Your Guide to Different Types of Air Coolers

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Under this scorching sun, we all have one thought in our minds, how to beat this summer heat? Now air conditioner might be your first preference, however, they are expensive. 

The question which comes into one’s mind is “How to keep your home cool without an AC?” but don’t you worry, we have an answer for you: Air Coolers!

Air coolers are a more budget friendly solution, as compared to an air conditioner, which gives you better air conditioning, but also a hefty electricity bill. 

While you are at it, read the differences between an inverter AC and a non-inverter AC.

Understanding your needs of the hour, we have compiled a list of different types of room coolers available in Pakistan and how to effectively use them, so that you may make an informed decision.

Types of Room coolers in Pakistan

Different Types Of Air Coolers
We will discuss the above mentioned types of room coolers in more detail

To better fit your needs, based on usage and room size, there are different types of air coolers available:

  • Tower Air Coolers
  • Desert Air Coolers
  • Personal Coolers
  • Window Coolers
  • Room Coolers

We will discuss the above mentioned types of room coolers in more detail, so that your choice is clear.

Tower Air Coolers

These are the air coolers you normally find in large areas, as they are powerful and thus best suited to cover a bigger area. 

Apart from being powerful, another reason why they quickly and efficiently cool down a room is that they distribute air quite evenly, as they send air vertically. However, since they cover a large area, they require more and better maintenance. 

Tower coolers use a combination of fan and water cooling to function; they take in hot air and give out cool air by evaporating heat.  They are designed to make as little noise as possible.

Desert Air Coolers

As the name suggests, they are designed to cater to places with desert like conditions, low humidity and high temperature.

They are similar to the tower air cooler, take in hot air, evaporate heat from it and give out cool air, while also adding moisture in the air, to make the conditions of the room more bearable.  These desert coolers work to lower the temperature in hot areas, by a great deal. 

These coolers can also be found in gigantic size and even come in use on an industrial scale. 

Personal Coolers

Personal Air Cooler
These ‘mini coolers’ save a considerable amount of energy

For the ones looking to cool down a small room, personal cooler is the answer. Not only does it lower the temperature, you can also take them anywhere with you, for they are light in weight.

These ‘mini coolers’ save a considerable amount of energy, as they do not require a ton of electricity to function. Along with being budget friendly, they are also good for your health, as they clean the air in the room and provide fresh and cool air. 

Window Coolers

As suggested by the names, these air coolers are supposed to be installed on a window, with more than half of its body, outside of your house, giving you ample space in the room.

They utilise less energy and instantly cool down a room, however, they require heavy maintenance, and are slightly more expensive than a personal and a tower air cooler.

Room Coolers

It is a smaller and cheaper alternative to a desert cooler, as it works on the same mechanism as a desert cooler, but is smaller. These are the most commonly found air coolers in Pakistan.

Some of these air coolers even come with a screen and a remote, but as they are more convenient and technologically superior, they are usually high priced, as compared to other air coolers. Most of the air coolers come with wheels, allowing you to take it to any part of the house. 

Another effective way of keeping your home cool is to paint it with summer colors. 

Pros and Cons of an Air Cooler

Advantages/Disadvantages Of Room Cooler
While air coolers are quite useful, they have some disadvantages to them as well

While air coolers are quite useful, they have some disadvantages to them as well. Let’s read more about the advantages and disadvantages of air coolers.

Pros of Air Coolers

  • Cost: As mentioned above, an air cooler is cheaper as compared to an air conditioner.
  • Lower Bills: Air coolers need less energy to function, thus with the use of an air cooler, you will receive a much lower electricity bill as compared to when you use an air conditioner.
  • Environment Friendly: Working on a simple technology, simply using fans and blowers, it does not harm the environment as much as an air conditioner. 
  • Portable: An air cooler is easily movable, as they are small and lightweight and can be easily moved to any part of the house.

Cons of Air Coolers

  • Lower efficiency in humid climate: In areas with humidity, air coolers don’t function that well, as the air coming out of the cooler, can’t soak in more water.
  • Time consuming: To keep the efficiency of an air cooler at its maximum, you need to constantly clean it and add water, which is quite time consuming.

Tips to make your air cooler more efficient

Air Coolers In Pakistan
There are certain tips and tricks to maximise your output

Summers in the southern part of Pakistan, are quite harsh, for which you constantly need either an air cooler or an air conditioner. Now while using an air cooler, there are certain tips and tricks to maximise your output. 

Here are some ways to do so:

  • Proper Ventilation: One of the most basic ways to increase the efficiency of your air cooler is to have proper ventilation in your room. Open the windows and let the air in, unless it is too hot outside, and there is no sunlight coming in.
  • Placement: The best way to make the most out of your air cooler is to place it at the right spot. If it is placed in a corner without a window, it won’t be able to function properly.
  • Cleaning: If there is too much dust collected in your air cooler, it will lower its efficiency considerably. Clean it every once a month, and when it is not being used, cover it with a piece of plastic, so that dust and dirt does not accumulate. 
  • Replace water: Almost every air cooler comes with a detachable back which you can remove and add water and ice as per the need and instruction.

These are the most common types of room coolers available in Pakistan, we have also mentioned how to get the best out of your air cooler, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using an air cooler.

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