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DC Inverter Vs Non-Inverter AC
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Summer is here and it’s at its peak! This unforgiving weather is turning our comfortable homes into an intolerable sauna! 

To make our homes bearable, we turn towards our Air Conditioning units, guaranteed to make our home a cool haven. But what happens, when even they fail to work? But how? They were supposed to be the best!

This usually happens when you take a salesperson’s word for it.  To avoid such a scam, it’s necessary to do your homework before buying an Air Conditioner.

To help you out, we have prepared a buying guide, so that you can make an informed decision next time. We have mentioned all the details one must check before buying the best inverter AC in Pakistan, as well as mentioning the inverter AC price in Pakistan.

One way of bringing down your electricity bills this summer is to use inverter ACs, however there are many other ways to cool your home without using ACs, one of such methods is to use a room cooler

DC Inverter Vs Non-Inverter AC: The Differences

Inverter AC
The differences between an inverter AC and a non-inverter AC stem from the varying compressor efficiency

There are more than a few differences between an inverter and a non-inverter AC, mainly their compressor efficiency, energy consumption, performance and cost. Let’s discuss these in more detail.

Compressor Efficiency

Compressor is the most integral part of an air conditioning unit. It compresses the refrigerant gas, which in turn creates the cool air used to lower the temperature of the room. 

The non-inverter AC works at a set efficiency. It cools the room to a certain temperature, and once it reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops working. Once the temperature starts to rise, the compressor starts working again. The compressor in an inverter AC works at variable speed. Once the temperature of the room drops down to a set level the compressor instead of stopping, it just works at a lower speed.  

Energy Consumption

One of the most integral differences between the two types of AC is the energy each one consumes. The two types consume different levels of energy, and the reason lies in their compressor efficiency. 

As mentioned above, the compressor of a non-inverter AC either works at full capacity or does not work at all, thus it consumes more energy. An inverter AC on the other hand works at variable speed, and does not need to restart again and again, due to which it consumes less energy.  

While a DC  inverter air conditioner already brings the energy consumption down by a great deal, there is a way to bring it down further. Just three words, Solar Panel ACs. There are inverter ACs that can be supported by solar panels, however, they can only be used during the daylight, unless you can store the converted energy. 


Compressor efficiency of an inverter AC gives it an edge over a non-inverter AC in almost every aspect. 

As the compressor of a DC inverter AC works at varying speed, it allows the AC to maintain the temperature of the room to the desired one. On the other hand a non-inverter AC works only at a certain speed, which lowers its efficiency. 


The compressor of a non-inverter AC needs to restart often, due to which the machine of a non-inverter AC makes more noise as compared to an inverter AC unit. 


While being shown an AC, if you ask for a cheaper AC, you will be taken towards a non-inverter AC, with almost all the needed specification, and you might feel like you won. However, in the long run, an inverter AC unit is actually much lighter on your wallet, due to two reasons. 

The machine of a non-inverter AC requires more maintenance, as it constantly undergoes wear and tear, due to its motor compressor restarting frequently. As compared to an inverter AC unit, a non-inverter AC consumes greater energy as its compressor shuts down and restarts again and again.

So, lower maintenance cost and energy consumption are the reasons why the inverter AC feels much lighter in the long run. 

Inverter AC Vs Non-Inverter AC: Pros and Cons

In order to help you make a well informed decision, we have listed down all the pros and cons of both the inverter AC and a non-inverter AC.

Non-Inverter AC

Here are the advantages and disadvantages you will have to benefit from and bear, if you choose a non-inverter AC.

It is cheaper, as compared to an inverter unitMakes more noise
Consumes more energy
Requires more maintenance
Shorter life span

Inverter AC

Let’s list down the pros and cons of an inverter AC

It consumes less energyMore expensive, as compared to a non-inverter AC
The technology used is environment friendlyIf a problem arises, a specialised AC technician has to tend to the unit, which is more expensive
Requires little maintenanceIf the machine is switched on and off constantly, its life span decreases
Longer life span
Less noisy
Operates faster than a non-inverter AC

To better understand the differences between an inverter AC and a Non-inverter AC, read our detailed blog on the topic.

Which One Should You Choose?

