Understanding the Types of Real Estate Properties in Pakistan

Types of Real Estate Properties:
Residential Properties 
Commercial Properties 
Industrial Properties 
Agricultural Properties
Government Properties

Investing in Pakistan’s real estate market means you’ve to understand its every angle from the strategy of profitable investment to the basic types of the real estate properties. So, we have put together this guide to help you gain an insight into how the industry moves and what are your options for buying and renting. 

Let’s begin!

Types of Real Estate Properties in Pakistan 

Pakistan’s real estate market has a number of property types that you can choose from when you think about making a real estate investment. Some of the most basic real estate properties available in Pakistan are listed below: 

  • Plots 
  • Residential Properties 
  • Commercial Properties 
  • Industrial Properties 
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Government Properties


Vacant lands in Pakistan
Vacant lands are one of the most common form of real estate in Pakistan

Plots are pieces of vacant lands that people have ownership rights over. It is one of the most commonly dealt with property types in the real estate markets. 

There are various types of plots and they can be used for various purposes including agricultural, residential, and commercial. It can serve as a great source of income. However, the usage of the vacant land that you own also largely depends on the local laws and zoning restrictions of the area. 

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Residential Properties 

Residential property
High rise buildings are a recent form of residential property

Residential properties in Pakistan come in various forms. It can be rented and bought depending on your finances. It is preferred by both investors and homebuyers in the country. Since it is an easy way to earn profits, investors should know the right strategy and deploy it to gain an edge over market competitors. 

Speaking of which, some of the commonly used investment strategies in residential properties are resale after rehabilitation and buy-to-let which can generate rental income. 

Coming back to where we left-off, there are four types of residential properties available in Pakistan including: 

  • Apartments: Flats or apartments are projects that feature several residential units in a compound or building. You can buy or rent apartments based on your own finances. High rise buildings are a new development in Pakistan’s real estate market, however, with the rapid shift, finding apartments in the big cities is no longer an extremely difficult task. If you’re looking for apartments in Karachi, Lahore, or other big cities, you might want to consider well-known projects to get better maintenance and quality of living. 
  • Houses: A residential unit comprising single or double storey is the most common type of property used in Pakistan for accomodation. Currently, buying a house in urban centres such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad is considered as an ultimate luxury. Not to mention, the investment required for buying a house is comparatively higher. However, if you have the finances, it is advisable to invest in a house – the spectrum of customisation in a house is quite vivid than an apartment. 
  • Vacation homes: It is, comparatively, a new concept in Pakistan’s real estate world. As the name suggests, this property is only occupied by the owners during their vacation. It is also rented  when they aren’t using it themselves. The maintenance of these properties can be a bit costly, but it makes an annual vacation a lot economical and easier. 
  • Cooperative Housing Schemes: This is a very different type of property ownership. When you buy a property in a cooperative housing scheme, you become a shareholder with the actual owners of the property that is occupied in the scheme. This gives you right over a residential unit as per the agreement. If you’re considering investment in cooperative housing schemes, some examples are Cutchi Memon CHS, PECHS Karachi, PECHS Islamabad, etc.  

Commercial Properties 

Commercial Property
Commercial properties are strictly built for businesses across the globe

Unlike residential properties, commercial real estate properties are strictly constructed for business activities. Whether it is a large shopping complex, or a small shop – if the property is being used to generate income, it falls under the category of commercial property. There are various types of commercial properties available in Pakistan’s real estate market. Shopping malls, departmental stores, entertainment hubs, hotels, restaurants, theatres, and offices to name a few. 

Considering the robusting number of commercial zones in the country, it is safe to say that commercial properties are one of the most common types of real estate properties in Pakistan. 

Industrial Properties 

Industrial Properties
Common forms of industrial properties include factories, power plants, & warehouses

Next on our list of types of real estate properties in Pakistan is industrial properties. 

Industrial real estate is essentially used for the process of manufacturing, packing, or storing goods. In addition to producing and manufacturing goods, industrial properties can also be used as a distribution network of goods, this helps it stay closely aligned to the agricultural unit. 

Even though  industrial and commercial properties are used for generating income, there are still key defining features that set these two apart. These features include zoning laws, construction permits, and business scale. Furthermore, the industrial properties can be in the form of a plot/vacant land or in the form of buildings. Some of the most common forms of industrial properties include factories, power plants, and warehouses.

Agricultural Properties 

Pakistan’s economy depends largely on the product from the agricultural sector. It makes agricultural properties one of the most demanded and fruitful types of investment in Pakistan. Even though agricultural properties are a subdivision of commercial properties in one way or another, there are various occasions when the definition of agricultural properties may differ from this. 

Agricultural properties are more commonly found in the rural areas of Pakistan and are often used to produce crops or plants. Some farmers use their land for livestock rearing as well. Here’re the sub categories of agricultural properties: 

  • Cultivation Farm 
  • Ranch 
  • Forests 
  • Orchard 

Government Real Estate Properties 

Government properties
Government properties are often allotted to religious institutions

If you’ve ever looked at mosques, schools, public parks and wondered who owns the land beneath these structures – then wonder no more. 

These properties are more commonly known as the state-owned or government properties. Some of them can be private properties gifted to the public and organisations for welfare too, but most of them are owned by the government for educational institutions, religious centres, libraries, cemeteries, and etc. 

In a Nutshell… 

Considering the options and types of real estate properties available in Pakistan [that we’ve discussed above], the probability of earning a profit highly depends on the decisions you make as an investor or homebuyer. Let’s say you’ve bought a residential property that isn’t in good condition, but it was a good bargain for the asking price. Now, you put it on market for rent without any upgradation – the chances of getting a tenant on your desired price will decline majorly. Comparatively, if you develop an investment strategy by doing a few upgrades and renovations. The house is more likely to be occupied quickly. 

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