Creative Picture frames and decoration Ideas

Rustic Wood Frame
Vintage Folding Frame
Farmhouse Photo Board
Fairy Lights Photo Display
Geometric Art Frame
Dark Wood frame
Bow Picture Frame
Button Frame

Whether you live in a big massive house or a small apartment, making it attractive is our top priority. We love to spend our time in a visually appealing place. However, to bring beautiful home decor thoughts into reality, these design ideas might enhance the interior of your home.

In this blog, we will learn how picture framing can help us design our living space. You can decorate each room of your home with various kinds of frames. Thus, the final result will make your home visually appealing. Besides, you can share memories through pictures with friends, family, and other guests.  

Rustic Wood Frame

Old rustic frame design
Old rustic frame design

Rustic wood frames perfectly add a blend of drama vibe and vintage look to your wall. It has slightly dark corners; you can display it as a single or set. For pairing, you can utilize old black and white photos. However, if you are looking for an outdoor style, it will add rustic street style to your atmosphere. One more thing you can do is paint the borders of frames by yourself in multi-colors. It will emphasize the brighter look. 

Rustic wood frames come in real wood, barn wood, dark fancy wood. Picture frame designs that include woodwork look stylish and add a beautiful touch to your interior. Place them on the side table, or hang them on the wall. Additionally, landscapes and old family pictures look ideal with a rustic look. 

Vintage Folding Photo Frame

Folding photo frame
Folding photo frame

Displaying the photo frame on the dresser or table looks impressive. You can purchase a vintage triple folding photo frame and place it in the desired place. You can display your three favorite pictures side by side, or if your family consists of three members, you can put three different images. This folding vintage frame comes in various colors and sizes. I prefer to go with a small size and some light color tone. Well, this is up to you. You can match it with your room’s interior. The best part about this trio frame is it is adjustable and easily foldable occupying less space.

Farmhouse Photo Display Board

creative photo board
creative photo board

Picture frame designs on walls look elegant and enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Displaying different square-size photos on the Farmhouse photo display board is the new trend of every house. If you haven’t tried it yet, what is the wait for? The small vintage photo clipped board is a unique way of showing pictures. You can hang a wood board, print out some small pictures, and clip them on. Placing photos in the open space attracts visitors. It adds new decor to your wall. The use of mixed pictures from different events makes your house wall look engaging and inspiring. 

Wall Hang Fairy Lights Photo Display

Fairy light
Fairy light hang photo display

If your bedroom wall looks empty and confused about it, you should go for a wall-hanging photo display. It is a Modern picture framing idea where you can display all your photos on a string by attaching photo clips. Add fairy lights, flowers, cards, or any other decorating item to give it a personal touch. On this creative look, you can display multiple pictures at a time.

Geometric Art Decor Frame

circle frame
Photo frames of circle shape

Bored with wood frames? Then you should opt for a geometrical pattern frame. You can select any wireframe available in various shapes, including star, diamond, square, and many others. With the chosen gold wire pattern, you can place any simple picture. This picture frame looks elegant and simple in design. Place at your bedside table or on the dresser. 

Crafted Dark Wood Frame

dark wood frames
Wall decorated with picture frame and fancy light

Arranging uniform-size photo frames in the living room looks great. You can choose a dark wooden frame with flat borders and decorate them on your wall. Start displaying them below the ceiling, to the mid-wall. A creamy background wall color blends perfectly with the dark wood frame. Now comes the part of inserting pictures in the frame. For this, you can choose quotes, poems, logos, or family pictures, whatever fits flawlessly.

Bow Picture Frame

 bow frame
vintage bow frame

Hand-crafted picture frames look great in the house. You can adore them as long as you want. For hand-crafted frames, a bow picture frame is great to start with. It is one of the less expensive frames with a delicate look. You can create a bow from any cloth or ribbon and place it on the top of the frame. That’s it, the Bow frame is ready. You can put it in your kids’ room as it looks the cutest.  

Button Frame

button frame
button decorated photo frame

Button frame is among the unique framing ideas you can DIY to create something beautiful out of the ordinary. If you have any old broken frame and think of throwing it away, well, wait. You can recycle that frame by redesigning it. Every household has tons of buttons, and if you have a collection of colorful buttons, you are lucky. The simple steps for making a button frame are:

  • Collect buttons of different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Place a button on the frame to ensure no vacant space is left.
  • With a glue gun’s help, stick them on the frame borders.
  • Place your favorite picture inside the frame.

Bingo! We are done with the button frame. You can replace pictures at any time and place them on your bedside or vanity. However, you can make as many as you want and gift them to your friends and relatives. 

With the help of framing pictures of different sizes and materials, you can make your dull house feel like a cozy home. You can create a custom photo gallery, display personal photos, and various other ways to make your living space a perfect home.

This is all about photo framing ideas for your home. If you want to read more about home decor, you can check wall sticker decoration and wall shelving ideas.

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