Why is People’s Square Karachi a New Centre of Attention?

Karachi, which is also known as the “City of Quaid”, is a city full of amazing places. Its reason is the liveliness of this city, which you can hardly experience anywhere in Pakistan or in a few cities in the world. The only city in Pakistan, which is always awake, where midnight seems to be a rush hour in most neighbourhoods. This is why some places have compelling beauty, where you will always see much more crowds than anywhere else. People’s Square, Karachi, is one of those places. Let’s have a deep understanding of this place.  Also, read about the famous Empress Market in Karachi, which is not far from this place.

People’s Square, Karachi

People Square Karachi
Image credit (People’s Square Burns Road’s Facebook page)

It was inaugurated on 14th August 2020. The significance of this date is very high because the 14th of August is the Independence Day of Pakistan. What could have been a better date for its inauguration except it? This project is a part of the Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Project (KNIP), where around 22 other neighbourhoods of Karachi will be having similar developments like it. Moreover, this project is a result of collaboration between the Sindh Government and the World Bank for the welfare of the public.

This place was built to resolve parking problems but it turned out to be also a recreational site. Moreover, wrong parking issues lead to several problems in this area and no one would like to face them. For that, this place will provide people with a huge space of underground-two-floor car parking. Also, over 300 cars can be parked there. Not just that, you will get additional facilities like a seating area and a mini food street, which stole the main show.

Famous Places in the Surroundings

Famous Places in the Surroundings
Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, is among the notable sites in this area, where you can watch the maestros of Urdu literature and art.

The reason for too much traffic and lack of parking space was the presence of noteworthy places around People’s Square, Karachi. Because people from all over the city as well as from other cities come to these sites for various reasons. To illustrate, Arts Council Karachi, National Museum of Pakistan, High Court of Sindh, FBR Karachi Office, Regional Passport Office, Burns Road Food Street, Lighthouse Market, Karachi Gymkhana, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Urdu Bazar, Jama Cloth Market, and even TDF Magnificent Science Centre

All these places are just within walking distance because if you go there by vehicle, you will not find any parking. So, it’s better to park your vehicle in People’s Square and walk to your desired destination.

People’s Square Food Street

People’s Square Food Street
It is hard to resist palatable dishes on food street in People’s Square, Karachi. (Image credit: People’s Square Burns Road’s Facebook page)

If we discuss its structure, it is really praiseworthy. For instance, the brown-stone flooring along with CCTV surveillance cameras, benches, public toilets and a pretty fountain make it look like a modern recreational place. A well-crafted design of this place will help its visitors rest after a tiring day from wherever they come. Finally, having a mini food street here will calm down the hunger punches in the belly. Besides, you may read about this amazingly-healthy diet.

However, this People’s Karachi Square is not as huge as the famous Burns Road Food Street, but it’s worth your attention. With astonishing wall paintings along with the artwork of famous landmarks of Karachi, you will get an enlivening aura here. In addition, this Burns Road Park in Karachi will help your kids have a great time here jumping castles. Also, read about these famous Karachi Highway restaurants.

People’s Square Location

Now, let’s discuss People’s Square, Karachi, location, where you can park your vehicle safely. Moreover, KNIP (Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Project) is supervising all the maintenance and repairs of it. Below is the People’s Square Karachi contact number, which you can use for any complaint or query. 

Address: People’s Square, Shahrah-e-Kemal Ataturk, near National Museum of Pakistan, Burns Road, Saddar, Karachi.

KNIP’s Contact Number: (021) 35173006.

People Square Timing and Fees

Well, there is no entry fee for it since it is the Government of Sindh’s property. While, its timings are broad enough to facilitate visitors coming to government offices, corporate, markets, and educational institutes. Also, you may read about top universities in Karachi.

Timings: 8 am – 11 pm (7 Days a week)


To experience all the above facilities, you need to visit People’s Square, Karachi, at least once. Likewise, more projects are on their way to contribute to the beauty of this city of lights. However, you may explore the culture of Pakistan and the lifestyle of its people. If you are fond of historical places like the Deosai National Park and the Hingol National Park, you may read blogs at Jagah Online. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn