Your Guide to Cooling a Room Without AC

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Air coolers
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Paint the roof white
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Did you know that you can cool a room without AC? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Keep scrolling to find out more! 

Summer. For many just the mention of the word brings flashes of beach, pools and Hi-Tea to mind. However, there are many individuals that start sweating at the mention of summer; they remember the days, when the unforgiving sun makes it hard to stand without an air-conditioner. With the upcoming heatwave, the latter days are near, where the only solution is to turn on the air-conditioner and forget about the bill. 

So, without further ado, let’s start cooling! 

Hacks to Cool a Room without AC

Here are the best ways to cool a house without receiving a hefty electricity bill

  • Air cooler
  • Increase Ventilation
  • Add an exhaust fan
  • Ceiling fan
  • Paint the roof white
  • Hang insulated curtains 
  • Change light to LED
  • Cool house naturally
  • Plant trees

Air Coolers

Apartment Cool Without AC
A cost-effective way of cooling your room

Air coolers are perfect for cooling a small room without AC.

If you want a cost-effective yet cooling similar to an air-conditioner, you should opt for an air cooler. They work on the mechanism of evaporation, and give you cool air. 

By using a combination of fan and water, an air cooler takes in hot, humid air in and gives out cool air by evaporating heat from it. There are a lot of pros of using such a machine, they don’t take up much space or make a lot of noise, you can put them anywhere in your room as per the dimension of it and the type of the air cooler you have. 

Increase Ventilation

 cool a room without ac
Adding a window will help release the trapped heat inside a room

Ventilation is quite essential in lowering the temperature of a room. It gets rid of the trapped heat inside your room, which raises the temperature quite considerably. In order to increase ventilation, you can add a window to any one of your blank walls. 

Adding a window will not only allow the room to cool without AC in the summer, it will be quite useful during the winters, when you can open your blinds and let the natural light shine all over your room. 

Exhaust Fan

Adding a window might not be possible for some, either due to space constraints, some regulations or due to living in a rental –  we have another solution for you. 

Install a heat exhaust fan to keep your apartment cool without AC. These fans are small and suck in the hot air from inside a room, to make space for the fresh and cool air to enter, helping the temperature of the room to fall.

The best place to install one is the kitchen and the bathroom; similarly if the room does not have a window, you can add an exhaust fan there, to cool down the room.

Ceiling Fans

Many people prefer to simply cool a room with fans; however, they tend to forget one tiny detail. They often forget to compare the size of the room to the size of the fan. Ceiling fans come in different sizes, so before buying a ceiling fan, do remember to consult an expert on the matter.

While talking about fans, let us also tell you, you can adjust your ceiling fan to push the air down to create a cooling effect in your room, but in order to do that your fan must be rotating in the counterclockwise direction. However, do not adjust it yourself, unless you know the ins and outs of the fan, consult an electrician first. Head to JagahOnline, where you can find the finest handymen.

Paint the roof white

A dark colour absorbs heat and traps it, while the color white reflects the heat and does not allow it to pass through the surface.

Based on this phenomenon, painting the roof white has a cooling effect on your room, as it does not let the heat enter the house. While a dark colored roof invites heat into your room and traps it, raising the temperature of your house.

Hang insulated curtains or blinds

best way to cool a house
Insulated curtains do not allow the heat to cross

Many might tell you to keep the curtains and blinds closed, as to not allow the heat to enter your room, but the harsh sunlight passes through the flimsy material of the trendy curtains. Even with the air-conditioner on, the rooms facing direct sunlight and having such curtains take a long time to cool down. 

One of the effective ways to cool a room without AC is to hang insulated curtains or blinds, these curtains have an outer decorative layer and an inner reflective layer, which does not allow the heat to pass through, keeping your apartment cool without an AC.

Upgrade the lights

All electronic equipment emits heat, especially light bulbs, similar to any light emitting material. These light bulbs do not allow the temperature of your room to cool down.

LED lights, on the other hand, not only lower your electricity bill, they also lower the temperature of your room.  Changing all the light bulbs in your home to LED lights might be the best way to cool a room. However, if you cannot change all the light bulbs to LED, make sure you turn the unnecessary lights off, as well as turning all electronic equipment off, when not in use.

Cool house naturally

There is nothing cooler than the night air, especially in the rainy season. Utilise nature in the best way and open the windows to let the night air in. 

During the day as soon as the temperature drops, open not just one but all the windows and allow cross breeze to do its work. You can even put standing fans on the window sill to allow the cold air to be pushed into the house at a faster rate.

 Enjoy the night of cool air and close the windows the next morning before the heat starts to make its way into your room.

Plant Trees

cool house naturally
Planting the trees near your home would absorb heat

The most effective and natural way is to plant trees around your home. This would make the atmosphere both inside and outside your home pleasant during any season. 

Planting the trees near your home would absorb heat, and make your environment healthier. In addition to this, planting trees increases the curb appeal of your home by a great degree. 

As effective as this hack is, it is just as slow. It might take months for the plants to grow, but it will eventually pay you back. You can always talk to a specialist, and learn which trees are best for cooling down the temperature.

We have mentioned some of the best ways to cool a room without an AC If you think, we have missed out on any cool trick, write to us at and let us know.

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