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In this century, if there is one thing that we are all dependent on, it’s the internet. This novel technology has changed our lives for the better. Things that used to take up a lot of time can now be done within seconds from the comfort of your home. Just like checking an electricity bill online! 

Previously we have told you how to check an electricity bill online in Pakistan, where we have mentioned the procedure from KE online bill check to PESCO online bill. In this blog, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to check and pay your MEPCO online bill.


multan electric power company
MEPCO is the biggest electricity distributor in Pakistan

The Multan Electric Power Company was founded in 1988 to provide electricity to various regions in Punjab.  MEPCO operates in 13 districts of South Punjab, making it one of the biggest electricity distributors in Punjab. So if you belong to any of the following districts this blog is written for you:

  • Multan
  • Layyah
  • Khanewal
  • Bhawalnagar
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Lodhran
  • Rajanpur
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Sahiwal
  • Vehari
  • Pakpattan

The electricity generated is based on hydro-electric power. 

How to Check Your MEPCO Bill Online?

The electricity distributors have made it easier for consumers to do online MEPCO electricity bill checks, with the help of their website. 

All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit their webpage
  • Enter the reference number, without spaces
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • You will be redirected to a page that shows your recent bill amount and due date

If you have misplaced the physical copy of your electricity bill, there is no need to worry, simply follow the above mentioned steps and you can find your MEPCO duplicate bill online. 

How to Receive your MEPCO Bill via SMS?

The power distributors have made it possible for consumers to receive their electricity bills through SMS. To get your MEPCO electricity bill each month, you need to register yourself by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Head to their webpage 
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number
  • Fill in your mobile number in the given slot
  • Click ‘Select’
  • You will receive your next bill through SMS

How to Check MEPCO Bill via Mobile App?

Mepco online bill
You can also check your MEPCO bill via their mobile application

Multan Electric Power Company has provided their consumers with another way to check MEPCO consumer bills, through their mobile application.

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download the mobile application 
  • Enter the reference number
  • You will be shown the due amount and the due date
  • Click on ‘View Full Bill’ to find your complete bill

Now that we have answered one of the most common questions “how to check MEPCO bill online?” Let us also answer another common question, “how to check an old MEPCO bill?”

If you have lost one of your old electricity bills, you can visit the MEPCO office in your district and easily find the bill you are looking for, simply provide your reference number and some other details.

How to Find the Reference Number?

We have told you two easy methods of checking your MEPCO bill remotely, both of which require you to give your reference number. Many individuals can’t locate their reference number; however, if one carefully goes through the hard copy of their electricity bill, they will find it easily.

As shown on the image, you can find your reference number on one of your old bills.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Online?

MEPCO online payment
MEPCO has collaborated with HBL, EasyPaisa and JazzCash to add to comfort of the consumers

You no longer have to wait in long queues outside the banks, just to pay your electricity bill; you can now pay them online. 

The Multan power distributors do not offer this service themselves yet, however, they have partnered with HBL, EasyPaisa and JazzCash to facilitate their consumers. 


MEPCO allows its consumers who utilise the services of HBL to pay their bills through the HBL mobile banking application.

  • Login to your HBL application
  • Select the option of bill payment
  • Choose your electricity provider
  • Enter your reference number
  • Finally, click on the ‘Pay’ button


Using EasyPaisa to pay your MEPCO bill is fairly easy and simple. All that is necessary to complete this process is to have the right amount in your EasyPaisa account.

  • Recharge the amount through any local EasyPaisa shop or through a bank transfer
  • Select the bill icon
  • Choose the respective electricity provider
  • Enter your reference number
  • Click on ‘Pay’


Similar to EasyPaisa, you need to make sure that your JazzCash account has the respective amount needed.

  • Login to the app
  • Choose ‘Bill Payment’
  • Select your electricity provider
  • Enter the reference number
  • Click on the ‘Pay’ button

How to Contact MEPCO?

If you have any complaints or any queries regarding MEPCO online bill check or the payment process you can contact them at the following numbers.

Multan Electric Power Company: 0800-63726

Multan Power Control Centre: 061-9210334

Consumers can also contact the officials, if they have any query specific to their districts.

Dera Ghazi Khan064-9239229
RahimYar Khan068-9230160
Bhawal Nagar063-9239031

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to check MEPCO online bills, we have also mentioned how you can pay your bill remotely and how to contact the Multan Electric Power Company if you have any queries. 

You can find your MEPCO bill online on their website.

You need to have your MEPCO bill reference number.

Yes, by registering your phone number you can get your next MEPCO bill through message.

Yes, you can pay your MEPCO bill online by using internet banking and mobile payment apps like Easypaisa and Jazzcash.

You can check your MEPCO bill online by downloading the MEPCO Bill application.

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