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The government, quite recently, announced an online feature ‘bike registration check’ in Pakistan to help motorcyclists check the ownership of their recent purchase. Although the verification process became easier, many bike owners had difficulty figuring out the process. 

If you also fit in the description above and are wondering about the ownership status of your recently purchased motorcycle, then you have landed on the right page. Here’s a simple guide on how to check bike registration in Pakistan using both online and offline platforms. 

Let’s begin!

Online Bike Registration Check in Pakistan 

Bike Registration Check in Pakistan
You can easily check your bike registration online

Since the online bike registration check feature has been introduced in Pakistan, the process for verification has become simple and can easily be followed without much struggle. It means that you can choose to carry out the bike registration check online using the official portal or mobile applications. 

Note: The availability of these online services will depend largely on what region you are in.

Website for Online Vehicle Verification in Sindh

Website for Punjab Vehicle Verification

Website for Online Bike Registration in KPK

Now that we have successfully listed the relevant websites for you, all you need to do is navigate to these websites. Once you get to the sites, you will be able to see a form on your computer screen with a few blank fields. If you want to check your bike ownership in Pakistan, you will need to fill up these mandatory fields. 

One of the fields will be named as ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘Registration Number’. Here you will enter the alphanumeric digits that are on your bike’s number plate. Be sure to write the correct information without any mistakes. 

Once you have entered the alphanumeric numbers, press “search” to be able to obtain details regarding the ownership status of your bike. A page full of the following information would show up: 

  • Owner’s Name
  • Vehicle Information
  • Registration Details
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Year of Registration
  • Vehicle Model
  • Company Name
  • Vehicle Tax Details
  • Engine Capacity

Verifying Bike Registration Via Mobile App

Bike registration check via app
You can use various mobile apps to check your bike registration

You can also verify bike ownership easily using the mobile application. The only limitation in this process is that the application is accessible to only a few regions in Pakistan, but it can easily give you vehicle check information. 

These applications are readily available and can be downloaded through Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Huawei Mobile Services. 

Similar to the website, using a mobile application for motorcycle registration check is pretty simple. In these applications, you are only required to enter vehicle enlistment number and other essential information encompassing your region to get the ideal outcome.

Checking Bike Registration Via SMS 

Checking bike registration via SMS
Follow some easy steps to verify the ownership status via SMS

Getting a CPLC Bike Verification using the text message service is a blessing for the residents of Punjab. It means that you can easily verify the ownership status of a motorcycle by sending a simple text message. In order to give you a complete understanding of the process, we have listed the process step-by-step: 

  • Launch the SMS application on your phone 
  • Write down your vehicle’s registration number 
  • Send it to 8785
  • You will receive the reply within seconds

In case the bike is registered, you’ll receive the below-mentioned information:

  • Company and model number of bike
  • Bike colour
  • Registration year
  • Owner’s Name
  • Issuance Status of Computerised Number Plates
  • Validity of Tax and Token 
  • Engine and Vehicle Identification Number 

Note: As per the latest information, the verification service via text message is only available in Punjab. Although it used to be available in Islamabad, the service has been suspended for a while. We’ll keep this blog updated with the latest information, so it is best to bookmark this page and visit it timely. 

The Department of Excise and Taxation for Bike Verification

Department of Excise and Taxation
You can even visit the department of Excise and Taxation for verification

Besides mobile application and online portal for bike registration check in Pakistan, the excise and taxation departments in your respective regions also offer verification services. All you need is to keep your original documents with you, along with the plate number.  The department is also responsible to keep tabs on the Vehicle Tax Verification System.

This is where we discuss the gist of our post. We’ve discussed the process of how to get your vehicle verification in Pakistan hoping that the information provided will aid you in the verification process.
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