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Passport Requirements
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If you are planning a trip abroad, the most important thing you’ll require is a passport. A passport is a document that acts as your identity, outside of the country of your origin. 

Similar to our previous blogs about passport offices in Karachi and Islamabad, this blog will help you in locating the nearest branch of the passport offices in Lahore to you. 

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Types of Pakistani Passports

Passport Tracking Pakistan
The old and the new covers for the Pakistani passport

The government of Pakistan, under the Passport Act 1947, issues three different passports, based on your profession. These include: 

  • Ordinary Passport: As the name suggests, it is an ordinary machine readable passport that is issued to common citizens. 
  • Diplomatic Passport: This passport is issued only to diplomats or individuals belonging to the similar profession. It has a red cover.
  • Official Passport: It is issued to the individuals belonging to the government bodies. 

Passport Requirements in Pakistan

Before you make a plan to visit the passport offices in Lahore, you should know the documents required for the application process, so that your visit doesn’t go to waste. The documents required for the issuance of passports for adults and minors are different, and so are the documents required for the renewal of passports. 

For Adults

The individuals above the age of 18, will need to submit the following documents for the process of passport application:

  • Original CNIC or NICOP
  • 2 photocopies of CNIC or NICOP
  • A No-Objection Certificate, if you are a government officer
  • Bank receipt of the fee deposit
  • In case you have dual nationality, you will also be required to bring your foreign passport and its copy

For Minors

The individuals below the age of 18, are required to submit the following documents on their visit to the passport office:

  • 2 photocopies of your parent’s CNIC
  • 2 photocopies of your birth certificate
  • Child Registration Certificate (CRC)
  • Bank receipt of the fee deposit
  • In case you are a dual national, the process will also require you to bring your foreign passport and its copy with you

For The Renewal Process

If you are looking to get your passport renewed, you will be required to bring the following documents:

  • Old passport and its copy
  • Original CNIC
  • Child Registration Certificate (for a minor)
  • Bank receipt of the renewal fee deposit

If you wish to read more about the renewal process through the online passport application and the workings of the passport tracking in Pakistan, read our guide on online passport renewal in Pakistan

Passport Application and Collection

Online Passport Application
Before going to the office, make sure all your documents are with you

Now that the documents you need are in one place, the rest of the process is actually quite simple. Let us take you through the process quickly. 

  • Step 1: Submit the fee (renewal or challan fee) at the National Bank Counter, you can now collect the passport form from the customer service counter
  • Step 2: You will now be called to the token counter, where your picture will be taken and you will receive a token
  • Step 3: At the Biometric Data Counter, you will need to submit your digital profile (fingerprints)
  • Step 4: In this step, you will have to move to the Data Entry Counter, and you will be asked to fill your data. However, in the case of passport renewal, your data will already be filled in
  • Step 5: The information given will be verified  and cross checked against the Black List (BL) ad Exit Control List (ECL)
  • Step 6: If your profile clears the BL and the ECL, you will be called for an interview with the Assistant Director of the branch. After the interview, you will receive a tracking number, which you can use to track the progress of your application and the date of delivery
  • Step 7: On the delivery date, visit the passport office in Lahore, you had applied to and submit the receipt you had received from the Assistant Director.  The passport can even be delivered to your home, however, you will be charged extra for it.

Additional Information

Now that you are aware of the documents, you must bring with you to while you visit the passport offices in Lahore, there is some additional information you should keep in mind:

  • You will need to visit the regional office, in your region, if you are getting your passport issued for the first time
  • You can visit any passport office in the city, of you are looking to get it renewed
  • The individuals belonging to army or government bodies, can visit any office the prefer

Charges and Validity of Passport

passport application charges
The charges of your passport depends on certain criteria

The charges one has to pay for the issuance of passport, depends on the certain criteria:

  • Years of validity
  • Number of pages in the passport
  • Normal or Urgent

A normal passport can be collected in 15 days, while an urgent one can be collected in 4 days.

Note: A passport issued to a minor can only have the validity of 5 years.

Fee structure for Passport with 5 year validity

CategoryNumber of PagesPrice (PKR)

Fee structure for Passport with 10 year validity

CategoryNumber of pagesPrice (PKR)

Passport Offices in Lahore

Regional Passport Office Lahore
Your passport acts as your identity outside of your home country

Now that you know the documents one requires to get the passport issued, as well as the charges one has to pay for them, let us tell you about the passport offices scattered throughout the city of gardens. 

Executive Passport Office, Lahore

Executive Passport offices throughout the country, allows an individual to get the document made quickly and without the hassle. However, you have to pay extra for this quick service.

Address Executive Passport Office Islamabad: 27-xx phase 3, DHA, Khayaban-e-Iqbal Road, Lahore

Contact number: 042-99264396

Regional Passport Offices 

Below mentioned are the passport office helpline numbers and addresses of the regional passport offices in Lahore.

RegionAddressContact Number

8-A, Shahrah-e-Aiwan Tijarat, Shadman042-9201997-9201916
Lahore – I4-A, Sher Shah Block, Behind Barkat Market Near Himayat-ul-Islam Girls College, New Garden Town042-9201836
Lahore (Bar Council)Lahore High Court Bar AssociationN/A
Lahore (Chamber of Commerce)Passport Counter at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry 11-A, Shara-e-Aiwan-e- Sanat-o-TijaratN/A
Lahore-314 kilometer, Main Raiwind Road, Araiyan MorrN/A
Lahore (Shahdara)Saeed Park, Saggian Road Shahdara042-37921900

Passport Office Timings

The passport offices in the city of gardens function at the same time as any other government offices. The offices remain closed during the weekends and during any public holiday.

Monday – Thursday: 09:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Friday: 09:00 AM – 12:30 PM

 Note: These timings can change as per the instructions of the Directorate General Immigration and Passport (DGIP). 

This brings us to an end on our blog about passport offices in Lahore; we have covered everything from the documents you will require to the location of the offices. 

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