Ideal temperature AC
To choose the best inverter AC for your home, you must know some specifications

At a single glance you can tell which Air Conditioner is worth investing in, let us tell you about some of the specifications of a DC inverter AC, which one you must be aware of while searching for an Air Conditioner. These specifications will also make your investment even more worthwhile:

  • Tonnage and Size of the room
  • Saving Percentage
  • DC Compressor 
  • EER Rating
  • Type of Compressor
  • Type of Condenser coil

Let us tell you about these features in a bit more detail, so that you have a better grasp of the best inverter AC in Pakistan you wish to buy.

Tonnage and the Size of the Room

One of the most important things you must keep in mind while buying an AC is the size of the room. The size of the room must be coordinated with the AC capacity or the tonnage of the AC. 

Note: Tonnage of an AC is unrelated to its weight; rather the ton of a unit refers to the amount of heat an air conditioner can expel from a room within an hour.

You can easily find three types of ACs based on their tonnage:

  • 1 Ton Inverter AC
  • 1.5 Ton Inverter AC
  • 2 Ton Inverter AC

Let us now tell you the size of the room that goes with the type of AC

AC CapacitySize of the Room (in Square ft)Size of the Room (in Cubic ft)
1 Ton120 – 160 Up to 1000 
1.5 Ton161 – 2001001 – 2250
2 Ton201 – 260 2251 – 3350

If you install an AC of more tonnage as compared to the size of the room, it will consume unnecessary energy to keep the room cool. Similarly, if you use an AC of smaller tonnage, the desired temperature will be hard to reach, and the compressor will keep running and thus consume more energy.

In both these scenarios, buying an inverter AC would be useless, as the ultimate goal of an inverter AC is to lower the electricity bill. A 1 Ton inverter AC price in Pakistan is lower as compared to models of higher tonnage. 

Saving Percentage

This feature of an air conditioner is dependent on all the other features we will be mentioning later on this blog. DC compressors, EER ratings and type of compressors, all contribute to the saving percentage of an inverter AC. 

The saving percentage of a unit specifies the percent of energy consumption it lowers as compared to a non-inverter AC.

DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Another specification that one must know about before buying an inverter AC is whether it is a DC compressor inverter air conditioner, 3 DC or a 5 DC compressor air conditioner. Let’s tell you about these in more detail.

Note: A DC inverter air conditioner is most commonly called an inverter air conditioner.

Single DC Inverter

It is the most common type of inverter AC in Pakistan. The entire machine has one part (the compressor) which runs on direct current (DC). The rest of the parts run on non-direct current. 

DC Inverter AC saves upto 30% – 40% of energy.

3 DC Inverter

They lower your energy consumption by 60%, thus are preferred over single DC inverter.  

3 components of this machine run on direct current, thus they are the most efficient. These three parts are Compressor, Outdoor Motor and Indoor Motor.

5 DC Inverter

This type of inverter air conditioner consists of 5 parts operating on direct current. These parts are Compressor, Electronic Expansion Valve, Outdoor Motor, Indoor Vane Motor and Indoor Motor. In short, all the parts run on direct current, thus also called full inverter AC. This allows the unit to reach maximum efficiency.  A 5 DC inverter AC price in Pakistan is more than the price of a single DC inverter AC, due to its efficiency. 

They offer the most value in terms of ROI, as their saving percentage is 15 % more as compared to a 3 DC inverter and 25% more than a conventional DC compressor AC. Simply putting it, a full inverter AC lowers your electricity bill by 75%. 

EER Ratings

Energy Efficiency Ratio is a numeric used to compare the cooling capacity of an AC. It is useful for cooling the output to every 1 Watt input of power. For example if the EER rating of an AC is 4, it means that for every Watt of power the AC gives out 4 units of cooling. 

EER ratings of an AC can go as high as 4. The higher the EER rating is, the lower the electricity bill is. Many salespeople use EER rating as a marketing gimmick to confuse buyers, however, if you have done your homework, you can outsmart the salesperson. 

Type of Compressor 

The climate of every zone is different; some areas are generally cold while some areas, near to the equator, are extremely hot.  Thus to cater to the different needs of every zone, there are three types of compressor:  T1, T2 and T3. Each of these compressors work best when in a certain climate.

T1: An AC fitted with the T1 compressor, works best in a moderate climate. The heat pump operates in temperatures ranging from -7 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius. 

T2: The machine with T2 compressor works optimally in a cold climate, in temperatures ranging from -7 degrees to 35 degrees.

T3: The air conditioner with a T3 compressor is perfect for a hot climate, where temperatures go as low as -7 degrees and as high as 51 degrees.

