How to Block Your Misplaced, Lost, or Stolen Phone in Pakistan

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Similar to our recent guides for smartphone users on PTA mobile registration and PTA IMEI check, we are back with yet another post on how to report and block stolen phones in Pakistan.

Misplacing or getting your smart stolen phone is something we can’t prevent or avoid. Although there are ways to report, track, and recover your misplaced devices, some people leave the matter for avoiding hassle. However, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has recently released a set of directives under ‘PTA guidelines to block a stolen phone in Pakistan’ to make the complaint process seamless and convenient. 

Keep scrolling this guide as we reveal how you can report a stolen smart phone in Pakistan!

PTA Guidelines to Block Stolen Phones in Pakistan

PTA has issued guidelines to block stolen phones in Pakistan
The incident must be reported within 24 hours

First things first: if you ever misplace your mobile phone in Pakistan, you need to get your SIM blocked by contacting the network providers such as Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, etc. Once your SIM is blocked, you need to file your complaint at the PTA.

There are a few ways you can register your complain and block your stolen phone along with the IMEI number including:

  • Visit the zonal office
  • Call the PTA helpline number
  • Send an email to PTA

Once you have selected the method, they will require some basic info to proceed, along with the IMEI number of your lost or misplaced device set.

Note: In case the smartphone is stolen or misplaced, the incident must be reported within 24 hours.

Essential Details to Report Stolen Mobile Phones in Pakistan

As per PTA guidelines to block a stolen phone in Pakistan, here’s a list of essential documents that should be provided when you’re lodging a complaint:

  • Name and address of the complainant
  • CNIC number of the complainant
  • Active contact number of the complainant
  • Date of incident
  • Device specifications such as brand, model, and colour
  • Father’s name/mother’s name
  • IMEI(s) of stolen, misplaced, or lost phone
  • Mobile number of the misplaced device
Pro Tip: Note down your device’s IMEI number in a diary or anywhere at home to make it accessible in case your phone gets stolen, snatched, or misplaced.

Check the Status of Your Complaint via PTA

As per PTA guidelines to block stolen mobile phones in Pakistan, there are three ways to report a misplaced smartphone:

  • SMS
  • Mobile Application
  • Website

Check the Complaint Status via SMS

The first option to check your complaint status at PTA is by sending a text message. You can track the complaint status via SMS by sending 15-digit IMEI number to 8484.

Track Your Complaint via Mobile Application

Another option under PTA guidelines to block stolen mobile phones in Pakistan is to download the recently launched mobile application of the department. Search for Device Verification System (DVS) – DIRBS Pakistan in your application store and then download it.

Check the Complaint Status via Website

The third option is to visit the official portal of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to ‘Customer Support’ tab in the corner
  • Move your cursor down the dropdown menu to ‘Consumer Services’.
  • Select ‘Stolen Mobile Search’ option and register your complain.

Note: The reporting portal of PTA only blocks the smartphone and makes it useless for whoever finds it. If you want to track down the device, there’s a different process for tracking.

How to Track Stolen Phone in Pakistan

While stolen or lost mobile phones can be reported and blocked with the range of services offered by PTA, you can also track your device by filing mobile theft report at the local police station.

Another option for tracking your device is to contact Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) on the number mentioned below:

Contact Number Citizens Police Liaison Committee: 1102, 021-35662222, and 021-35682222

Note: Filing a false complaint is considered a criminal offence. In such cases, the departments have full authority to take legal action against the complainant.

PTA Zonal Offices in Pakistan

These are the details of PTA zonal offices in Pakistan along with the contact details for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority:

PTA Helpline Number: 0800-25625

Email Address:

PTA Office in Islamabad: PTA Headquarters, Sector F- 5/1, Islamabad.

PTA Zonal Office in Rawalpindi: House No. 161, Street 9, Chaklala Housing Scheme 3, Rawalpindi.

PTA Zonal Office in Lahore:   PTA Zonal Office, Telephone Exchange, 165- Abid Majeed Road, Lahore Cantt.

PTA Zonal Office in Karachi: Director (Enforcement) PTA Zonal Office, Wireless Compound, Opposite JPMC, Rafiqui Shaheed Road, Karachi.

PTA Zonal Office in Peshawar: Plot No 11, Phase-V, Sector A-3, Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Visiting Hours of PTA Offices

Monday to Thursday: 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Friday: 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Note: The offices don’t function between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Fridays.

So, this was our detailed guide on how to report or block stolen phones in Pakistan according to PTA guidelines. If you have any further queries, write to us at

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