How to Save Money in Pakistan? Try these 11 Ways

Our life has some set of rules that we need to follow for a disciplined lifestyle. Money management is one of those rules that you need to understand. Whether you are a salaried person or even a business tycoon, you must know how to control the flow of cash. Many people fail to understand it, which ends up in bankruptcy or debt disaster. That’s why you need to know how to save money in Pakistan.

Compulsive buying behaviour is what drives us towards unnecessary expenditures, which plays a prime role as a hurdle in savings. If you can’t control your urges towards branded items and similar luring products, you can’t save money, to be honest. 

Smart Ways of How to Save Money in Pakistan

Jar with coins in it
With some smart techniques, you can save money in Pakistan to have a safe future.

Many people are wondering what could be some ways to save money in Pakistan in this shrinking economy. From branded dressing to dining out, you will have to take some of the tough decisions against your urges. Moreover, if you are struggling financially intending to save for a house on a low income, here are some ways that can help you.

Wind up Your Debts

No one wants to bear the burden of debt in this world. Every person has a wish to unshackle themselves from an increasing amount of interest. This amount consumes a big chunk of your monthly income, which you need to pay off as soon as possible. First, you need to start withdrawing some amount from your income for credit payoff to save money in Pakistan. This is what you need to save for a house on a low income. Otherwise, you can only dream of buying a house with your existing income.

Control Electricity Usage 

You need to control your electricity consumption before it’s too late. Utility bills are also among the factors that eat up your money so fast. You need to start using electricity-saving appliances as well as avoid using heavy appliances during peak hours. By controlling your electricity consumption, you can save money in Pakistan.

Just Home-made Food

Fast food is harmful not just to your health but also to your pocket. If you have your kitchen, you have the power to cook anything at a low cost. You have no idea how much your homemade food can save money. This is the best way of cost-cutting in the world because homemade food is cheap as well as healthy without any doubt.

Discount Stores and Coupons

Are you looking to go shopping but can’t afford it because of financial constraints? There are some ways you can buy things you need but at a low price. Discounted stores, thrift stores and cashback coupons are the best ways to help you with that. Many companies have sales discounts to capture the segment of low-income buyers, which provide good quality products at low prices. There is no shame in it since everyone faces a financial crisis in life. Here is a list of top supermarkets in Karachi for discounted rates.

Non-branded Goods

You don’t depend on brands, but they depend on you. Moreover, you are the greatest brand in the world. If you are shopping, make sure you focus on what is suitable to you instead of what impresses others. Buying products concerning the grade of a brand increases your cost of living in Pakistan. This cost of living affects your savings. This is the reason why simplicity defines your true worth. Compulsive buying can cause lots of damage to your budget.

Use Smartphone/Laptop Instead of a TV

It is a new era where you have everything on your cell phone with the help of the internet. Whether it is a drama serial or a news channel, electronic media is shifting from television to smart devices. Furthermore, this feature saves you on electricity bills and cable subscription charges. Every informative and entertainment channel is available on YouTube, where you can watch all the episodes for free.

Classic Budgeting Technique

Man using calculator to manage money consumption
By managing your budgets wisely, you can control your cash flow to save money.

The oldest and the classic one. Segmentation in budget helps you divide your expenses, which helps you skim unnecessary expenses. For instance, utility bills, rent, school fees, and groceries are common expenditures. Moreover, this habit keeps you on track while buying groceries in a supermarket. Many people successfully save money on a weekly as well as a monthly basis with this technique. It is also the best way to save money in Pakistan.

Plain/Unnoticeable Colour Clothes

If you really want to save money, you must know how to repeat clothes without making anyone notice. In addition, some colour patterns can help you save money in Pakistan. To illustrate, white colour for top and black colour for bottom clothing are evergreens that you may wear. These plain-colour dressings can help you to maintain a classic look. Because some clothing patterns are irreplaceable. 

Self-repair Service

Handyman service is great for women and people who don’t have time to repair things at home but not for those who are struggling financially. Therefore, you need to adapt some skills to save the cost of handyman services. From plumbing to electronic device issues, you can comfortably learn some skills online and start repairing things yourself to save money in Pakistan.   

Start Side Business/Freelancing 

Every person in this world wants a side business or a passive income to support their family. In this high inflation and economic crisis, it is not easy to survive with one stream of income. You better start a side business or freelance by learning a soft skill, which is another trick to save money in Pakistan. Just give a few hours to yourself and you will see a drastic rise in your earnings. Moreover, it may lead to investment once you start 

Cut Off Silent Money Wasters

Cigarette in an ash tray
Cigarette smokers can save over Rs. 15000 annually if they quit smoking as well as the risk of lung cancer.

There are some silent killers as well as money wasters that you turn a blind eye to. The most common one is tobacco in the form of cigarettes, betel nut, and similar chewable. To illustrate, prices of cigarette packs range between Rs. 80 and Rs. 350, while an average smoker consumes 5-7 cigarettes a day. 

This means Rs. 40 to Rs. 180 waste just on cigarette consumption and it piles up around Rs. 14,500 to Rs. 65,000 annually. If you are a smoker and still wondering how to save money in Pakistan. You really need to quit smoking. You may get rid of it with the help of nicotine patches or gums.


Now finally you know how to save money in Pakistan and the sooner you practice these methods, the sooner you will start saving money. In addition, one of the above methods can help you generate passive income to boost your total earnings.

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