Ready, Steady and Discover your Brilliant Future Self at these Universities in Islamabad

Islamabad is a beautiful city in Pakistan. However, have you ever thought about studying here? Well, universities in Islamabad are surrounded by the majestic view of Margalla hills, and green nature. Undoubtedly, the great atmosphere and the best universities in Islamabad are a combination of flexible study. In this blog, we will discuss education facilities, academic courses, scholarships and their feature. Let’s have a close look at it. 

Top 10 Universities in Islamabad 

These are the top universities in Islamabad, which offers 4 years of undergraduate degrees, along with post-graduate – master’s degree. The universities are as follows:

  •  National University of Sciences and Technology
  •  Air University 
  •  COMSATS Institute of Information Technology 
  •  National Defenses University
  •  Bahria University 
  •  International Islamic University Islamabad
  •  Quaid-i-Azam University
  •  Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences 
  •  Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University
  •  Institute of Space Technology 

National University of Sciences and Technology

National University of Sciences and Technology
NUST is Pakistan No 1 university.

For higher education and involvement in the field of science and technology, NUST (National University of Science and Technology) was established. The basic pillar of the university was laid in March 1991. However, with the passing decades, the NUST has become Pakistan’s top leading university in terms of technological knowledge and research. Besides, it offers the seven disciplines including engineering, information technology, natural sciences, management sciences, social sciences, humanities, applied biosciences, art design, and architecture. 

Moreover, it stands among the best government universities in Islamabad, providing 2000 above students’ need-based scholarships. Not just that, NUST promotes innovative ideas in technology that brings economical values to the country. These are facilities offered by the university;

  •  Incubation Space
  •  Health care
  •  Separate boys and girls hostel
  •  Security
  •  Counseling and career advice
  •  Professional development

Air University 

The Air University is located in Islamabad and is the leading research university in the country. Further, it is followed by the two functional campuses which are situated in Kamra and Multan. The university offers a degree program in the field of artificial intelligence, cyber security, engineering, medicine, business management, computer sciences, and humanities. Additionally, the university is a member of the commonwealth universities of the United Kingdom. The following facilities are provided by the Air University. 

  •  Research Centres
  •  Laboratories
  •  Library
  •  Clubs and societies
  •  Scholarship and financial aid

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology 

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
COMSATS University Islamabad is a public sector university

The COMSATS University was established in 1998 and was envisioned as Pakistan’s first leading institute of information technology. Later, over 2 decades it transformed into a full-fledged university. Additionally, the university ranked among the top 250 universities in Asia. Further, the university has 20 departments that offer 100-degree programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs. 

COMSATS University has multiple campuses located in Islamabad, Abbottabad, Attock, Vehari, Lahore, Wah, Sahiwal, and various virtual campuses. The following remarkable facilities are offered by the university;

  •  Scholarship and financial aid
  •  Housing
  •  Hostels
  •  Clubs and societies
  •  Sports
  •  Research center
  •  Library 
  •  International students

National Defence University

The national defence university was established to focus on the military education and training of the armed forces, which includes Pakistan military forces and foreign military participants. However, it is one of the oldest military education and training institutes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Further, the academic includes teaching and degree programs for bachelor’s, master of philosophy, and doctoral degree programs. However, the degree fields include international relations, public policy, strategic studies, peace and conflict studies, and leadership and management studies. Along with these programs, the following facilities are offered here. 

  •  Library
  •  Training facilities
  •  Sports facilities
  •  Jobs
  •  Career counseling
  •  National wargaming center
  •  Strategic studies, research, and analysis

Bahria University 

Bahria University is divided into two campuses which are located in Karachi and Lahore. However, the Bahria University was established in 2000 by the Pakistan Navy. The study programs offered by the university include undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

Additionally, Bahria offers BMDC (Bahria Medical and Dental College) which is located in Karachi. Recently, Bahria University introduced its MBBS and BDS program for the Islamabad campus. Along with the degree programs the following facilities are offered at the university.

  •  International Linkage
  •  Discounts on health care
  •  Microsoft DreamSpark
  •  Hostel services
  •  IT Services
  •  Medical Facility
  •  Gymnasium
  •  Media Lab
  •  Science Lab 

International Islamic University Islamabad

The International Islamic University Islamabad was established in 1980, however, from that era to still it remains the leading research university in Pakistan. Further, the education revolves around Islamic studies, Islam, and theology. The faculties in International Islamic University are; the faculty of Arabic, Faculty of basic and applied sciences, faculty of engineering and technology, faculty of language and literature, faculty of Islamic studies, and faculty of shariah and law. 

  •  Girls Hostel
  •  Library
  •  Transportation
  •  Cafeteria
  •  Fruit and vegetable shop
  •  Day care center
  •  Medical center
  •  Bank facility

Quaid-i-Azam University

The Quaid-i-Azam University was established in 1967 to pursue higher education and the practice of Ph.D. and MPhil Degrees. However, it evolved into a master’s degree program and today it is offering an undergraduate program also. Not just that, the university has courses to offer foreign students belonging to the various regions around the world.

Further, the university has 4 facilities and almost 9 teaching and research centers. The facilities here are; the faculty of biological science, faculty of natural sciences, faculty of social sciences, and faculty of medicine. Additionally, the university follows the trendy technologies to provide quality education among students. 

  •  Games and Sports
  •  Student accommodation
  •  Library
  •  Transport
  •  Campus security
  •  Excursion trips
  •  Cafeteria and shops
  •  Medical service
  •  Mosque
  •  Bank

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences 

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
The University follows international standards with a focus on scientific advancement.

The PIEAS is Pakistan’s leading engineering university, whose study revolves around scientific experiments in nuclear science. However, the university was founded in 1967 to support the nuclear energy infrastructure of the country. For a time, it collaborated with Quaid-i-Azam University and later it became independent in 1997.

The PIEAS offers undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D., and MPhil programs. Further, it aims to provide a scholarship on a merit basis to the students. It also encourages students to participate in research and scholarly activities on the campus. 

  •  Societies and clubs
  •  Trips
  •  International students
  •  Hostels
  •  Transport
  •  International students

Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University

The Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University is a private university, which was established in 2012, in Islamabad. Moreover, the university offers a degree program in fields including; health, engineering, business, and basic and social sciences. However, the university is spread over 18 Kanal of Land with these faculties; Faculty of Health and Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Allied Health Sciences. Furthermore, these are the services offered by the university for the students.

  •  Need-based financial assistance
  •  Lecture halls
  •  Tutorial rooms
  •  Laboratories
  •  Cafeteria
  •  Sports

Institute of Space Technology

Institute of Space Technology
The educational programs offer the study of aerospace technology and communication systems. (Courtesy Daily Times)

The institute of space technology offers the study of astronomy, aerospace engineering, and astronautics. Further, it has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs for the students. The aim of the company is to provide quality teaching in the field of science and technology as follows. 

  •  Research centres
  •  Laboratories
  •  Medical facilities
  •  Housing and dinning
  •  Transportation
  •  Societies
  •  Counselling centre

In addition, these are the universities in Islamabad, among them some are the world-renowned universities. Besides, they provide every facility to students to achieve higher education and work for the betterment of the country.

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