What is the Best Way to Sell Furniture when Moving?

We all admit keeping furniture is some kind of tradition, but at the same time, it covers plenty of space. The massive collection of classical sofas, dining furniture, tables, and almirah impacts the home decor. However, if you have succeeded in the real estate listings and finally found a perfect home, it is better to keep the minimal furniture. You can remove the old unwanted furniture and move towards the modern to emphasize the aesthetic of your living space. If you are looking for the best way to sell furniture when moving, keep reading the blog.

Best Way to Sell Furniture when Moving

If you are moving and do not familiar with where to sell your old furniture? Or if you are having difficulty selling household items. So, don’t worry, we have combined a list of selling places where you can make some good money for the new furniture. 

Garage Sale 

Garage Sale
Handwritten signboard showing the garage sale.

Having a garage sale is the best way to get rid of unwanted furniture. You can host a sale outside the house while arranging items to attract every passing by. However, a garage sale is the most effective way to sell things, including couches, tables, and armoury. You can arrange a garage sale on weekends, and of course, make sure the weather is pleasant. 

For arranging a garage sale, you can distribute flyers in the neighbourhood and put signboards around. Further, the advantage of a garage sale is not to deal with many emails and calls to set up appointments.

Looking out for the Furniture Expert

Someone familiar with furniture work would be a great help. A furniture expert who has an antique showroom or anyone professional in its field asks for their service. They can tell about the prices of the furniture in an expert way. Also, they can help you decide the total worth of the item and how to put them on sale. Additionally, it is crucial to give an honest estimation of the resale value and the quality of the product you want to sell. The final value of the furniture items depends on factors including condition, age, and quality.

Online Auctions

Online Auctions
You can place your furniture for sell on the online auction platform

How to sell everything you own? Whether it is home furniture or any other accessories, you can sell it online. For participating in online auctions, all you need is to take a high-resolution quality picture of the object. While selling furniture online bidding, you must take a picture of each item and post it on the site. OLX, Alvi Auctioneers, and SoUnique are Pakistan’s most recommended online auction platforms. You will find a wide range of potential buyers looking out for pre-loved furniture. 

Host a Home Sale

The move-out days are coming near, and still, your furniture hasn’t found a new home yet. Well, why not host a home sale? You can display all the selling items in the auction. Call out friends, friends of friends, relatives, neighbours, and those interested in participating in an auction. Meanwhile, if you have a major piece of furniture at home and want to get rid of it, you can advertise the auction date, day, venue on social platforms and promote it on other websites.

Local Selling Mobile Applications

Local Selling Mobile Applications
You can find various apps on the app store for reselling furniture

Sale Kardo, OLX Pakistan, Melltoo are mobile application platforms used to sell furniture online. Utilizing modern technology like mobile phones, you can register yourself on these apps and sell your furniture online. Take some excellent pictures from the phone, and post them on local selling apps. You can list down all your furniture and let the visitors choose what they want. 

Social Media Selling Groups

Social media is the ideal place for selling everything and moving to a new home. In fact, you will find selling groups on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles with the majority of potential buyers. You can post the furniture on multiple groups for more exposure. Secondly, you can list items on Facebook “buy and sell groups”. With an accurate description, high-quality picture, and contact details, the interested buyer will reach you effectively.

Selling via Instagram

Selling via Instagram
Post the furniture picture on Instagram

Recently, Instagram has become a powerful social media platform for online businesses and other selling items. We commonly know Instagram as a platform for beauty and fashion. However, you can sell anything with the highest reach, so why not the furniture? Post a picture of an item, share it with a friend and other Instagram handles. If someone finds the post relatable it will reach out to you for the final purchase.

Hit to the Flea Market

The flea market is the trendiest place for secondhand items buying. People from different places come here to find suitable products at the cheapest rates. You can carry your furniture to the flea market and sell it there at a very good cost. But make sure not to stop at other stalls to buy things. 

These options are perfect for selling your furniture. Once you have sold your furniture and other unwanted belongings, you can relax. Further, it will be easy to move a lighter load to the new place. You don’t need to spend extra on the moving expense, so you can save that for the new furniture. 

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