In conclusion, a T3 compressor is the perfect fit for every region, as it pumps heat in temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius, and gives out chilled air in the extreme temperature of 51 degrees Celsius. However, as the functionality of an AC unit increases, so does the price. So before you buy an AC, research the climate of your zone, so you get the best result in the amount you invest.

Type of Condenser Coil

An integral part of an air conditioner is the condenser; its function is to condense (convert) the hot refrigerant gas to a liquid cooler. There are two types of condenser coils, copper and aluminum.

Both these types have a set of different characteristics, such as heat transfer, cost, flexibility, strength and reliability, ease of maintenance and the ability to resist corrosion. 

Let’s see which coil has a better set of characteristics to make a machine the best inverter AC in Pakistan. 

Heat Transfer: The conversion of hot gas into a cool liquid takes place inside the coils, they need to have a high heat transfer coefficient. As compared to aluminum, copper has a higher heat transfer coefficient.

Flexibility: The coil of an AC has to be bent again and again. Aluminum is more flexible as compared to copper, thus the reason thrice as much copper is needed to manufacture a coil of the same size and shape as an aluminum coil. 

Strength and Reliability: If an aluminum coil is damaged, it needs to be replaced, while a copper coil can easily be repaired. 

Ability to resist corrosion: A coil can easily be damaged by corrosion, which also leads to leakage. In comparison to a copper coil, an aluminum coil is much more receptive to corrosion. 

Cost: Copper is priced higher as compared to aluminum.

Smart Air Conditioner

best inverter AC in Pakistan
Setting your AC on the ideal temperature helps you save electricity

Now that you are well aware of the specifications you must look for in an ideal AC, one other feature that will make your purchase even better is if the unit is a smart AC.

Apart from a traditional inverter AC, a smart AC has some cool features that certainly add to your convenience and comfort. Let’s list them down and tell you how exactly they will benefit you.


Imagine you are on your way home after a tiring and exhausting day under the scorching sun, and all you can think of is to lie on your bed in your chilled room, as soon as you get home. Seems like a dream right?

With the help of the geolocation feature of a smart AC, it is possible. As soon as you are at a certain distance away from your home, your AC can be connected to your mobile phone. You can turn it on, set the temperature and come home to an already comfortable and chilled room. 


Smart ACs allow you to easily set schedules. You can set an alarm or turn on your air conditioning unit according to your routines, at a specific temperature, speed and even direction. 

Smart Mode

One of the most useful features of a smart AC is the smart modes. These are the additional modes of an AC that aid in providing you comfort. For example, the comfy mode of your smart AC sets the temperature of your room in accordance with the temperature outside. All you need to do is set the preference of the environment, and it will adjust the modes and temperatures itself. 

Usage Details

Apart from the many features your smart AC has, includes informing you of its usage history. You can clearly see the duration your unit was functional and at what mode it was used. Having all this information would allow you to keep an eye on the electricity bills.

This information, along with the ability of your smart AC to be scheduled, can help you a great deal in bringing the electricity bills. 

What the Ideal Temperature Should Be?

We have told you that an inverter is the best choice for your home and your wallet. In order to help you choose the best DC inverter AC, we have also mentioned the specifications you must look for. 

Let us now answer one of the most commonly asked questions “What should the ideal temperature be?” The most common answer you’ll receive is 26 degree Celsius, based on the grounds that it is quicker to reach and would lower your electricity bills. However, 26 degree Celsius is not a comfortable temperature and you would need to lower it. According to research, 24 degree Celsius is quite a comfortable temperature and takes less time to reach. Setting your AC to 24 is a win-win as it would bring you comfort and keep your electricity bill low as well.  

Best Inverter AC & Their Prices in Pakistan

We have told you all that you need to know before you go buy an inverter air conditioner. Even though you have all the specifications of the AC you desire, you might still get confused. To further help you out, let us tell you the most brands of AC in Pakistan that sell an inverter Air Conditioner:

  • Orient
  • Dawlance
  • Gree
  • PEL
  • Kenwood
  • Haier


Orient is one of the bestselling air conditioner brands in Pakistan at the moment. Let us tell you about three of its most commonly sought after AC models.

Model NameLeader UltronLeader UltronMega
Tonnage and Size of the room1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
Saving Percentage60%80%80%
DC CompressorSingle DCSingle DCSingle DC
EER Rating3.63.63.6
Type of CompressorT3T3T3
Type of Condenser CoilCopperCopperCopper
Price (PKR)66,99987,999133,899

Orient offers 10 years warranty for their compressors , 1 year for their parts and R410A Gas.

