CDA Launches Light Up Islamabad Campaign

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority of Islamabad has recently launched ‘Light-Up Islamabad Campaign’ to restore the original glory of the Federal Capital of Pakistan.  

The newly-launched developmental drive in Islamabad [that is focused on the infrastructure development and resolving the issues of the city] is chaired by Member Finance CDA Rana Shakeel.

Commenting on the mobile application for the campaign, the official said that citizens are welcomed to put their suggestions and feedback for the well-being of the capital city via the mobile application of Light-Up Islamabad Campaign. 

He further added that the concerns of the residents regarding water supply, sanitisation, road maintenance, street lights, and overall infrastructure will be addressed via Light-Up Islamabad Campaign. 

“Understanding the rising issues and concerns of the citizens, the Federal Government of Pakistan has decided to transform four major directorates of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) under the administrative control of CDA to ensure smooth and effective service delivery in the city and to ease the difficulties being faced by the citizens,” the official said. 

Environment Wing, Sanitation and City Sewerage, Water Supply and Sewerage Development and their engineering wing, and Machinery Pool Organization (MPO) are the mentioned directorates in the announcement.

“The improvements will be visible in a few weeks as the task forces and directorates have been formed and assigned to carry out the work at a fast pace”, he said.

The official also said that the campaign will be carried out with the joint efforts of the citizens and state departments. He sought the assistance of the residents to make the campaign successful. 

Furthermore, CDA spokesperson Mazhar Hussain said that the chairman of the drive has chalked out a comprehensive plan for rapid improvement in the city. Security camera installation in the city, removing wild bushes, and rank vegetation across the city are some of the highlights of the campaign. 

The authority is developing a proper procedure to exterminate and penalise littering by motorcyclists on the road. In this regard, Sanitation Directorate capacity is being enhanced while the tender to acquire around 100 large garbage containers and 500 trash trolleys has been proposed. 

Moving forward, the Engineering Wing is mainly responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the major arteries and service roads. On the other hand, the jogging tracks in parks will be renewed. And, the street lights will be made functional by clearing the dues.

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