Sick and Tired of Travelling from Local Buses? Try Metro Bus Islamabad

After completing successful projects of BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) in major cities of Pakistan, like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Multan. Now the government of Pakistan has marked to extend the strong connection between Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well as improve the transport activities of the capital. Metrobus Islamabad is the pure example of urban transportation which is replicated in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Similarly, in those countries BRT services route links with different centres, major areas and public places of the cities, but the main ease for people is it connects with the airport.

Metrobus Islamabad phase 02 is the extension of the Metrobus service between Rawalpindi and Islamabad which was launched almost 7 years ago. It Has 38 stops and 68 vehicles and stretches 22 kilometres between the Pak secretariat in Islamabad and Saddar in Rawalpindi.

BRT Services in Major Cities of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has invested around 16 billion in this BRT service to solve all the traffic complications in Islamabad by providing the finest urban transport service. In just a few years. Pakistan is matching with other Asian countries in providing these transportations. Till now Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Multan are the top 4 cities that have Metrobus lines. 

  • Karachi has a green line Metrobus service which started just a few months ago.
  • Lahore has a Metrobus which has 27 stops, and it is the first-ever metro service in Pakistan. Began service almost 13 years ago 
  • Rawalpindi links with Islamabad through metro bus transportation.
  • Multan is also one of those cities that has this service which was started in 2017
  • Now all the focus is on Islamabad as people are very excited since the start of the project.

Development of Metro Station Islamabad Phase II

Development of Metro Station Islamabad Phase I
The development of Metro stations in Islamabad started in 2018.

There are two routes which are commonly categorised as Islamabad metro route phase 1 and phase 2. Thus, the 2nd phase is currently under trial by the CDA (Capital Development Authority) of Islamabad, which is taking full responsibility for Metrobus trails before officially launching them. Almost 95% of work has been done, as development for extension started in 2018 and aims to be fulfilled in mid of April 2022. It stretches 25.6 kilometres between Peshawar Mor interchange and Islamabad international airport. With constructed an overall budget of 16 billion there are 30 vehicles and 14 the same way, these 14 stations will pass 4 interchanges which are given below;

  • M1 and M2 interchange 
  • Top city interchange 
  • G-13 and Golra interchange 
  • N5 interchange 
  • In the end, all these interchanges will connect to the airport.

Islamabad Metro Station list 

This Islamabad metro route service will start from Peshawar Mor and conclude at Islamabad international airport. These are the areas and stations it will pass by.

  • Peshawar Mor
  • H-9 to G-9 
  • IIU to G-10
  • High court 
  • H-11 to G-11 
  • Nust to G-12 east 
  • Nust to G- 12 west
  • Golra Mor to G-13 
  • Grand trunk road 
  • Jammu and Kashmir to G-16
  • Badhana Kalan to G-15 
  • M-1 to M-2 interchange 
  • Rakh pind ranjha
  • Islamabad airport 

Metro Bus Islamabad Timings

In this Phase of the Islamabad Metrobus service, 24 buses will take the course of Peshawar Mor to the M5 GT road and the remaining 6 buses will follow the roads till Islamabad Airport. In the same way, these 6 buses will be available 24/7. However, the other 24 buses will have a timing of 630am to 10 pm.

Benefits of Metrobus Islamabad 

Benefits of Metrobus Islamabad
These fast and comfortable Metrobuses provide relaxing and pleasant travel

Being the capital of Pakistan, it should be the priority of the government of Pakistan and the citizens of Islamabad to facilitate their capital with all the major transport services as well as technological advantages. Here are the finest benefits the people of Islamabad can earn from this service.

  • People will no longer have to travel on slow local transport buses anymore
  • It will be quiet and peaceful for people to reach the airport without any delay and complications.
  • There will be no traffic jams in centres and major areas of Islamabad.
  • University students will benefit more because universities like Islamic and Nust come on Metrobus routes.
  • It will be easier for people of G-9 and G-18 to get the Metrobus.
  • As we all know that foreigners also love to travel to Islamabad therefore, it will be easy for them to reach their favourite destinations as well as explore the capital.
  • Tickets will be available manually but after passing time the locals will be able to book online tickets.
  • The connection between Islamabad and Rawalpindi will be stronger than ever as both cities will be linked in both ways.
  • People will also obtain the services of AC and ventilation with a pleasant atmosphere.
  • There will be no more burglary or shoplifting from the citizens while travelling, because of the security system of Metrobus authorities. 
  • There will be no more panic on the road, commonly what we see on the road is that people are being pulled from local buses, but not now because everyone will get their comfortable seats.
  • Buses will reach their routes on time, which means no more getting late as buses that will take the path of the airport will be available every time.
  • Buses taking the route of the airport will also provide the facility of luggage, which will be very helpful for those who are carrying bags with them.


After so many years Pakistani officials have taken this much-needed step of upgrading the Transport system of the country.  People were Dreaming of such beneficial and economical service. In fact, since independence, there wasn’t any facility for such a chill out and time-saving drive.

Furthermore, after the inauguration of this project, high authorities are looking for other major cities in Pakistan like Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and Sialkot. 

These were the main routes, interchanges, centres and public areas Metrobus will pass through, and these were the marked timings as well as valuable benefits. Thanks for reading my blog about Metrobus Islamabad. For more visit my blog page: see you later soon!