ARY Laguna Brings Resort-Style Living to Pakistan

ARY Laguna Project:

ARY Laguna, Karachi announced the concept of an artificial beach and resort-style housing in Pakistan in the month of February. As a part of Karachi’s first-ever sustainable city – DHA City – the project marked its groundbreaking ceremony on 13th November. The CEO and President ARY Digital Network Mr. Salman Iqbal said that the scheme is set to redefine the concept of living in Pakistan and it is expected to be delivered within nine to ten years.

If you have been conceptualising resort-style living, here’s everything you need to think about the undertaking and what it has available for the two speculators and inhabitants.

ARY Laguna Location in Karachi

ARY Laguna Location
It is a 45 minutes drive from DHA to DHA City
Credits: ARY Laguna Official website

The entire construction work of ARY Laguna is taking place in DHA City near Karachi-Hyderabad (M-9) Motorway. Although the project could have been built near the coastal areas of Karachi, the developers took the challenge and brought Crystal Lagoon technology to Pakistan.

Further analysis on ARY Laguna location exhibits that the project is highly connected to Malir Expressway, making it accessible from the city centre. It takes around 30 minutes to travel from Defence View Housing Society near Qayyumabad to reach the project. 

About ARY Laguna, Karachi

According to the announcements made regarding the project, ARY Laguna is Pakistan’s first-historically speaking artificial beach and resort-style lodging venture. The scheme will offer utmost comfort to its residents. It is additionally the first-ever synthetic seashore living undertaking in the sub-landmass. 

The said project will include:

  • An artificial lagoon 
  • Soft white sands
  • Private beach access for occupants
  • Various water sports facilities
  • On-the-deck dining beside the beach at top restaurants
  • Expansive green areas dotting the project
  • Modern community-based lifestyle
  • State-of-the-art shopping mall
  • Entertainment venues and events for families

Features of ARY Laguna, DHA City, Karachi

Features of ARY Laguna
The project features some ground-breaking architecture
Credits: ARY Laguna Official Website

During the ground-breaking ceremony of the project and his public address, Mr. Iqbal revealed the master plan of the project along with a few essential features including:

  • Tallest Building in Karachi 
  • Biggest Mall in Pakistan 
  • Resort-style lodging along the beach 
  • Self-sustaining and clean waters
  • ARY laguna payment plan  

Tallest Building in Karachi 

As per the master plan, one of the tallest buildings in not just Karachi, but the entire subcontinent, will be built in ARY Laguna. It will offer the views of scenic lagoons and crystal-clear beaches from the top-view.

Largest Mall in Pakistan 

To top it all off, the developers are planning to build the biggest shopping centre of Pakistan in ARY Lagun, DHA City. The shopping centre will offer recreational offices and business open doors for all. 

Resort-Style Living 

ARY Laguna is Pakistan’s first-ever housing project offering resorts-like living near artificial beaches. They are a great option for property seekers looking for a holiday home or investment property near a popular attraction. 

Self-sustaining and Clean Waters

Since water tends to get contaminated easily, keeping the freshwater clean was a big challenge. As per the developers, the housing scheme will feature a latest-technology that will emit ultrasonic waves. Although it will be too low for us to hear, it will help keep the mosquitoes away. In fact, the beach water will be using automatic filtration technology and it will be cleaned on a daily basis.

FAQs about the Scheme

As per the official website of ARY Laguna, the scheme boasts a ‘crystal clear’ booking procedure which subsidises the lengthy procedure of acquiring your own home. ARY Laguna DHA City offers luxurious apartments at affordable and amazing rates in a 5-year payment plan. 
The scheme will also introduce the concept of an Escrow account in Pakistan in the near future to streamline the payment process. 

The booking process has been made extremely simple for you; you can either visit the official website for online application or membership forms, or you can visit any ARY Laguna sales office. You can also contact the Platinum Agents and acquire details from them.

This blog entails all the relevant information about the ARY Laguna in DHA City, Karachi. The project in its entirety is extremely impressive and is expected to create an impressionable shift in the real estate market. The expected dynamic shift in the real estate market is bound to improve Pakistan’s economy by manifolds. 

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Disclaimer: The images in this blog including the cover image has been taken from the official website of ARY Laguna.