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We have recently discussed the procedure of applying for a driving licence in Sindh and Punjab, where we had listed everything from step-by-step guide and essential documents to charges and application duration. This time around, we will explain everything associated with a driving licence in KPK. 

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, quite recently, introduced a central licence issuance system to reduce the increasing scammers obtaining and issuing fake licences. Meanwhile, Peshawar has been marked as the centre for issuance of driving licence in the province. 

Keep reading this blog as we disclose the latest information on driving licence in KPK! 

Applying for a Driving Licence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 

Driving Licence Services offered in KPK
Following are the services offered by the driving licence office in KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is dotted with driving licence renewal offices. However, the process of obtaining a new driving licence is only conducted at the central office in Peshawar. This helps them keep fake driving IDs in check and control. There is a total of four types of services that are offered by the driving licence office in Peshawar, they are as follows: 

  • Learner’s Permit 
  • Permanent Licence 
  • Licence Renewal 
  • Duplicate Licence

We have put together a guide which includes the requirements, age limits, and the procedure of filing for each of these services. Let’s take a look at each of these in detail. 

Learner’s Permit 

Obtaining a Learner's Driving Licence in KPK
The procedure for obtaining a learner’s permit in KPK

In order to obtain a permanent driving licence, the driver has to first get a learner’s permit and complete the term necessary before filing for a permanent licence.

If you’re applying for the learner’s permit, you need the following documents: 

  • A copy of applicant’s CNIC 
  • Signed medical form by an authorised practitioner 
  • Fee deposit slip

Here’s the procedure for obtaining a learner’s permit: 

  • Step 1: Once the applicant has the above-mentioned documents, they need to visit the licence centre. 
  • Step 2: The applicant will need to fill a form consisting of their name, CNIC number, type of licence, date of birth, father’s name, present address, etc.
    (Note: Some popular types of licence include motor car, motorcycle, LTV, and HTV) 
  • Step 3: The applicant will be needed to take a medical examination, for basic height, weight, blood group, and eyesight. 
  • Step 4: For the driving licence procedure, the candidate will be required to get a picture taken on spot. 
  • Step 5: The candidate will be expected to verify all the details that are being provided to the concerned official. 
  • Step 6: The learning licence will then be printed once the verification process is completed. 

Learner’s Driving Licence Fees: PKR 125 to PKR 250

Permanent Licence 

Obtaining a permanent licence in KPK
The procedure for obtaining a permanent licence in KPK

Once you get your learner’s driving licence issued, you have to wait for at least 42 days before applying for a permanent licence. In order to obtain a permanent licence, you will have to pass a test once the 42-day period has passed. Following are the documents that you will require when applying for a fresh licence issuance:  

  • Copy of valid CNIC 
  • Original learner’s permit 
  • Medical form with their application 
  • Deposit slip 
  • Signed test page [confirming that the applicant has cleared all formalities]

The procedure for obtaining a permanent permit in KPK is mentioned below:

  • Step 1: The applicant must visit the licence centre and register themselves for a driving test.
  • Step 2: The applicant will be required to pass a medical examination, and fill the required driving licence forms. 
  • Step 3: The applicant will then be given a printed page containing the date, time, and location of the driving test. 
  • Step 4: Once the test has been conducted, the applicant will be required to go through a biometric and signature verification process at the licence centre. 
  • Step 5: The applicant will receive a receipt that will contain the date when the driving permit can be collected. 

Procedural Fees for Permanent Driving Licence in KPK: PKR 600 to PKR 1200. 

Note: The charges for the test are not included in the above-mentioned fee. 

Licence Renewal

Driving licences in Pakistan are valid for 3-5 years. The licence holders must apply for the driving licence renewal process if they wish to continue driving after the expiry date. 

Here is everything you will need when applying for licence renewal in KPK: 

  • Copy of CNIC 
  • Valid medical form 
  • Expired licence 
  • Paid copy of deposit slip 

The following is the procedure for renewing a driving licence:

  • The applicant must submit the driving licence form, making sure all information is correct and completely filled.
  • Attach all required documents with the form, at the licence centre.  

Duplicate Licence 

Just like any other piece of document, driving licences can go missing or stolen. In such cases, the licence holder is required to get a duplicate licence issued against their name from the licence centre. 

Here are all the documents you will require in order to get a duplicate licence: 

  • A copy of CNIC
  • Legal stamp papers 
  • An FIR of the licence being lost or stolen 
  • Receiving of deposit slip 

The procedure for getting a duplicate licence issued is as follow: 

  • The applicant needs to fill a form for the issuance of a duplicate licence 
  • The applicant must submit the form and the required documents at the centre to get a driving permit. 

In addition to the major four services listed above, the licence centre in KPK also provides minor services such as licence authentication, driving licence verification, etc. In this blog, we have given you the complete information that you will require when you apply for a driving licence.

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