What is Curb Appeal and How to Boost Property Value in Pakistan?

Every single human being in this world wishes to own either a luxurious house or a simple one. Because some people prefer simplicity while some go for a lavish lifestyle. However, a house with a good structure, location and good maintenance will always stand out. Some people who spend a lot of money on home renovation still fail to attract potential buyers. What is it that can raise the value of your home, especially when your neighbouring houses are also very captivating? The answer is curb appeal.

Yes, this is what smart people do. Even realtors ask sellers to use this factor for selling homes. In Pakistan, curb appeal is not very common, which you can hardly see in posh areas. But if we look at developed countries, sellers use this technique to increase the prices of their properties. Also, read about basic principles of interior designing

What is Curb Appeal?

White exterior with shinny windows
Appealing paint, a decorated garden, and a captivating entrance are what you need for your home’s curb appeal.

If you want to know the meaning of curb appeal, it is all about the appealing appearance and attractiveness of a property. Especially, when someone looks at your house from the street, the elegance your house shows are curb appeal. People invest in this activity to augment the look of their property, which affects its price of it. 

From its new exterior paint to woodwork, everything is a part of this process. Some people also work on landscaping to reflect the beauty of their garden with their home. All these factors raise property value. It is like spending money to generate more money. Just like an investment. Who wouldn’t like to do it? Everyone wishes to sell their house at a better price than they expect.

How Important is Curb Appeal?

White wall with brown gate and black windows
With the help of curb appeal, you can sell your house at a higher price than an ordinary home.

The primary importance of curb appeal is it makes your property look unique and buyers prefer it over other properties. If your house has an alluring exterior, buyers would definitely wish to look at the interior part. Real estate agents also advise the sellers to try affordable and even cheap techniques to increase the worth of their properties.

Even the colour type of your wall paint plays a crucial role in enhancing the worth of the property. For instance, if you have chosen the right colour, you may get more attention from potential buyers. Also, having the right combination of lamp posts will have a positive impact on your property’s value. This is why you need to use curb appeal for selling your home in Pakistan.

Does Curb Appeal Increase Home Value?

hands of a man pruning plants
A well-maintained garden or plant bed has a very high impact on a property’s value.

Of course, it does. If your house is not having good value for sale, you need to use this technique to raise its worth. Whether your windows need some changes or the gate requires some repair work, these factors will amplify your house’s look.

Buyers like to visit properties which attract them from the outside. Because everyone wants to own a house, which can impress others. Not just the location of a house is important but also its design and structure. These designs and structures are part of it because you can make changes to them whenever you want. Moreover, the plant bed outside your house is also part of it. If you have fascinating flowers and plants in it, they will attract buyers to your house. As a result, your property will have additional features to exhibit.   Also, learn about how to check property ownership in Pakistan.

Some people go for remodelling of the exterior along with lawn, porch and basement work, which all depends upon your budget. If you can spend a large amount of money, you can make your house worthy of attention. Moreover, many people use curb appeal while selling home quite expensively. But there are some ways to work on curb appeal without spending lots of money. 

Affordable Ideas in Pakistan

Yellow wall with brown door
The colour of your main gate creates a sense of curiosity in the minds of visitors.

Description: The colour of your main gate creates a sense of curiosity in the minds of visitors.

You can use some smart and affordable ways to increase your house’s appearance. Try these ideas with your house.

  1. Get a classic paint job for your exterior walls. 
  2. You can use low-maintenance houseplants or colourful plant pots outside your house.
  3. Trim your garden and plant the bed.
  4. Remove the clutter and junk from the surroundings of your house.
  5. Work on your doorstep, walkway and driveway.
  6. Try a creative house number plate.
  7. Bring elegance to your front door with vibrant colour.
  8. Illuminate your walkway with path lights.
  9. Wash out your entire walkway, driveway and sidings of your house.
  10. Repair all the damaged appliances and elements like pathlight bulbs, windows, etc.


After you have learned what curb appeal is? You would also know how important this technique is to stand out in the real estate market. Have a look at aesthetic home lighting for your home. This is how you can evaluate your property’s rent. Read more blogs at Jagah Online and also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.