You can visit their showrooms or their website to place an order online. 


Dawlance inverter AC
Dawlance has been serving the people of Pakistan with reliable products for a long time
Credits: Dawlance (official website)

As reliable as their motto, Dawlance has been the go-to electronic brand for many years in Pakistan. The brand now serves its loyal customer base by providing them with Air Conditioners of various models. Let’s see some of their models which make their brand one of the top AC brands in Pakistan.

Model NameSprinter 10Mega T3Enercon 45
Tonnage and Size of the room1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
Saving Percentage70%70%60%
DC CompressorSingle DCSingle DCSingle DC
EER Rating3.213.023.00
Type of CompressorT1T3T1
Type of Condenser CoilCopperCopperCopper
Price (PKR)69,70082,500113,800

Dawlance offers 12 years warranty on the Air Conditioner and 4 years PCB card warranty.

You can visit their website to know more information about their various inverter air conditioners.  


New to the Pakistani market, Gree has already made its name known in almost all the households across the country.  The Fairy Series is their bestselling series in inverter air conditioners. 

Tonnage and Size of the room1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
Saving Percentage60%60%60%
DC Compressor3DC3DC3DC
EER Rating3.73.73.7
Type of CompressorT2T2T2
Type of Condenser CoilCopperCopperCopper
Price (PKR)83,500113,000141,500

You can visit the official Gree website to find detailed information. 


Pel inverter AC
PEL electronics offer a wide range of inverter AC
Credits: PEL (official website)

PEL electronics is another one of the most trusted AC brands in Pakistan that offer a wide range of Inverter Air Conditioners. 

Model NamePEL InverterOn FIT Black Air ConditionerPEL InverterOn FIT Arctic Air ConditionerPEL InverterOn FIT Chrome Air Conditioner
Tonnage and Size of the room1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
Saving Percentage60%60%60%
DC Compressor5DC5DC5DC
EER Rating3.73.43.7
Type of CompressorT3T3T3
Type of Condenser CoilCopperCopperCopper
Price (PKR)67,90084,900120,900

PEL Electronics not only offer 10 years compressor warranty, 2 year PCB kit warranty and 1 year warranty on the parts, they also offer home installation, however, they charge extra for it.

You can visit their official website to find out about the products in more detail. 


Kenwood is another trustworthy AC brand in Pakistan, their most commonly sold air conditioner models include:

Model NameECO PlusESMART PlusESMART Plus
Tonnage and Size of the room1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
Saving Percentage75%75%75%
DC CompressorSingle DCSingle DCSingle DC
EER Rating3.73.73.7
Type of CompressorT1T3T3
Type of Condenser CoilCopperCopperCopper
Price (PKR)78,500123,500147,000

The company offers various types of warranty for their models, ranging from 2 years PCB kit warranty to 5 years warranty.

You can visit the Kenwood EStore to purchase some of the best inverter AC in Pakistan. 


Haier inverter AC
Haier is a well reputable AC brand in Pakistan
Credits: Haier (official website)

Haier offers a number of products in their product line.

Model Name12 LF18 LF24 LF
Tonnage and Size of the room1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
Saving Percentage60%60%60%
DC CompressorSingle DCSingle DCSingle DC
EER Rating3.63.12.93
Type of CompressorT2T2T2
Type of Condenser CoilCopperCopperCopper

Note: The prices may vary as per the dealer.

For more information related to Haier Air Conditioners, you can visit their official website

Final Thoughts

Comparing the list of pros and cons of a DC inverter air conditioner and a non-inverter air conditioner, one can easily conclude which machine they should prefer. So before you go and purchase an inverter AC, you should also know the things which make an inverter AC the machine you should buy, such as the EER ratings, type of compressor and the saving percentage. 

To help you out further, we have rounded up the most trusted brands that offer the best inverter AC in Pakistan. 

FAQs About Inverter AC

As this technology is comparatively new, we understand how confusing it can be. So in order to ease some of your confusion, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about inverter AC.

An inverter AC and a non-inverter AC differ in performance, efficiency and cost. All of these differences stem from the difference in the way the compressor motor of the two machines operates.

In order to repair an inverter AC, a specialised technician is required, preferably from the same companies.

The technology used in an inverter AC is designed to consume 30% – 40% less electricity.

Most of the inverter ACs have built-in voltage stabilizers.

An inverter AC now comes with technology that can be supported by a solar panel

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