PTA’s New Tax for Mobile Phones in Pakistan 2022

As an aftereffect of the mini budget January 2022, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) revised its tax rates. Meanwhile, it notified the media with its revised new tax for mobile phones in Pakistan 2022. The surprised netizens have come up against the new tax rate. As a matter of fact, the rate is adjusted at a General Sale Tax of 17% on new mobile phones. According to the masses, smart phones and telecommunication equipment has become a necessity of daily life. Meanwhile, applying so much tax will be making this equipment practically unattainable to a common man of Pakistan.

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As a matter of fact, the new taxes are almost double to that of the previous ones. New tax for mobile phones in Pakistan 2022 is shared below; RangeOld TaxNew Tax
1100 – 200 US$PKR 11,500PKR 25,000
2201 – 350 US$PKR 16,500PKR 49,000
3351 – 500 US$PKR 28,800PKR 68,500
4Above 500 US$PKR 46,500PKR 85,500
Courtesy Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

At an estimation, a total of PKR 350 billion has been raised in the new mini budget. Meanwhile, one-tenth of this revenue will be borne by the telecommunication sector. The mini budget shared in January; the government has implemented a new tax for mobile phones in Pakistan 2022. 

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