Find Effortless Driving with Lyari Expressway

The city of Pakistan, Karachi, is known for its infrastructure, commerce, and culinary tourism. You might have read a lot about its beaches and food streets but hardly read about its famous arteries and highways. Today you will read about the Lyari Expressway, which is one of the main expressways of Karachi. This information will help people shorten their route visiting from north to south and vice versa of Karachi. 

Since this project took 1.5 decades, it is a significant one. Now commuters can travel without any challenge of traffic to reach their destinations much faster than any other route. From its establishment to its route map, everything is given right below. 

About Lyari Expressway Karachi

From its name, you might understand its origin. Because it was constructed over the Lyari River in Karachi. This Lyari River links to the Arabian Sea, which also includes the Gulf of Oman. But here we are discussing something else. A project which took 15 years to complete is worth discussing. Moreover, it was inaugurated in January 2018. 

Since the initiation of its construction in 2002, three consecutive governments have played their roles in it. Also, it connects Karachi’s north and south regions. However, this very construction faced a series of challenges in the face of resettlement. The reason was the demolition of around 15,000 homes during the construction of this expressway. Moreover, long vehicles like trucks and buses cannot move on this expressway. Even bikers cannot use this route since it is just for cars and similar automobiles. If you are on your way shopping, you might like these famous shopping malls in Karachi.

Resettlement Project

Since the government had already started the construction, it was inevitable that the settlements near the Lyari River would have consequences. As a result, the government had announced to resettle these families in different areas like Taiser Town, Hawk’s Bay, and Baldia Town. There were around 150,000 people who were part of this resettlement project, which is also known as the Lyari Expressway Resettlement Project. 

Lyari Expressway Map

Lyari Expressway Map
This extensive route will help numerous commuters on a daily basis reach their destinations much faster than before.

route will help numerous commuters on a daily basis reach their destinations much faster than before.

If we look at this entire route’s map, you may see numerous neighbourhoods around it. Since it connects two ends of Karachi, you can travel from the M9 Superhighway to Mauripur Interchange quite comfortably. Moreover, the commuters can reach from north to south and vice versa within 20 -25 minutes on an average of 80 km/hour speed. While if they use any other route, it could take much more time and heavy traffic will also be a challenge. Have a look at these top supermarkets in Karachi to buy groceries conveniently.

This entire route covers a distance of 16.5 km, which is a smooth road to travel without any disturbance. However, it has a toll charge, which is less than the fuel you may consume via any other route along with the stress of traffic. Furthermore, you may have four lanes in it, which will help distribute its traffic. Besides, you will always find no or very little traffic on this route. Also, you may reach Port Grand in Karachi for an amazing experience with your friends and family.

Easy Access to Picnic Points

Many people travel to Manora Beach, Hawk’s Bay Beach, Kimarri, Paradise Point, Sandspit Beach and other famous holiday points in the coastal areas of Karachi in summer. But the routes are very extensive for the people coming from northern and central areas of Karachi. However, this expressway can help them reach their picnic points quite comfortably.

Besides, people from all over Karachi head towards Sohrab Goth to buy animals from its famous cattle market. But it could be a really tiring journey from the southern areas of Karachi like Clifton, DHA, PECHS, Korangi, etc. However, if you look at Lyari Expressway directions, it can take you to your destination within an hour without any hurdles. Have a look at these tempting Karachi Highway restaurants.

Surrounding Towns 

Surrounding Towns
FB Area is among the towns, which surround Lyari Expressway.

It passes through all the famous neighbourhoods of Karachi like FB Area, Gulshan Iqbal, Liaquatabad, Bhangoria Town, Essa Nagri, Golimar, Shershah, Haroonabad etc. Furthermore, various roads and bridges pass through it like Sohrab Goth Interchange, Rashid Minhas Road, Yasinabad Bridge, Sir Shah Suleman Bridge, Sindhi Hotel Bridge, Teen Hatti Bridge, Lasbela Bridge, Manghopir Interchange, Dhobi Ghat Bridge, Mewa Shah Bridge, Sher Shah Bridge, and Mauripur Interchange.

Lyari Expressway Toll Tax

Now let’s discuss the Lyari Expressway toll tax, which is not that much if we compare it with fuel consumption on any other route. Here, you may use this route for a cost of just Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 (cost may vary concerning economic fluctuations). However, this toll tax will help sustain the calibre of this expressway.


We hope that we have provided you with enough information about this Lyari Expressway. While there are more arteries in Karachi, likewise, Shahrah-e-Faisal, M10 Motorway (Karachi Northern Bypass), and M9 Motorway (Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway). 

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