Secure Your Land with Digitization of Land Records

Land management is a very crucial part of any state. Back in the days of empires, it was the foundation of the tax and revenue system, which has been still going on since then. If we look at the recent land record system, the Patwari system ruled in the subcontinent with manual data management. Likewise, it was the system that controlled an entire tax and revenue system of land before the introduction of the digitization of land records. Also, read here about fraud practices in real estate in Pakistan.

This Patwari system had many loopholes that failed to control many illegal activities in the land management system like land grabbing, encroachment, breach of information and illegal construction. All these issues still happen in some of the provinces of Pakistan because of improper management and outdated methods. The provincial government (2008-2018) had introduced ARC (Arazi Record Centres) all over Punjab under the umbrella of Punjab Zameen Land Record or PLRA (Punjab Land Records Authority) which can help to tackle conflicts related to land.  

Development in Land Records System

Now the current federal government of Pakistan decided to transfer the digitization of the land records system from the Ministry of Science and Technology to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. Furthermore, it will provide a cadastral mapping of the entire landscape for real-time information, which will help to update the records of residential, commercial and other kinds of land in the country. In September 2021, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, announced its initial phase introduction in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. After the success in these cities, this project will be further expanded to the rest of the cities of Pakistan.

This whole system will start from Islamabad and then to Karachi and Lahore as a pilot project. The purpose of cadastral mapping is to exterminate land-related issues that are very high in some provinces along with major cities. This system has further improved since Land Record Punjab 2021 and onwards. So far, Islamabad’s cadastral map has already been issued, which is helping to detect encroachment and malpractices of land in the capital city of Pakistan. Also, read about Pakistan Citizen Portal, which can help you solve land disputes along with other issues here.  

Benefits of Digitization of Land Records

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Digitization of land records helps you with a secure and transparent system of your land management.

There are countless malpractices in land record management because of an obsolete system. In addition, people fail to detect any encroachment and land grabbing at the time of occurrence. It further makes it worse when they approach the authorities to assist them to get their lands back. Here are some benefits digitization of land records can provide;

  • Digital mapping will help people transfer properties digitally as well as it will help keep records safe from illegal practices.
  • It will help property registration be smooth and convenient.
  • This system will help the government to catch tax evaders.
  • The property rights of landowners will remain protected.
  • Landowners will be safe from encroachment, land grabbing, and information tempering. 
  • Information about previous owners, cases, and conflicts on lands will be transparent.
  • Digitisation of land records will align multiple areas like e-payment, complaint portals etc. to shift into an advanced and paperless world.

Digitization of Land Records Islamabad

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A modern city with modern technology is what its citizens need.

Since it began in Islamabad, CDA (Capital Development Authority) will play a foundational role here. For that, the CDA land record online system will take place to provide the citizens with a computerised land record of Islamabad’s structure. In addition, it will help with data verification, online payments and anti-malpractices in the urban land record. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication will further improve its processes. 

This digitization of land records process took place through the collaboration of SoP (Survey of Pakistan). Also, CDA (Capital Development Authority) for the implementation of mapping technology. While GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information System) are the main components of this project. These features can provide assistance related to real-time information on land. Since Islamabad already has better infrastructure than the rest of the metropolitan cities of Pakistan. This step will take the urban land record system to an advanced level.

City Islamabad App

To have a slight introduction to digitalization in the capital city of Pakistan. Here is City Islamabad Application with smart features to help its users. This application offers services like city guide, e-payment for utility bills, Excise and Taxation, NADRA, and CDA. Besides, it also helps in providing notification of any dues related to the above departments. City Islamabad Application is a modern platform for dealing with conventional processes to save time and money.


This development will keep advancing with ongoing supportive features and the core benefit will be for the landowners. People are tired of land grabbing and encroachment issues in Pakistan as it is about losing their entire life’s savings. Let’s hope for its graph to rise in future as this digitization of land records has much to offer in the future. 
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