Things to Know About Property Installment Plans

Tips for Buying Property on Installments:
Do Your Research
Pick a Suitable Location
Check Legal Issues
Check Ballot Updates
Play by the Rules

Considering real estate investment, but falling short on finances? Well, we have previously shared a list of banks providing home loans in Pakistan, where mentioned that a great number of investors prefer house-financing for buying their first home. If you’re still looking for more options, We have compiled some tips for buying a property on installments basis in Pakistan. 

Let’s begin!  

Checklist for Buying a Property on Installment Plan

We had previously shared a post on some considerations of selling a house in Pakistan, where mentioned that selling a property is just as hard as buying a new one. Since property investment is considered as a lucrative investment in the country, property investors can avail various options for financing their purchase. One such option is buying a property on installments – this lets buyers own property without the added burden of making immediate payments, whether the investor chooses to buy an apartment on installment or buy a house on installment.  

Here are some tips for buying property on installments

  • Extensive Research 
  • Choose a Location Wisely 
  • Check for any Legal Issues 
  • Keep a Check on Ballot Updates & Announcements 
  • Follow all the Rules 

Extensive Research 

Conduct Extensive Research
You should research about the property you want to buy on installments

The golden rule of property investment in Pakistan is to conduct an extensive amount of research before hitting the market. Take a close look at the local real estate market and find out the average prices of the property that interests you. 

Whether you want to buy a flat on installment, or a house, having an idea of property rates is extremely important. Quite naturally, you don’t want to spend more than the actual market price. Various real estate projects in Pakistan are available on affordable payment plans. All you need to do is consider the type of property you are interested in, along with your budget. 

If you find a property that you think is a little out of your budget, you can always consider buying property through a bank. Now, you can reach out to property installment banks, and devise a payment plan that suits you best. 

Choose a Location Wisely 

One of the most common mistakes that investors make is picking a location that doesn’t have a strong resale value. While the property might appear as your dream house, compromising on location is not something you can afford when you’re thinking of buying property on an installment basis. 

Find a property that is located near well-known projects or link roads to maintain its property value. Some projects may have amazing property installment plans that might entice you, but if the project doesn’t have a strong property value – the investment is pointless. 

There has been a considerable increase in property encroachment operations against illegal housing schemes – a number of well-known projects have been subjected to this cruel fate. It is important that you take into consideration the legal formalities and issues that may come with the property you are interested in. 

Make sure you run a thorough background check on the property to make a sound decision about property. We covered some of the common property scams you might encounter when looking for an investment opportunity, read all about it to be more vigilant when looking for your dream house. 

Keep a Check on Ballot Updates & Announcements 

Amongst considerations of buying a property on installment, it is important that you must stay updated about payment plan announcements or ballot updates. Ballots are held every few months for most projects in Pakistan. The process of balloting is where investors of the project are given waivers and offers. 

These events might land you the possession of your preferred property. While it seems like a great opportunity, you can only avail it if you are vigilant about the updates on your desired projects. 

Follow All the Rules 

Play by the rules
One major rule is to never miss your installment deadlines

There are a few rules, laws, and guidelines for seamless real estate investment. If you’re availing an installment plan when buying a property, it is essential that you keep a record of every single payment that you make. When you find a project you are interested in, get in touch with the developers or visit their site offices in order to completely understand the whole process. Attain all documents for record keeping, since it is the most important thing when dealing in the property market. 

Most payment plans have a down payment that you need to pay once, which is usually 15% of the total property value.  The remaining amount is then divided monthly, biannually, or annually [depending on the installment plan]. 

When playing by the rules; you would be expected to meet all payment deadlines. 

In this blog we have listed some of the most useful tips that you might need when you are thinking of buying a property on installment. We hope that the information was useful and it would aid you in making smart property investment decisions. 

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