Hajj 2022 in Pakistan: First Complete Pilgrimage Since the Pandemic 

Muslims around the world have got elated since the news came out about the permission for Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) after an unusual gap. This is the first time the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed Hajj for international pilgrims since the outbreak of COVID-19. Likewise, it’s great news for applicants for Hajj 2022 in Pakistan.

This year, a total of 81,132 pilgrims can travel to KSA according to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of KSA. However, this number is much less than the average total number of pilgrims every year travelling from Pakistan, which is 200,000. The reason is the aftermath of COVID19 and its havoc, which remained active for two consecutive years. 

If we discuss Hajj 2022 dates, it is from July 7th to July 12th of 2022. Many people have applied for it all over the world along with Pakistan. Moreover, the price of Hajj 2022 in Pakistan has increased because of some economic and political reasons.

Hajj Applications 2022 Deadline

Though the application date has already passed, you may try your luck for Hajj 2023. Both online and branch facilities were available for the applicants. Have a look at the deadlines for the Hajj 2022 in Pakistan.

Online Applications: May 1st – May 13th of 2022
On-Branch Applications: May 9th – May 13th of 2022

Permitted Vaccines

Since COVID-19 struck, things have changed a lot. Now the pilgrims will have to get the vaccination before they apply. Also, they need to have PCR Tests done 72 hours before travelling to KSA. Below are the types of vaccines, which are permissible for pilgrims of Hajj 2022 in Pakistan. 

  1. Moderna
  2. Pfizer
  3. Sputnik V Vaccine
  4. AstraZeneca
  5. Johnson & Johnson
  6. Sinovac
  7. Covaxin
  8. Nuvaxovid
  9. Sinopharm
  10. Covax

Here is how you can generate a COVID19 vaccination certificate in Pakistan.

Banks for Government Schemes

If you are willing to apply for a government scheme, make sure you know which banks are providing facilities for Hajj 2022 registration. Likewise, you may have a wide range of banks as per your ease. Also, you may visit (mora.gov.pk/hajjinfo.org) for application and similar information.

  1. Habib Bank Limited
  2. United Bank Limited
  3. National Bank of Pakistan
  4. Muslim Commercial Bank
  5. Allied Bank Limited
  6. Bank of Punjab
  7. Bank Alfalah
  8. Meezan Bank
  9. Habib Metro Bank

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Prices for Hajj 2022 in Pakistan

Masjid e Nabvi for Hajj 2022 in Pakistan
One of the holiest sites of Islam, Masjid e Nabvi, is a place that every Muslim wishes to visit.

Here comes the most important part, Hajj 2022 Pakistan’s packages. The government of Pakistan announced around Rs. 700,000 as the cost for Hajj 2022 in Pakistan. However, it would range between Rs. 700,000 and Rs. 1.6 million if we look at Hajj 2022 Pakistan’s private packages. Furthermore, total applications comprise 60% government and 40% private resources.

Government Packages

The range of cost will be between Rs. 700,000 and Rs. 800,000 if you apply through a government scheme. However, these Hajj 2022 prices in Pakistan are higher than the average price every year.

Private Packages

The cost of Hajj 2022 in Pakistan through private agents will be between Rs. 1.04 million – Rs. 1.6 million as per different categories of package. Accommodation, travelling, and other services vary as per the package limit. 

Documents Required

Documentation is very crucial and every applicant must be aware of all the requirements. From application to required documents, each piece matters a lot. Also, this is the first Hajj for international pilgrims since the pandemic erupted in 2020. Because last year, 2021, only domestic pilgrims had the opportunity to perform Hajj.

  • Three passport-size photographs
  • For women, it is mandatory to wear a scarf with a covered head and ears in the photo.
  • Submission of original IMRP (International Machine-Readable Passport) along with advance payment of token. 
  • The passport must be valid enough till the 5th of Jan 2023.
  • Valid CNIC copy
  • Valid CNIC copy and contact details of next of kin.
  • Government doctor’s attested medical certificate.

Find all information here about passport offices in Pakistan and NADRA CNIC verification.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Masjid al Haram
Though the number of pilgrims is low this year because of several reasons for Hajj 2022 in Pakistan, it is much more than many had expected.

Many rules have evolved since COVID-19 took place. Now vaccines have become a part of your life. However, pilgrims do not have to wear masks all the time except on occasions like Qurbani. 

  • The minimum age for pilgrims is 15 years.
  • People above 64 years of age cannot apply for Hajj 2022.
  • Vaccination with a booster dose is a must for Pilgrims.
  • Females can’t apply without a mahram (husband, father, adult brother, or adult son).
  • Any applicant without having vaccine doses cannot apply.

Also, learn these simple tracking methods to track the delivery of your documents.


We hope that all the pilgrims safely complete this sacred duty after all their efforts and prayers. However, People apply for Hajj all over the world every year; however, the fortunate ones get this opportunity to visit those holy sites, Masjid al-Haram and Masjid e Nabvi. Similarly, many people applied for Hajj 2022 in Pakistan. Finally, lucky ones have reached. 

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