Common Kinds of Glass Used in Pakistan’s Construction Industry

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Types of Glasses:
Annealed glass
Tempered glass
Insulated glass
Laminated glass
Coated glass
Decorative glass

When we ask someone to name the most common material used in the construction industry of Pakistan – glass would be the least considered option on anybody’s list albeit it is widely used in the interiors and exteriors of a house. Not to mention, there are so many types of glass in the building and construction sector that homeowners tend to get confused about their usage and application. 

In this blog, we have covered a wide range of types of glasses available in Pakistan, their usage, and applications for each of these types. 

Let’s begin!

Types of Glasses and Their Usage in the Construction Sector 

Using glass building material for construction and in various architectural endeavours have been a common practice for a long time. Owing to technology advancement and innovation in the construction industry, the functions and properties of glass have improved in recent times. 

Take a look at the list of different types of glass below:

  • Annealed glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Coated glass
  • Decorative glass

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is a normal glass that has not been tempered and is slowly cooled off after it has been created. Since they haven’t been under any tempering or process, they are far more fragile than other types of glass. Their fragility is what makes them extremely dangerous: they can easily break and create the risk of causing injuries. This type of glass is used in places where the buyer requires to cut down costs. It does not have much concerns about the safety of the material. 

Usage of Annealed Glass

The material of the glass is extremely transparent and clear. It is most commonly utilised on table tops and in styling your future furniture. 

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass
Tempered glass is used for staircases because of their strength

Any kind of tempered glass goes through an extensive process of high heating and fast cooling which makes the glass tougher and hardens it to sustain pressure. This is why tempered glass is considered to be much stronger and harder as compared to normal glass. Another advantage of using tempered glass is that it can easily withstand moderate heat conditions. 

Usage of Tempered Glass

It is one of the most common types of glass used in construction. You will find it in things such as sliding doors, bathroom enclosures, skylights, elevators, and etc. Tempered glass is included in new types of glass being used to design staircases due to its sturdiness. In addition to staircases, it is also used as table tops in offices, kitchen tops, and conference tables. 

Insulated Glass

When we speak of insulated glass, we are talking about two plies of glass put together only separated by an aluminium sheet or other layers. In such cases, the glass is filled with gases such as argon to maintain a low-emission glass. Air, when trapped between two sheets of glass, creates an insulation that helps reduce weather effects – in winters you would be able to trap heat inside, keeping the house warm and cosy, whereas for summers, the heat will not be able to trespass the glass into your homes, keeping your home light and colder. 

Usage of Insulated Glass

These types of glasses are used the most effectively in exterior façade. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass
Laminated glass is used for buildings that require high security

Technology in today’s world has made so much progress that something as fragile as glass can now be enhanced with ease. Laminated glass is a live example for this. Despite being processed, one of the best alternatives for alternate glass has always been laminated glass. It is because they are shatterproof and not easily breakable. This type of glass is used graciously in the construction industry since they require material that is sturdy and would not allow any breach of security. 

Usage of Laminated Glass

Most of these laminated glasses are also bullet proof and are specifically placed in areas where there is a high chance of a security breach, or a robbery. 

Coated Glass

In these types of glasses, the surface has a coating or a layer that is applied to the glass in order to change or customise the appearance. By adding a layer or coating, a regular glass can easily be turned into a scratch resistant or corrosion resistant glass. One of the best qualities of these types of glasses is that they are extremely low-maintenance since they are scratch resistant. 

Usage of Coated Glass

Coated glasses can also be used as thermal insulation glasses. In order to enhance its insulation properties, a thin metal film is deposited over the glass. These glasses are then used in buildings and areas where low-emission and low-thermal losses are a requirement.  

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass in Pakistan
Decorative glasses are used for shower screens, conference rooms, etc

Many residential and commercial properties use decorative glasses. However, they might differ in more than just one way. A process called acid-etching leads to the glass becoming translucent.

Usage of Decorative Glass

As the name suggests, decorative glasses are then used in shower screens, conference rooms, and many areas where the main concern for the home or property owners is to maintain privacy.  

There are various types of glasses available in Pakistan’s construction industry. We’ve mentioned some of the most important ones while float glass and tinted glass are in addition to the ones mentioned above in the blog. There’s always pros and cons of using glass for your homes, offices, or projects, which we have listed for a number of glass types in this blog. 

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