Sindh Solar Energy Project: An Ultimate Solution of Load Shedding in Pakistan

The Government of Sindh is going to launch their most promising initiative near Keenjhar Lake for load shedding problems. Hence, by generating power of 500 megawatts, this Sindh solar energy project will help to resolve the electricity crisis on a regular basis.

According to Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh, this mega Sindh solar energy program will also provide hundreds of job opportunities. In the same way, the government is going to spend around 400 million on this Sindh solar house. Moreover, talking about the launch and generating solar electricity he further said; 

“Work on the feasibility report of the project is in full swing, and it is hoped that the project will start generating electricity in two years after going through the approval stages.”

Furthermore, the people of Pakistan have suffered a lot due to a shortage of transmitted electricity and the solar panel system was the only positive alternative to upgrade the electrical system in this country. Therefore, the Sindh solar energy project is a tremendous initiative taken by the Government of Pakistan.

How Solar Power is Produced? 

How Solar Power is Produced
Solar panels create electric fields from the sun-light and charge the intended batteries.

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which have two layers charged positively and negatively. Hence, when sunlight hits the cells, they create the ultimate electric field and generate electricity. This rapidly transmitted power can be exported to the main grid station and used in your home as well. Nowadays people store it in a battery or use it in their electric cars.

Solar Panels Cost Pakistan

Types of Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan 
Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel 60 WattRs. 3,999
solar panels 150 WattsRs. 7,000
Flash Sale Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel 12V 150 WattRs. 8,299
(Wholesale Price) Jasco Solar Panel Plate-Mono Crystalline 12v/165Watt Rs 17,000

Lastly, after the successful launch, this project will expand in different cities of Pakistan. Similarly, the Government is focused and has confidence regarding the Sindh solar energy project because people will no longer suffer the electricity breakdown anymore.

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