View Park and is situated just across the river. 

Although the park is tucked away in a serene location near the lake, it gets crowded during weekends and public holidays by locals and tourists alike. The recreational ground boasts a perfect view of Rawal Lake and it is divided into different parts including F1 Traxx, amusement parks, Battlefield, gardens, and birds sanctuary. Speaking of which, the bird aviary of Lake View Park is the biggest aviary of Pakistan.

Activities at Lake View Park 

Whether you are visiting with your friends or family, there are plenty of facilities in the park that you can enjoy. You can play paintball with your friends; try your luck on rock climbing. 

The perfect place for kids, giving them a huge area to run around, try boating, horseback riding, etc. Not only this, there are many rides present in Lake View Park to keep the kids busy, while you prepare for barbecue on the BBQ grills installed in the park.

 There are spacious festival arenas that host cultural and musical programs throughout the year.  

Where to Eat?

As a trip to the enormous park requires a whole day, there are many refreshment stalls present in the park, out of which Dera stands out the most.

How to Get Around?

Moreover, there are train rides and golf carts to take the visitors from one place to another. As it is run by the CDA, there is a strict check on the cleanliness and security.

Lake View Park Timings

trip to Islamabad or Pakistan
Dawn is the perfect time to get your BBQ party started at Lake View Park.

The park is open throughout the week and you can visit during below mentioned timings:

Lake View Park Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Ticket Prices Lake View Park

The entry ticket price for the park is PKR 20. 

Lake View Park Location

Situated on Rawal Lake, the park is easily accessible via major arteries of the city including Srinagar Highway, Murree Road, and Kashmir Highway. Top-notch housing schemes such as Diplomatic Enclave, Red Zone, and Blue Area are just a few minutes drive from the park, it means that security and safety is not a concern. 

Here are some famous landmarks of Islamabad that are located within 5 kilometres distance from the park:

  • Jinnah Convention Centre
  • Kashmir Chowk
  • Islamabad Golf Course
  • Islamabad Serena Hotel
  • Pakistan Sports Complex
  • Ankara Park

How to Get to the Park?

To get to the park, all you need to do is turn right just before Barakahu on the Murree road and you’ll arrive at the parking lot. You can use app-based hailing services or public transport to get to the park. Since the roads leading to this tourist spot in Islamabad are well-paved, you can drive your own car or if you’re a visitor, we’d recommend renting a car and explore the nearby destinations as well. 

Wildlife in the Lake View Park

The park is home to various species of animals such as winter waterfowls while it serves as a residence for the Indian Cobra and Russell’s Viper. On the other hand, the mammals living there include the common Fox, Pangolins, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Porcupine, Yellow throated marten and wild Boar. Furthermore, fifteen different species of fish are also spotted in Rawal Lake. Doula, Rahu, Thaila, Mori, Carp fish, to name a few. 

Features of Lake View Park, Islamabad

lake view park Facilities
Lake View Park aviary is the biggest aviary of Pakistan.

Although it is very unlikely to find everything in a single place, this park is one of the very few places that has it all. The park is notably divided into 4 parts: the main park, Battlefield Islamabad, Ibex Club, and F1 Traxx. Here are the most noteworthy facilities of Lake View Park:

  • Spacious arenas with a stage and a seating area
  • Picnic points with barbeque grills
  • Camping grounds
  • Wide gardens with flower beds and fountains
  • Play area for kids
  • Golf carts and passenger trains
  • Boating and fishing facilities
  • Horse-back riding
  • The largest aviary of Pakistan, with the most extraordinary birds
  • Paintball arena at the Battlefield Islamabad
  • Mini Golf area at the Battlefield Islamabad
  • Rock climbing at the Ibex club
  • 5D motion ride at the F1 Traxx
  • Amusement park rides
  • ATV ridings
  • Jumping castles
  • Refreshment centers
  • Sitting Pagodas

Apart from these, there are educational placards alongside the walking area, where you can learn about the birds present in the aviary. Not only has this, but the bank of Rawal bank, hosts the most extraordinary looking birds.

Restaurants near Lake View Park

If you wish to make the most out of your trip, you should visit one of the following eateries near the park:

  • Pinetree Restaurant
  • Monal Islamabad
  • Des Pardes Restaurant
  • Andaaz
  • Table Talk
  • Zamana
  • Wild Rice Restaurant
  • Asian Wok Beverly Center
  • Texas Steak house

This brings us to an end to our guide to the Lake Park View Islamabad. 

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