All You Need to Know About the Punjab Tourism App

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Pakistan’s tourism industry has witnessed recent developments to make the landscape, rich and diversified culture, and historical heritage accessible for everyone. Out of many such schemes, Punjab Tourism App has gained massive popularity in a very short time.

With a number of defining features that makes travelling easier for the local audience, the application has completely transformed the way we get around the province. For your convenience, we have compiled a complete overview of the new Punjab Tourism App. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

More About the Punjab Tourism App

Punjab Tourism App & More
All you need to know about the punjab tourism app

On 27th September 2020, CM Buzdar inaugurated the “Tourism Punjab Application” which is closely integrated with DTS System to provide a user-friendly interface. The application has a number of available facilities that the user can choose from including nearby restaurants, famous tourist spots, and hotels. 

The application is absolutely free and it is used by a large group of people to get around in different cities without any hassle. The application was only designed for the Android system and it is available on Google Play Store. It takes a minute or two to completely set up your account and start using the application without disruption.  

Registering for the Punjab Tourism Application 

In order to benefit from the application, navigate to Google Play Store and install the application on your phone. Once you have the application installed and running, the homepage of the application would provide you with three different log-in options which include: 

  • Log in using your Facebook account
  • Log in using your Gmail account 
  • Log in as a guest account 

The first two options will require you to provide your contact number and a valid CNIC number, before signing you up. If you choose to sign in as a guest, you will only be able to browse through a few options. Not to mention, the guest account limits you from making any bookings. 

What the Application Offers

Punjab tourism application comprises various sections. However, we have mentioned the important ones below: 

  • Destinations: Want to plan a perfect trip to Punjab? Use the destinations tab and browse through 36 different districts and cities to choose the perfect location for your travel plan. The interface of the application lets users choose from various tourism cities in Punjab, along with the type of place they would like to visit. These types are divided into historical, cultural, religious, recreational, and others. 
  • Nearby attractions: The nearby attractions tab will help users find the nearest hotspot while they are in the city. The interface is integrated with Google Maps which provides accurate suggestions. The tab is also divided into historical, cultural, religious, recreational and others categories to make browsing for the right place easier. This function will help you find everything – whether it is a famous Pakistan historical place, or if you need hotel and restaurants details. 
  • General Searches: With the general search function, you can easily search for a specific location by entering it in the search bar or browse through some of the suggested places. This doesn’t require you to select a category or a district to provide results – all you need to do is put in the name of the place you are interested in visiting. 

Additional Features of the Tourism Application 

In addition to the major functions mentioned above, there are 5 different features that come with the Punjab tourism app: 

  • Tour Guides
  • Travel Agencies 
  • Restaurants List 
  • Hotels list 
  • Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) resorts 

There are various listings for restaurants, hotels, and TDCP resorts on the app already. Whereas the tour guide and travel agency feature are yet to become functional. 

All in all, the Punjab Tourism Application is a defining turn in the history of Pakistan’s tourism industry. The application provides not only travellers with the ease of making bookings and browsing for hotspots on the go, but it also integrates businesses, travel agencies, and a lot more into one single interface. 

If you still have confusions left, and would like to get in depth answers about the application you can contact the officials at the following details: 

  • Address: 68 Trade Block, Near Ayub Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore 
  • Phone: +92 (42) 111-111-042
  • Email: 
  • Timings: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm 

In this blog, we have provided a complete overview of the Punjab Tourism App: whether you want to visit Punjab to enjoy the cultural heritage, or if you want to explore natural landscapes, Punjab Tourism App is going to help you through and through. 

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