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Ever wondered why people always keep on pouring huge sums in the river of real estate in Pakistan? It’s because the business is lucrative and has the potential to return the best rewards in Pakistan. Hence, real estate is considered as the best business in Pakistan. However, similar to other businesses, real estate also requires significant updates in the inventory. 

Read this blog to know the best time to sell a house and the best time to buy a house in 2022 along with the advantages of selling a house during holidays. 

Things To Consider Before Selling A House

make your front yard attractive
Make your front yard as attractive as possible to impress buyers.

Meanwhile, a huge number of homeowners keep on repeating the same mistake of holding real estate properties in Pakistan for longer times. As a result, they end up losing the opportunity to cash on very huge dividends during the profitable real estate season. But gladly you won’t be the one ending up waiting for the golden call; since you are reading JagahOnline blogs. Here are few considerations you should take while finding the best time to buy a house in 2022;

  • Local Real Estate Market Trend
  • Regional Economic Condition
  • National Interest Rate
  • Demand and Supply Law

Let us brief you more about these trends regarding the best time to sell a house:

Local Real Estate Market Trend

Real estate in Pakistan does not possess very elasticity in general. It is one of the most stagnant businesses in the world. This fact is totally justified by considering the prices of houses for sale. They can’t be purchased, like you buy a breakfast for your sweet mornings. So it is really important for homeowners to understand the trend of the local real estate housing market in Pakistan. Although the decision of selling a house during holidays is completely personal, one should not be less vigilant during other real estate seasons. Subsequently, you should not neglect external factors such as the current condition of your home, home improvements and local market rates.

Regional Economic Condition

Once you’ve understood the local real estate market, it is time to analyse social and economic conditions. Some questions under these headings arise are, Is there increased production in the economy? Does the local market have generated jobs? If the answers are affirmative, this may mean that the average income has increased. Meanwhile, it also indicates that it might be the best time to sell a house.

National Interest Rate

The general rule of thumb is: when the interest rates are low, buyers are motivated to buy. Not to mention, applying for a loan becomes easier since it indicates that the nation is sufficient enough. Eventually, this makes even buying houses for sale in holidays appear more affordable. 

Demand and Supply Law

You may love or hate economics, it doesn’t matter, the thing which matters is that it plays a vital role. Even if you believe that the best time to sell a house has arrived, you must first determine whether it is generating reputable demand. If not, then you might have missed the train. However, crying over the spilt milk won’t help now, sell the freaking house and consider buying houses for sale in holidays.

Tips For Selling A House During Different Seasons

put some furniture in your backyard
Add some furniture into your backyard, and give it a homely look.

While each season during the year has its own set of pros and cons for the market. Here, we have shared some useful tips for selling your home and explained how real estate season works:

1. Selling Your House In Spring

The first impression is the last impression, right? The first thing that a potential buyer sees is the front of the house. If you have a garden, then probably spring is the best time to sell a house and play to your strengths. So keep enhancing the beauty of your garden by handing the responsibility to the capable team of JO Ustad. Not only does it give your property a lively look, but also makes a lasting impression.

2. Selling Your House In Summer

Summer is the best time to add some vibrancy and character to your property. Select a colour scheme matching your house and paint the door and windows. 

Caution: Do not forget to add some hanging flowers by the door. If there is a pathway leading up, make sure it is clean, there are no shrubs growing. If you have a backyard, add some furniture and make it homely.

3. Selling Your House In Fall

Depending on the region, snow can possibly decrease your curb appeal. It’s probably best not to rely on the colours of the fall while grass grows brown and leaves fall. Darkness is expected to stay more than the day. So, make sure that lights are fixed while the front yard is illuminated. Who knows, you may find the glittering aura of your house in autumn to be the best time to sell a house.

4. Selling Your House In Winter

light up your house during winter
Light up your house during Winter to attract buyers.

If it snows during winters, keep shovelling the snow. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that the pathway is cleared. Give your rooms a spacious look. Turn all the lights on to ward off the gloomy, cold winter aura away. Market for selling during winter may vary from place to place. At places where snow falls, the real estate market is expected to drop significantly; hence, generating poor attention of buyers. So, probably in such areas winter is not the best time to sell a house.

Things To Do When You Find The Best Time To Sell A House

Once acknowledge the best time to sell a house, you should check out our blog on most common property frauds you can avoid in Pakistan. Also, take consideration of the below-mentioned things: 

  • Inspect and fix all the areas asking attention
  • Make sure your property is in ‘ready to move in’ condition
  • Research the market and set the price accordingly
  • Weigh the pros and cons of every season 

Pro Tip: If you find Ramzan or Muharram to be the best time to sell a house then we suggest you use our exclusive Jagah360 feature. Since, these are the seasons people avoid visiting places other than religion.

How Can Help?

When you are done with your research, we can give you an expert opinion. Our expert representatives will give you insights into Pakistan’s real estate market. All you need to do is register on JagahOnline, and we will guide you about the best season to buy a house or best time to sell a house. You can also give us a call on our helplineFor more updates about selling or renting your property keep following Jagah Online Blog and Jagah Online on Facebook.