Chance For Every Pakistani Citizens to Contact Prime Minister Imran Khan via Telephone

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Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke regularly at the gathering that he will take a look into the issues of the Nation and address them through live television segments – but interacting with civilians through a telephone call was new and interesting. This assured the public that their Prime Minister is concerned and wants to resolve their issues. 

Although the time to contact Prime Minister Imran Khan has passed, this blog focuses on how did the public respond to this opportunity and what important issues were discussed during the live call session. 

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About Contact Prime Minister Imran Khan Opportunity 

Prime Minister Imran Khan will interact with the Nation via telephone
Prime Minister Imran Khan will look into the public’s problem
Credit: taken from Facebook’s official page.

On 31st January 2021, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced via his tweet that he will be available for a public dialogue on the evening of next day. These calls were broadcast live on television and it was moderated by Senator Faisal Javed Khan. The premier said in this tweet, “Tomorrow evening at 4:00 PM, Prime Minister Imran Khan will have a telephonic conversation with the public”. 

The contact Prime Minister Imran Khan via telephone opportunity was made available on Monday, 1st February 2021. The call was broadcasted to the whole nation which started around 4:00 PM and lasted for 1 hour 40 minutes.

The number provided for the one-day contact Prime Minister Imran Khan scheme was ‘051-9210809’. 

The Prime Minister requested the public to “Be Patient” as he promised them that he will focus on the issues presented to him through telephone calls. 

In the very beginning, Prime Minister Imran Khan even took an oath in his inaugural speech at the parliament, “Twice every month, I will answer to the people during the question-answer session in the assembly.” 

It was later included in “Prime Minister’s Question Hour session”. This made clear that the PM will continue these live call sessions in months to come. 

Biggest Problems Identified during Live Call

The Prime Minister had a detailed discussion on the topics raised by civilians during the call. These topics included:


For the first time in history, the PM talked with a civilian via live telephone call. The issue presented to him was about the promise to turn Pakistan into an exemplary state such as ‘Riyasat-e- Madina’ –  a well-known model of welfare state. 

The Prime Minister answered that he still believes in the idea of the welfare state. Here are some answers he gave during the live call.

  • According to him: Riyasat-e-Madina is based on the principles of the Modern era. He added that he has endorsed the concept of turning Pakistan into a welfare state, but people have discouraged him in every step for achieving the idea. 
  • Solution: The Prime Minister assured the caller that he will not turn back from his promise of creating Pakistan as an independent welfare state and a great nation. 

Gilgit Baltistan Issue

The next caller addressed the Prime Minister about issues faced in Gilgit Baltistan. The caller reminded the Prime Minister Imran Khan that Gilgit Baltistan has become part of CPEC project, and it is still underdeveloped. The caller also added that there are constant electricity problems within the region. 

This is how the PM responded to this issue:

  • The Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to the caller that it is impossible to turn Gilgit Baltistan into a metropolitan city, but he will surely make it as a tourist hub.
  • He stated that he would call a meeting and speak to the Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan for inauguration of the tourism industry in the region.
  • Solution: The Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to resolve the power crisis. He mentioned that he will build a grid station very soon. It will take time, but he is already starting the project under the contract of CPEC.

Problems in Balochistan

Another caller was from Turbat and presented the problem related to Balochistan. It is becoming hard for them to work on the developments with limited resources. The Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to the caller’s question with the following answer:

  • The Prime Minister answered that Balochistan is a large province in Pakistan with a small-scale population.
  • Solution: For reassurance, the Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government introduced development packages. It will improve economic growth in Balochistan

Low-Cost Housing Scheme

The next caller addressed problems to the premier and reminded that he promised to present a housing scheme for homeless people. As per the PM, 

  • There were some problems regarding the loan, and housing projects were immediately stopped. The banks will help to provide loans for the construction of houses or buying a property. The Prime Minister personally met owners of banks and solved the problems related to issuing loans for the housing domain. He further added that no country has provided the public with housing facilities. For comparison, he gave the example of England that 80 percent of the population take loans from the bank to construct houses, and in Pakistan- only 0.02 percent Pakistanis take loans from the banks.
  • Solution: The Government of PTI will be providing a subsidy of PKR 300,000 per yard to the houses included in the housing scheme.

Vaccine for Coronavirus

In response to all the questions raised, especially to COVID-related queries, the Prime Minister answered that the first shipment of vaccine has arrived from China in Pakistan. He included that the frontline healthcare workers are first to get the vaccine, and then for those who are suffering from health conditions. 

Solution: He further added that there will be no socio-economic status attached for vaccination. Everyone will get a cure against the coronavirus.

Message to the Nation

The Prime Minister Imran Khan informed the public that when he was elected, the whole country was in the depth of economic crisis. He gave hope to the nation that the PTI government will try to improve the country’s economy, but it requires patience as it will take time for Pakistan to become a ‘Developed Country’.

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