How to Become the Best Real Estate Agent in Pakistan?

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We have done quite a few posts on property dealers  in Pakistan including licensing, qualities, and commission. While all of our past posts had different angles, this time around we’ll take a look at some tips for succeeding as a real estate agent in Pakistan. 

Hardwork and honesty are two essential ingredients for success in any field or career. However, if you want to become a successful real estate agent, you need to consider a few more things such as collaboration, current laws and taxes, and satisfying property seekers of course. 

Whether you are a real estate agent in Lahore, Islamabad or in Karachi, you need to have an extensive network, study your market, and be honest amongst other things. So, let’s cut straight to the chase and take a look at the strategy to succeed as a real estate agent in Pakistan.

Tips to Succeed as a Real Estate Agent in Pakistan

To become a successful real estate agent in Pakistan, you need to follow these tips religiously:

  • Get Familiar with Local Market
  • Work with Honesty
  • Consider Every Deal
  • Keep a Record for Everything 
  • Build a Network 
  • Form a Team
  • Set Business Goals
  • Cultivate an Online Presence
  • Stay in Touch
  • Register with

Get Familiar with Local Market

Property Business In Pakistan
Know your market before you start working.

Knowledge is the only thing that sets real estate buyers, investors, and property dealers apart. It means that staying updated with the local market is the first step into becoming a successful real estate agent in Pakistan. Since everyone expects realtors to have an expert opinion on latest developments, it is very important for them to get familiar with their local market and understand the ups and downs of it. 

Furthermore, seasoned real estate agents must know the value of the land they wish to sell. Not only the present value, but also, the future value of the place, which will be defined by the projects currently underway near the location. 

Not only this but property agents also need to keep an eye on the financial market: how the economy is doing as it will in turn affect the buying power.  With this the agent also needs to stay updated with the real estate market fluctuations and figure out the best time to sell or buy a property for their clients. 

Work with Honesty 

Working in the real estate market is all about playing the long game.  If you hide something from your client, that might harm them and benefit you, you will ultimately lose your customers. 

Be transparent with them; tell them about every small detail, any hidden charges, and future prospects. This would show your clients that you care more about them then your profit, and that you are loyal to them, therefore, making them loyal to you. They will contact you in any of their future deals, etc.

With loyalty comes free advertising, if they had a good experience with you, they would of course refer you to their friends and family.

So play a long game, and reap the benefits.

Consider Every Deal

There might be some deals that do not seem so profitable, don’t dismiss them. Even if the deals aren’t lucrative, you will get to learn something. Not to mention, such deals will always be beneficial in terms of relations and forming long lasting connections.

Keep a Record for Everything

One of the most important a real estate broker needs to take care is the accounts. One needs to keep a regular check on the expenses and revenue. It will help you to set your budget accordingly and focus on growth.

Build a Network

A network is a group of people that are in constant contact with you. Apart from your team, you need to stay in touch with other agents as well, as they too can bring you business.

Form a Team

At the very least a city is too big for you to scope all alone. Not only would a team help you in better covering a large area, but also covering it efficiently. With a team you will be able to: 

  • Manage time efficiently
  • Cater to more clients
  • Cover a large area

Besides, if your team members are expert agents, they would bring with them their networks as well. It means they’ll be your marketing agents as well. 

Set Business Goals 

No matter what field you are in: whether you are running a business, or have a job, you need to set goals and stick to them. Make one goal and align your objective according to it.

Convey these goals and objectives to your team, so that they too work in the same direction as you. 

Besides, know your strengths: what sets you apart from other agents of the real estate market. Play with those strengths.

Cultivate an Online Presence

Successful Real Estate Agent
Having an online presence helps increase your reach and credibility.

In this digital era, it is crucial to have an online presence. Not only does an online presence give you a place to market yourself, it also increases authenticity, and tells people about your accomplishments.

A social media outlet also allows potential clients to get in contact with you, even after closing hours.

Stay in Touch 

A common mistake that realtors make is they think that once someone has dealt with them, they won’t need you again.

Thus, it is extremely necessary to remind your old clients that you are still in business.  Send them a card every once in a while or wish them on special occasions. Taking timely feedback on their sale/purchase is also a great way to stay in touch with the clients. 

So, if anytime, they need to hire or consult a realtor, they would be reminded of you. And, if they don’t require your service, but have a family member or a friend that needs a realtor’s service, they would most probably refer you.

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This wraps up our post on how to become a successful real estate agent in Pakistan. If you have any other tips to run a successful property business in Pakistan, write to us at

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