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Building a home or business and looking for the procedure to apply for an electricity connection? Well, your search ends here! We are back with a simple guide on how to apply for a new electricity connection in Pakistan.

As per usual, we have divided this guide into different parts. First, we will list down all the essential documents for a brand new energy connection. Afterwards, we will discuss the procedure in detail. In the end, we will have an overview of government-owned electricity supplying companies in Pakistan.

Let’s begin! 

Documents Required for New Electricity Connection in Pakistan 

documents vary from the type of connection you want
List of required documents vary from the type of connection

If you want to apply online for a new electricity connection in Lahore, Islamabad or any other part of Pakistan, you will need these documents:

For Residential Purpose

  • A legal document declaring that the property [that requires electricity connection] does not have an electricity connection already. 
  • A document confirming that there are no outstanding charges or fees. 
  • Applicant’s CNIC and its attested copy.
  • Attested copies of CNIC of two witnesses (for double-phase meters)
  • Power of attorney in favour of the applicant or any other proof of ownership. These documents should be attested by the oath commissioner, notary public, or a class-one officer. 
  • Renters need to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord. The certificate must be on a stamp paper and signed by the oath commissioner.

Note: Some of the above-mentioned documents must be submitted on a stamp paper duly attested by the oath commissioner. If the candidate is found to be a defaulter at any stage, they will face a lawsuit. 

For Industrial/Commercial Purpose

If you are going to use the property for industrial or commercial use, you need to submit an additional list of documents along with the ones mentioned above. Here’s a list of the additional documents that you will need: 

  • Charge Creation Certificate from the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
  • Attested copies of CNIC of all the directors, along with their residential addresses.
  • For limited and private limited companies, the applicant must submit a photocopy of incorporation certificate (Article and Memorandum of Association). 
  • NOC on company letterhead as per Form 29. The NOC must be signed by all the directors of the applicant company. 
  • Power of Attorney (in case the company has more than one owners) 
  • Site map for the location of the property that requires electricity connection. 

How to Apply for a New Electricity Connection in Pakistan?

Having access to proper electricity connection is deemed as the basic need of life. Hence, many power supply companies in Pakistan have introduced an online application portal to facilitate their consumers. If you’ve recently moved houses or constructed a new home and you want to know more about the process to submit an online application for electricity connection, then our guide will surely help you.

That being said, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a new electricity connection in any city of Pakistan through the government-owned distribution companies: 

  • Step 1: Know Your Supplier 
  • Step 2: Decide Application Mode 
  • Step 3: Fill-Out the Application Form 
  • Step 4: Verification by the Local Supplier 
  • Step 5: Follow-Up on Demand Notice

Step 1: Know Your Supplier 

For acquiring a new electricity connection in Pakistan, you must be aware of the respective electricity supplier. Once you’ve figured out which company provides electricity in your region, visit their website and click the ‘New Connection’ tab.

You will be directed to a new page ‘Electricity New Connection (ENC) System’.

Pro Tip: Scroll down the blog to find out the list of government-owned electricity distributors in Pakistan. 

Step 2: Decide the Application Mode

If you want to submit the application by hand, click on ‘Print Application’. You will be automatically directed to a new web page. Now, the applicant will be required to select the local power supply company and enter their CNIC number. 

After you have printed out the application form, fill it and submit it with the list of above-mentioned documents to the concerned officials to apply for a new electricity connection. 

Step 3: Fill-Out the Application Form Online

In case the applicant wishes to submit the online application, they must upload the scanned copies of the required documents [as mentioned on the online portal]. The process is the same for both residential and commercial application. However, industrial applicants will need to upload additional documents [as mentioned above]. 

Once you have uploaded all the documents, your application is ready to be submitted for a new electricity meter connection on the online portal.

Step 4: Verification by the Local Supplier 

After you have submitted the application, the local power supply company will verify your documents by issuing a Demand Notice. 

Note: In case the documents are not missing or fake, the application for new electricity meter connection will be rejected immediately.

Step 5: Follow Up on Demand Notice

Once you have received the Demand Notice, you need to pay it in the designated bank. After paying, send the receiving or paid copy to the concerned office.

After verifying the payment of Demand Notice, your local supplier company will install a new connection at your property. 

Now, you have a clearer understanding of how to acquire a new electricity connection. We will give you an overview of the electricity companies in Pakistan that function under Pakistan Electricity Power Company (PEPCO).

Electricity Companies in Pakistan 

Man fixing an electrical wire
Most electricity companies in Pakistan are owned by the government

Electricity connection in most regions of Pakistan is provided by a government-owned department named DISCO that falls under the jurisdiction of PEPCO. Before we move any further, here’s a list of the electric supply companies in Pakistan that are owned by PEPCO:

  • FESCO: Faisalabad Electric Supply Company
  • GEPCO: Gujranwala Electric Supply Company
  • HESCO: Hyderabad Electric Supply Company
  • IESCO: Islamabad Electric Supply Company
  • LESCO: Lahore Electric Supply Company
  • MEPCO: Multan Electric Supply Company
  • PESCO: Peshawar Electric Supply Company
  • QESCO: Quetta Electric Supply Company
  • SEPCO: Sukkur Electric Supply Company
  • TESCO: Tribal Electric Supply Company

The above-mentioned distribution companies source electricity from PEPCO and Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Afterwards, they supply it to their respective cities and customers in different parts of the country. Some noteworthy cities that acquire electricity from the companies mentioned above are Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sukkur, Quetta, and Hyderabad. 

This is where we will end our detailed piece on how to apply for a new electricity connection in Pakistan. We have covered all the essential information that you will need for the application of a new electricity meter connection.

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