How to Get a Property Dealer Licence in Pakistan?

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We have recently discussed the commission of a real estate agent in Pakistan. In line with our past post, let’s talk about the process of acquiring a real estate license in Pakistan. 

As per usual, we will begin by understanding the actual meaning and responsibilities of a real estate agent in Pakistan. Afterwards, we will take a look at the process of real estate licence in Pakistan. For easy navigation to your desired section, you can use the above-given links.

Let’s begin! 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Property Dealer in Pakistan 

Real estate agents are also known as property dealers
Real estate agents connect buyers with sellers

Real estate agents are the individuals who are responsible to connect property buyers with homeowners and tenants with landlords. They are also known as property dealers and brokers in the local lingo. Although their major responsibility involves creating links between individuals who want to sell or rent and individuals who are looking for properties, they are also required to stay updated with the local real estate market. 

Real estate agents in Pakistan are extremely skilled individuals who can multi-task and perform their duties with the same zeal every day. They are passionate about connecting people and helping them find the best deals in the market. Although their work is not definitive, their role and responsibilities can be categorised into three groups including administrative work, research, and marketing. 

We have discussed each group into details below: 


Administrative work includes:

  • Answer queries through phone calls or emails 
  • Schedule open houses and site visits 
  • Provide property listings 
  • Assist in drafting and delivering property documents 


Marketing may include several tasks but some of the major things include: 

  • Build linkages with property buyers and sellers
  • Make sure that the clients get the best deals 
  • Network with investors and property hunters 
  • Stay updated on the local real estate market 


Being a real estate agent in Pakistan is not an easy task. They need to be extremely vigilant and well-informed on the local market to understand every nook and cranny. Here are some research responsibilities of a property dealer:

  • Analyse property market 
  • Search open listings 
  • Find properties for sale and rent 
  • Stay updated with real estate market 

How to Acquire a Real Estate Licence in Pakistan?

‘How to become a real estate agent in Pakistan?’

Quite frankly, we have been asked this question more than a few times. In this section of our blog, we will attempt to answer the query, along with some insightful information on how to build your own agency. 

Get Registered with JagahOnline

Real estate agents in Pakistan are not legally bound to register themselves and get licensed since there are no authorities issuing the certification at the moment. Most agents in Pakistan are registered with property portals such as JagahOnline to enjoy the perks and to make trustworthy contacts.   

You can also get registered with us today and become a trusted property dealer. We have a wide number of users who visit our website daily in search of trusted agencies. We will help you seamlessly connect with them.

Work with Reputed Institutions 

In order to enter the industry, a property dealer should have enough on-hands experience and skills to deal with the challenges of the market. These skills are usually gained after someone has spent due time in the market, dealt with a variety of cases, and made successful deals.

For real estate entrants and newbies, the process of registration can be as simple as working with a well-reputed and established agency. They can either choose to work as an employee or as a partner. 

It is always better to settle terms and conditions before you actually start working with the partners or employers. This will also help you eradicate unpleasant experiences in the industry. 

Talk about the share of the commission on successful deals, working limitations, methods, and schedule. Once you have learnt the tactics and whereabouts of the market, you can start your own business and function as an autonomous agent. 

Get a Degree in Real Estate 

Acquiring a degree in real estate is the best way to get a real estate licence in Pakistan. However, getting a degree or certification in real estate wasn’t possible a few years ago. Until recently the National Institute of Real Estate Management (NIREM) announced their diploma and degree programmes and made it possible for individuals to get knowledge about property management. 

You can easily enroll yourself in any of their various programmes and uplift your name in the real estate community. Not only the degree will provide you an insight into the property market, but it will also help you to build something of your own.  

So, this is where we conclude our post on how to get a property dealer licence in Pakistan. We have mentioned everything there is you need to know about the process. Meanwhile, read our recent post on how to buy a property in Pakistan

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