4 Commercial Areas Of Karachi Where You Should Open Your Shop

On the edge of the seashore, the densely populated Karachi is standing with pride and ogling the waves. The city of lights is a multicultural city. Life is busy in the central trade hub of the country. 

Food, Music, Colors, Events, Art, Traffic of Shahra-e-Faisal, Quaid ka Mazar, and Teen Talwar Welcome to Mini Pakistan.

Karobari-Karachi is a dream place in the entire country. Real estate market is gigantic here. The wise mind of the real estate industry Mark Twain once said Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore. When it comes to purchasing in the property sector and in this sense, commercial is quite advantageous, especially in Karachi.

Majority is unaware of the right areas to invest in commerce. This article will help you to figure out the right place for your business. 

Top-Performing Commercial Areas of Karachi.

Saddar Karachi:

With the neighborhood of Meethadar & Kharadar, the center of the city. Pakistan’s most famous market has been operating since 1832. The area is heaven for history and shopping lovers, you can see old Karachi. Here you will find the remains of the British Raj and brick buildings, wooden houses, streets like London, famous areas, and Bazaars.

Saddar is remarkable for some notable venues, like Provisional Assembly, Arts Council, Sindh Club, Karachi Gymkhana, Radio Station building, Passport Office, Pakistan Stock Exchange, KMC Building, Radio Building, Jang News, Press Club, Election Commission, Wazir Mansion, High Court, Cathedral Church, KPT Building, Frere Hall, Habib Bank Plaza, and Merewether Clock Tower. 

Saddar is popular with these phrases is, “from potato to diamond you can find everything in Saddar ” or “from beggar to billionaire everyone can do shopping here”. Saddar has a colossal range of different bazaars from electricity to vegetables, dry fruit, and fruits even jewelry markets, from Lunda bazaar to shopping malls and brand outlets. You can find everything here so this could be the best place to buy a shop. Places like Empress Market, Bohri Bazar, Zainab Market, Jodia Bazar, Gul Plaza, Co-operative Market, and Saddar Electric Market are the best investment locations. 

If you take an eagle-eye view, you will find crowded streets like Napier road, I. I Chundrigar road, Zaibunnisa road, burns road, etc. The area is the main city and the most recommended one for business.

Tariq Road:

Have you ever opened your google map and written Tariq Road there, No?…. Then do that now you will find shopping centers, Food, Parlors department stores & Outlets on each lane, Tou samajh rahe hain na ap! It’s all about business, yes, as this area is directly connected with Shahara-e-Faisal and Bahadurabad. It is one of the busiest commercial areas in Karachi.

Shopping Malls & street bazaars along with brand outlets. People who are interested in investing in the Garments business this place is the best to buy a shop. Tariq Road has a bunch of Shopping malls and centers. Dolmen Mall, Naheed, Dean’s Mall, Madina Mall, Rabi Center, Tariq Center, Mateen Plaza, Shalimar Center, Glamour one, etc.

Restaurants and food outlets are performing superbly, almost all renowned restaurants have outlets here. Like Zeytin, foodInc, Kababjees, Macdonald, KFC, Mandi House, Zamir Ansari, California pizza, Ginsoy, Move n pick, Noorani, Gloria Jeans, Bam-Bou, etc. If you have any plans to start your own business so this is the most attractive area. 

Beauty Salons are the most emerging business these days, especially when it comes to feminine business. Tariq Road has the best and most popular salon brands. For example, Kashees, Rose, Zoellus salon, Sana Sarah’s, Nadia Hussain salon, and all. So don’t waste your time more to start your business in the makeup art world. 


Since childhood, we all remember how tasty and delightful food was available on Bahadurabad streets at that time. Desi to fast food you can get everything here. As Karachiites are foodies, spending in the food business will be worth it. 

The Neighbourhood of Gulshan Town is located in the civic center zone. Bahadurabad is best for the food business. The area has so many local and international eateries.

Oh, my grill, Ibn Battuta, Pie in the sky, wok on, Tooso, New york coffee, Kababjees, beezer bytes, Dominos, Optp, Nandos, etc.

Well in terms of business, it will be worth it to spend here as the area has a huge number of offices and bazaars. Apart from eateries, it has some best outlets of top brands as well. 


DHA is best known for its posh standards, but it is one of the city’s busiest and most admirable operating commercial areas. As it has many private offices the economic value is attractive to the buyers. 

The most active areas of the town are Phases 6, 5, 4, and 2. Karachi’s famous companies have head offices and branch offices in the locality. Famous educational institutes are situated here. From Chai Dhabba to lavish eating places you will find everything here. The clothing brand outlets’ Interiors and Art decoration showrooms inspire the lifestyle. This place is best for investment.

Let’s specify the phases by their prominent landmarks so it will be easier for you to figure out your place of interest. Phase 6 consists of Bukhari, Ittehad, Nishat & Shahbaz Commercial. All of those mentioned above are one of the most engaging areas. All they have such remarkable outlets & restaurants and of course the co-operative offices. 

Phase 5 has Tauheed, Zamzama, & Badar commercials. These lanes are famous for having such necessities markets and shopping centers.

Phase 4 is best known for the bakeries’ outlets and eateries. The phase has some of the most famous food outlets. 

Phase 2 extension, the famous master juice area has so many remarkable shops and stores. Local bistros have a range here. 

Investment in the commercial sector is highly beneficial here as this is a trade hub. Remarkable domestic industries are working here. The margin of business in Karachi is much higher than in the rest of the country. Now it’s your turn, tell us which area have you selected.