Checklist for Preparing Your House for Autumn Season

Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist:
Cleaning Gutters
Drain Faucets
Protecting outdoor furniture
Fixing driveway cracks
Fertilise the lawn
Test winter equipment
Change Batteries

Autumn is one of the best seasons for the upkeep and repairs of your house. Not to mention, you can take care of major home maintenance such as yard cleaning, preparing your plants, plumbing, and deep cleaning before winter makes outdoor work difficult. In order to help you out, we have prepared a autumn home maintenance checklist that can be used by the homeowners across Pakistan. 

So, if your home is located in colder regions of the country, take out some time this fall, pick up the rake and let’s start collecting! 

Things to Include in Your Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

Autumn Maintenance List
Here is a complete autumn home maintenance checklist

Preparing your homes for autumn doesn’t have to be all about the decor. There’s so much more to an autumn home maintenance checklist than just using candles, bed sheets, throws, and pillows in the hues of orange, red, and browns. 

In one of our recent posts, we have shared some cleaning habits you should be avoiding. Here is a list of all the autumn home preparations that you need to take care of: 

  • Clean the gutters
  • Drain outdoor faucets
  • Bring outdoor furniture inside 
  • Fixing driveway cracks
  • Fertilise the lawn 
  • Testing winter equipment 
  • Changing batteries 

Clean the Gutters

Homeowners often overlook the maintenance of the gutters and they choose to let them work on their own. However, the truth is that gutters need just as much maintenance as any other part of your house. It is important to make sure that the gutters are clean and clear before autumn to prevent any further damages. 

If your gutters are clogged, it could flood the interior of your house while simultaneously damaging the exterior home. You can’t always clean them on your own, and might require a little professional help. 

Maintenance Tip:: One of the top autumn outdoor maintenance tricks involve cleaning or replacing your gutter for a rapid and steady water flow. 

Drain the Outdoor Faucets 

Drain all your outdoor faucets
Drain the outdoor faucets to prevent pipes from bursting due to winters

Clogged faucets and hoses can severely affect the outdoor area of your property. One of the major things to add into the autumn home maintenance checklist is draining every outdoor faucet. 

Maintenance Tip: Remember to turn-off all outdoor faucets, drain, and disconnect all garden hoses to help them avoid freezing. If your pipes freeze with water inside, they will eventually burst and majorly damage your property. 

Bring in the Outdoor Furniture 

Autumn outdoor maintenance is just as imperative as it is to keep your indoors perfect since fall season is coupled with harsh weather conditions. It can prove to be extremely dangerous for the furniture lying around outside. Although outdoor furniture is built for the external area of a property, don’t leave your valuable belongings if the weather conditions tend to get harsh in your region. 

Maintenance Tip: As a part of autumn home maintenance checklist, bring all your outdoor furniture inside or do enough measures to protect them. 

Fix Driveway Cracks

Repairing Cracks in Driveway
Fixing driveway cracks will help prevent concrete breakage and decay

The importance of home maintenance [throughout the year] can’t be emphasised enough. However, taking care of a few things in fall is more essential. This tip is essential for people who live in colder regions of Pakistan. 

Fixing cracks in your driveway should be among the top priorities – it may seem insignificant, but the truth is if it rains and the water seeps into these cracks, they are bound to freeze, expand, and eventually weaken concrete. 

Maintenance Tip: In order to address this issue all you will need is a concrete crack sealer. 

Fertilise the Lawn

Wondering why your neighbor’s garden looks great always? Well, the neighbour has probably put a lot of work and effort into maintaining. If you want a luscious and healthy lawn after autumn ends, you need to take care of it in the off seasons as well. Taking care of your plants will also help them turn green and luscious faster in the spring season.

Maintenance Tip: Fertilise the roots and keep the lawn clean to help the plants nourish and grow. 

Testing Winter Equipment 

Testing all your winter equipment
Make sure all your winter equipment is in working condition

Before winter takes over and reduces your mobility, you need to check all your winter equipment and whether or not it is in working condition. If it snows in your region, check the snow blower beforehand instead of getting stuck in a blizzard and not having one available. 

Maintenance Tip: Test-run the equipment such as snow blowers and heaters to prevent any inconvenience. 

Change Batteries

Imagine being stuck in a blizzard and not having enough batteries. 

We often keep going without checking whether or not the batteries are working efficiently or not. It is imperative to change our batteries every few months, in order to keep our smoke detectors and other equipment to work seamlessly. 

Maintenance Tip: Keep an extra pair of batteries for every other equipment, so you don’t need to run to the nearest stores during cold nights. 

Plumbing Repairs 

In addition to the above mentioned checklist, you also need to pay attention to plumbing issues before autumn arrives. Clogged pipelines, dirty gutters, and the sewer must be properly checked to avoid any kind of damage or plumbing difficulties during the season. It is important that you take care of the exterior plumbing, as well as cleaning the gutters and insulating the pipes. 

Maintenance Tip: Take care of the leaking roof as well. Check out our recent blog where we’ve shared some ways to detect and fix leaking roofs

We’ve provided you with a checklist for autumn home maintenance. If you’re stuck in your house during a blizzard, or harsh weather conditions and have nothing to do, redecorating, and rearranging various areas of your house might be a good idea. 

Meanwhile, read about the dos and don’ts of setting up your living room. If you’re into sustainable decoration, we have also recently compiled a guide on low-cost home decor ideas

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