CDA Approves Rawat-Bhara Kahu Road Project in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has reportedly awarded the contract for designing, aligning and surveying the Rawat-Bhara Kahu bypass on 18th September 2020.

A meeting was held by the CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed, who approved the contract for the proposed Rawat-Bhara Kahu bypass. It was also reported that the project will be followed through by the military’s Engineer-in-Chief Branch.

As per the proposal, the Rawa-Bhara Kahu Road is 30 to 40 km long, and 600 feet wide. The southern bypass will be starting from Rawat and join Murree Road near Bhara Kahu. It will cross over the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), the Nilor and Tumair areas of Zone IV and V.

For the next three months, the Engineer-in-Chief branch of military will be responsible for decision making for the project’s alignment, design, and survey. The PKR 10 million contract was reportedly handed over to the E&C by the CDA due to its government status and their expertise in road work.
The Rawat-Bhara Kahu bypass is expected to reduce the traffic from the major roads in Islamabad, making traveling much more convenient and comfortable.

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