DIY: Furniture Ideas to Bring Life into Old Furniture

Paint an Old Bookcase
DIY Photo Ledge
Wooden Chandelier
Old Ladder to Towel-Rack
Skateboard Swing
Old chair planter
Handmade Faux Fur Bench

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and appealing. And without any doubt, we love to stuff our houses with antique furniture. If we look around the furniture stores, we can’t resist purchasing. Who doesn’t want to refresh their house with brand new items? 

While talking about brand new furniture, the price range is jaw-dropping. A mid-range person cannot invest their hard-earned amount in expensive home decor. Instead, they opt for DIY furniture ideas. 

In this blog, we will explore easy and genuine homemade furniture. Fortunately, if you find an old furniture shop around your house or have an old ladder, table, and old chair in a dusty storeroom, it’s time to take them out. The following ideas are designed to turn your old furniture into modern functional furniture.

Easy DIY Furniture Ideas

This is absolutely stylish, affordable, and builds it yourself furniture guide. You can utilize your old furniture to recycle by giving it a touchup. Whether your furniture wants fresh paint or a little tool work, you can transform the neglected items into something beautiful. 

However, you don’t need to find a craftsman to give your house an aesthetic look. You can do it yourself by following the DIY for new and creative furniture ideas. 

Paint an Old Bookcase

bookcase placed at the corner of the room

Clean, repair, and paint it. Yes, this is the terminology for transforming your dusty old bookcase into reuse. The bookcase is the most helpful piece of furniture in your house. If you find any bookcase around you, without a second thought, grab it before anyone else.  

Following are the simple steps to refurbish an old bookcase:

Step 1: Clean the dust and cobwebs from the bookcase. After the cleaning, spray a cleaner to disinfect the virus. Also, due to long storage, it might smell odd. Spray the water and vinegar solution on every corner of the case. The vinegar solution will help to remove smells and odours in a day. 

Step 2: Look out for the dents and disjoints. If you find any damaged area, repair it. Once you have fixed the damage, smooth the bookcase surface with the help of sandpaper. 

Step 3: Decide where you want to place the bookcase, either in a living room or the bedroom. If you have decided on the final location, it is time to paint the bookcase. Additionally, the matching colour scheme of walls and furniture are perfect for small spaces. If your space is compact, you can go with the colour coordination of wall and furniture, such may enhance the look of a small space.

Step 4: Once the paint gets dry, start decorating the bookcase. Shift your books, decoration pieces, photo frames, and artwork. Organize them nicely. Besides, you can place a cute little lamp for a more vintage touch. 

DIY Photo Ledge 

If you are looking for cheap furniture ideas, a photo ledge is the most inexpensive investment. The items required for making a photo ledge shelf are wood glue, tools, and screws. These are easily available at any hardware shop. Additionally, you can find wood pieces from the wood shop. If you realize your long white-painted wall looks ugly, transfer it into a photo gallery. You can watch a tutorial for making a ledge; once your shelf is ready and attached to the wall, you can place your favourite frame on it. 

A Wooden Chandelier

Wooden chandelier
DIY Wooden chandelier

Every household has its own terms and vision to decorate the house. They follow the criteria of home decor with their taste and personality. Some people preferred expensive chandeliers to enhance the interior of the home. On the other hand, the DIY wood chandelier is not a complex task. If you have a plank of old flat wood or a wooden cage, you can create your chandelier by adjusting the bulb inside.

Old Ladder to Towel-Rack

The old ladders are found in every household, and maybe the huge size is occupying a lot of space in your storeroom. Well, no more, you can utilize the ladder as a side rail. To make it look fancy, you need a paint colour and some tools for fixing the damage. Place the ladder in the bathroom as a towel rack. To give more details, you can put some plants around the ladder. The old ladder will ultimately look like a fancy rail, and you have the aesthetic wood furniture for your bathroom.

Skateboard Swing

skateboard swing for the kids

Recycling an old item into something new is the best cost-saving method. Your old skateboard can be turned into a swing. Unique right? If you have children in your house, they will love it. The simple way of making a swing is to put holes at the edge of the skateboard and link it with a strong rope. Place this in your backyard or in the hallway. Every visitor loves to go around the swing.

Old Chair Planter

Transforming Simple Wood Furniture Design into something extraordinary is satisfying. Your old broken chair is not a waste of time. You can place that chair in your backyard by presenting it with flowers and planters. Wondering how you can do this?

Take out your chair from the storage, fix the broken part. You can paint it a light green colour to contrast with nature. Now, all you need is to place small pots on it. This is going to look beautiful and extraordinarily eye-pleasing.

Handmade Faux Fur Bench

faux fur bench
stylish faux fur bench

The old boring table which looks odd in your bedroom can be turned into something fabulous like a Faux Fur Bench. The price of a readymade fur bench can cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can simply purchase the faux fur layer and paste it onto your table. After adding the stylish fur bench to the bedroom, it will enhance the room’s interior.

With all these DIYs here, we come to the end part of our blog. All of us want our home to look attractive when we step inside. Adding furniture to your home raises the beauty of your house, and you can do this by giving thumbs up to your creativity.

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