Capital Development Authority Rehabilitates Roads Across Islamabad

Islamabad: The Capital City Development Authority (CDA) is planning to initiate projects worth up to PKR 100 billion for economic and infrastructure development in the capital city of Pakistan. The projects are followed by various support schemes and are aimed at revitalizing the construction sector, as per the report revealed by CDA. 

A major part of the project will begin from carpeting roads to rehabilitate the city. As the project states, the roads located in Sectors I-8, I-9, I-10, I-11, I-14, G, and H sub-sectors will be carpeted. 

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Looking into the progress of the project, the civic agency has carried out 10 percent of work development in Sector I-11, box 4 successfully while 20 percent of work on the drainage system in the same sector, along with the street number 32 is nearing its completion.

Furthermore, if the project proved to be successful, there would be more elaboration and facilities, which would then be developed in Islamabad.

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Moving forward, the infrastructure of Sector I-14 is also going through restoration, improvement, and development with 90 percent of the work on the drainage system has successfully finished. 

On the other hand, development work and road carpeting in Sector I and H has been completed as well. The reports also state that 75 streets had been repaired in Sector I-10 as well. 

He also mentioned that the civic agency suffered terrible economic loss as investors hesitated from funding in real estate projects. he also revealed that the government’s policy to elaboration the construction sector will also enhance CDA’s profit in the coming years.