4 Projects with the Best Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and undoubtedly it offers a luxurious life to its residents. While searching for the best investment in Islamabad, we often get confused. Due to the many options for the residence and investment. Besides, the real estate in the capital of Pakistan is flourishing day by day. Some of the common factors for raising real estate include appealing housing schemes, economical prices, huge-scale constructions, and enthusiast investors.

However, Islamabad is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by the serene view of Margalla Hills. On the other hand, you can find skyscraper buildings, landmarks, shopping malls, and world-class education. Further, the facilities provided by the city make the investment worth it.

Societies for the Best Investment in Islamabad

If you are still wondering where to invest, we are here to help. Moreover, we have collected top property investment areas where you can invest for a better future. Have a look at these residential buildings in Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City one of the best investment in Islamabad
Among the projects for the best investment in Islamabad, the Capital Smart City is what you need to see.

The capital smart city stands among the best societies in Islamabad. However, it offers modern living with cutting-edge technology. Not only does it excite Pakistan’s residents, but the foreign investors are ready to invest here. The investors who are looking for an upscale housing scheme, Capital smart city is the best option. Moreover, the investment plan includes commercial and residential properties, apartment buildings, villas, etc. Additionally, the project consists of the facilities like Mosques, Holiday Park, Healthcare City, Education City, Overseas Districts, fine Infrastructure, FDH Buildings, and much more. 


The Capital smart city is situated on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). However, it is located near the New Islamabad International Airport. Further, the Chakri Road leading to Rawalpindi is also accessible.

Payment Plan

The property in Smart city is also available on the instalment plans. For the property registration, it is necessary to pay 10% as a down payment and 10% for the confirmation charges. Further, the instalment period is 3.5 years, when all dues can easily be paid. 

Property TypeSizePricePayment Schedule
Residential Plot 5 MarlaPKR 2,415,00036 Months- quarterly
Residential Plot 10 MarlaPKR 2,415,00036 Months- quarterly
Residential Plot 1 Kanal PKR 6,210,00036 Months- quarterly
Commercial Plot4 MarlaPKR 10,530,00036 Months- quarterly
Commercial Plot6 MarlaPKR 14,040,00036 Months- quarterly
Commercial Plot8 MarlaPKR 17,550,00036 Months- quarterly
Payment plan for the Capital smart city Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City entrance
Park View City Islamabad is surrounded by the Margalla Hills, which can provide you with a scenic view. 

The glorious landscape of Margalla Hills and the luxurious housing society together brings the best investment in Islamabad. However, the park view city is CDA approved scheme. It is 400 ft. Long Boulevard enables direct access to the society from the highway. Further, it is considered the perfect investment place due to the scenic views, quality development, master plan, and secure neighbourhood. The project offers residential plots, commercial plots, homes, and apartments. 


Park View City is located on Malot Road, Islamabad. Further, it is directly connected to the Kurri Road through Malot Road. The society is an excellent place for investment which enables direct access to Islamabad’s Park Road and a few minutes’ drive to the Blue Area.  

Further, on the right side of Park View City is Bahria Enclave. Moreover, it is situated in proximity of Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Highway, Bani Gala, and Chak Shahzad, which are easy to access. 

Payment Plan

Property TypeSizePriceMembership Fee
Residential Plot 5 MarlaPKR 6,500,000PKR 7,500
Residential Plot 10 MarlaPKR 10,000,000PKR 15,000
Residential Plot 1 Kanal PKR 25,000,000PKR 25,000
Payment plan for the Park View City


DHA Islamabad

Street view of DHA Islamabad.
DHA Valley Islamabad offers 8 marla homes for spacious living. 

The DHA is known as the Defense Housing Authority. However, it introduces as a brand with a contemporary housing design. The investors are always ready to invest in the grand projects by DHA due to its remarkable infrastructure and essential amenities. Moreover, the DHA Islamabad is home to luxurious living that follows high-end living standards. With all the comfort and surroundings, the place is worth investing in besides keeping your investment safe and secure.

Besides, the DHA Islamabad brings various residential and commercial plots, villas, apartments, and built-in homes. Moreover, Clinics, pharmacies, U-Health International Hospital, and Riphah International Hospital are situated near the DHA housing scheme. It is also one of the best investment areas in Islamabad.


The Defense Housing authority is divided into 7 phases, where Phase 1 to Phase 6 are quite popular, and the last phase is DHA Valley. Each phase of DHA is situated all around the city. However, the phases are linked with the well-known roads and nearby landmarks. Further, the New International Airport is a few minutes away from the DHA and efficiently accessible from Sahala Railway. 

Payment Plan

Property TypeSizePricePayment Schedule
Residential Plot 10 MarlaPKR 8,050,500Lump-Sum within 90 Days
Residential Plot 1 Kanal PKR 13,585,500Lump-Sum within 90 Days
Payment plan for the 10 Marla and 1 Kanal property

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City logo.
Blue World City Islamabad is one of the latest projects you may invest in. 

The Blue World City Islamabad is a modern and rapidly developing scheme in the real estate sector. However, the project aims to transform the scheme into the biggest tourist spot in the capital city of Pakistan. Besides, the project is filled with the essential facilities and features to make the place successful in terms of investment. Further, the Blue World City Islamabad offers commercial and residential plots, low-income apartments, villas, farmhouses, and everything with easy instalment plans.  


Blue world city Islamabad is situated on the Main Chakri Road, connected with the Lahore – Islamabad M2 Motorway. Further, the prime location is near the Thaliyaan interchange and a few minutes’ drive to New International Airport Islamabad. However, the location is easily accessible for regional and foreign residents.

Payment Plan

Property TypeSizePrice
Residential Plot 5 MarlaPKR 990,000
Residential Plot 8 MarlaPKR 1,265,000
Residential Plot 10 MarlaPKR 1,520,000
Residential Plot 1 Kanal PKR 2,500,000
Residential Plot 2 Kanal PKR 4,500,000
Payment plan for the Capital Smart City Islamabad

Well, that is all about the investment housing properties in Islamabad. With all this brief information, you might have decided on the most suitable location for your investment. However, all the projects are under development, but with the span of 5 to 10 years, these will turn out as the most beneficial investment. Indeed, the real estate in Pakistan is evolving and bringing new projects our way, but for now, there is no other better place for a high-gain investment. 

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