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When buying a property in Pakistan, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the property is registered under the name of the person you’re dealing with. For this sole reason, you should know how to verify the property documents and find out who is the rightful owner. 

Real estate transactions in Pakistan or anywhere in the world are not as simple as they might sound. A slight issue in property dealing can either make or break the deal. As a property owner, buyer, or estate agent, you need to be vigilant, well-informed, and updated. Otherwise, you can fall victim to scams and frauds. 

Since there are so many ways of verifying property documents in Pakistan, we have decided to list them down for your convenience and better comprehension. 

Let’s take a look! 

Verifying Property Documents By Yourself 

Property Documents
Documents allow us to determine the legitimacy of the property

Verifying the property documents is the only way to make sure that the property you are dealing with is legally registered. At times, sellers and buyers are not aware of the documents that determine the legitimacy of a property as per property laws of Pakistan. This gap and uncertainty makes them vulnerable to property scams and fraudulent activities. 

For your convenience, here’s a list of the property documents you need to know about:

Title Deed

It is one of the most fundamental documents one requires while dealing with matters of property. 

It is a legal document that determines the ownership of the property. The deed protects the rights of an owner and grants them a complete authority to sell.

Sale Deed

A sale deed is an important document that is required during the process of transfer of property. The document is signed by both parties seller and buyer. 

Once both parties agree on the mutual terms, the sale deed must be drawn and signed upon. It is mandatory for the seller to pay all the arrears of the property before signing the deed. Once the deed is signed, the property officially belongs to the buyer.

Mother Deed

Each time a property is transferred, the name of the owner on the title deed changes. This makes tracing the first owner of the property difficult. 

A mother deed is a document that lists all the previous owner’s names. The document traces the origin of the property and mentions how one came into the possession of the property, that is, through purchase, a gift or inheritance. 

In case a mother deed is missing, the seller needs to acquire certified copies from respective registered authorities.

Intimation of Disapproval

It is an approval of civil plans and is also known as the building permit. The document asserts the conditions that the builder must comply with, under different phases of construction.

It is a mandatory document for under construction buildings and housing societies. The intimation of disapproval includes various permissions. For example, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from respective local authorities.

Approved Plan of the Property

This document affirms that the property being dealt with is built according to the framework approved by the authorities and has no legal issues. 

Purchase Agreement

Property Tax Receipts,
A Purchase agreement includes all the details of a project

The agreement states the terms and conditions upon which the sale of the property is finalised, to make sure that the parties transacting respect the terms and conditions. It is made before the exchange of money. 

The document includes details like project conditions, payment, terms, deadlines etc.

Power of Attorney

This document needs to be registered by a legal entity. It gives an individual the power to act in the place of another person. The individual granted the authority can sell, rent, or purchase.

Completion Certificate

The certificate is awarded to a project after it has been completed, and it has been built as per the legal standards. The completion certificate also determines the legitimacy of the property.

Property Tax Receipts

Before you buy plots or any property, make sure that the previous owner has paid all the necessary taxes. Go through all the property taxes to satisfy yourself. Stamp duty, Advance Tax, Capital Value Tax (CVT) are the examples of some taxes.

If the seller of the property does not show you the property tax receipts, you should contact the concerned authorities. 

The previously mentioned documents are some of the few documents that one needs for the verification of property. 

If you are a resident of the biggest metropolitan city of the country, the required property documents in Karachi are slightly different. 

Hire a Realtor or a Real Estate Lawyer 

Real Estate Companies
Realtors handle the process of verification without a mistake

You can verify the property documents yourself. However, if you hire a real estate lawyer or any other professional – the process will sail smoother. A real estate agent knows the ins and the outs of property dealing. These specialised agents will handle the process without any mistake, and also get you the best deals.

Online Verification for Property Documents 

Property Documents In Karachi
Online verification of property has made the process easier

For verifying property documents in Pakistan, you can also opt to the official portals created by the provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab. 

With the help of these online Land Records Management Information Systems (LRMIS), citizens of Punjab and Sindh can verify their properties while sitting comfortably at home. 

All you need to do is:

  • Select your district
  • Pick the feature you wish to avail
  • Enter your CNIC number

Minimising the chances of deception, LRMIS has made the process simpler and time saving. 

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