National Freelance Training Program – Develop Skills for a Bright Future

Education, learning, and growing have no boundaries; however, it evolves the person to become better. Besides, our country, Pakistan, brings various opportunities for its youth to specialise in their skills. Moreover, the National Training Program for freelancers is the biggest initiative taken by the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication (MoITT) to empower the younger generation. Similarly, higher knowledge and a command of the skills can help the country achieve sustainable economic growth.

On the contrary, Pakistan also enables students to participate in the Fulbright scholarship USA program. Through which students can acquire postgraduate degrees, including masters and PhD. Moreover, the Federal Government of Pakistan launched the Ehsaas Program, which provides support to unprivileged citizens of the country. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about NFTP program. So, let’s find out what it has to offer.

Overview of the National Freelance Training Program

Logos of digital resources
A training program that enables you to earn digitally with your smart skills. 

The National freelance training program’s objective is to provide modern training and skills to the youth in all the provinces of Pakistan. In addition, the program is designed to eradicate all gender biases by encouraging women to participate. The idea of the training program revolves around gender equality and women empowerment. However, such a vital concept in learning is the country’s step toward prosperity.

Additionally, it has been 3 years since the leading-edge training program has empowered 21,600 individuals. Further, the NFTP produces 3 batches each year for which the course duration is 3.5 months. Indeed, the training program offers the most valuable courses taught by experts in their fields. Hence, the training helps individuals gain the knowledge and skills to earn from online platforms. Also, read about the Clean Green Program of Pakistan, which is helping the environment improve against global warming.

The Objective of the Freelance Training Program

  • To provide quality training to the youth of Pakistan through the state-of-the-art centres.
  • To empower the women of today’s generation by working shoulder-to-shoulder with men through internet-based freelancing.
  • All activities, including registration of students and certification, are strictly distributed on a merit basis and inclusive for all.
  • The program aims to merge the skills of different individuals and facilitate the building of Public Universities & Institutes.

List of NFTP Online Freelancing Courses

There are various freelancing courses in Pakistan that help the youth to establish an online business profile. Besides, the NFTP is focusing on these 3 main domains including;

  • Technical Development
  • Creative Designing
  • Content Marketing and Advertising

Technical Development

Coding screen
This IT field will open gates of opportunity for you in the future.

The technical development freelance course provides the skill in web development and programming. In addition, mastering languages like HTML 5, JavaScript, and PHP, a person can develop a responsive website. Further, the course includes web designing, WordPress, MySQL, domain, and hosting of the site. Likewise, these skill sets are essential in the modern world, and by learning them, a person can provide their services on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. 

Creative Designing

Girl doing graphic designing in laptop
You can earn a lot through graphic designing in this digital world.

The creative course is offered by the industry’s skilful trainers and graphic designers. Moreover, the course benefits in obtaining creative skills by working on software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Coreldraw. To illustrate, the primary learning starts from graphic designing, banner designing, and logo designing. After that, the advanced level includes UI/UX design, books, eBooks design, and corporate identity kit design. 

Content Marketing and Advertising

Content Writing is one of the National Freelance Training Programs.
You can learn a complete content analysis in this program. 

The non-technical course in content marketing helps in targeting the era of digital media. Likewise, the right choice of tools may help in promoting the content and understanding of social media strategies. Further, the course includes; content writing, proposal writing, digital marketing, social media marketing, internet research, virtual assistance, email marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and SEO.

How to apply for the National Freelance Training Program?

1: Visit the online application portal on NFTP’s website ( and fill out the online form.

2: If you have completed 14 years of education, then select the degree and name of the institute from the list or if you are a student at university, mention your degree, semester, and CGPA for further processing.  

3: Select the domain.

4: Take the online test based on your domain. After completing the test, submit it on the portal. 

5: The shortlisted student will be informed through Email or SMS.

6: Payment of registration fee and submission of online documents including (degree, CNIC, and passport size picture) for verification. 

7: Applicants are required to visit the centre for physical verification of documents.

8: Once all the above steps are done, applicants will be enrolled in the National Freelance Training Program.

National Freelance Training Program Centres in Pakistan

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You may find many locations to benefit from this great initiative.

The NFTP centres are divided across the nation. Here is the list of centres located in the different regions and their main campuses.


  • Mehran UET, Jamshoro
  • University of Karachi
  • NED University, Karachi
  • QUEST, Nawabshah
  • IBA, Sukkur


  • National Textile University, Faisalabad
  • University of Education, Lahore
  • University of Education, Multan
  • PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
  • The Islamia University, Bahawalpur


  • Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, Khuzdar
  • Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water, and Marine Sciences
  • University of Balochistan, Quetta
  • Turbat University, Turbat


  • Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar
  • University of Engineering & Technology Mardan
  • University of Malakand


  • Karakoram International University, Gilgit


  • University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad


  • International Islamic University, Islamabad

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This is a detailed review of the national freelancing training program. However, the situation of Covid-19 has brought a lot of misfortunes like unemployment and many other things. From this, we can understand how important it is to grab a skill that can help you on your own without any fear of unemployment. Nonetheless, by utilising these skills, you can sell your services online, and moreover, you can earn within the premises of your houses. There is no better time to grasp the skills and be the better version of yourself. 

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