PM Imran Khan Launches Al-Biruni Radius Project

Islamabad: In order to maintain Pakistan’s cultural and historical landmarks, Prime Minister Imran Khan initiated the ‘Al-Biruni Radius’ project on 28th of February. The project aims to reform tourism in the vicinity of Jhelum. 

In a speech made by the Prime Minister Imran Khan, he highlighted the importance of tourism and heritage sites, while stating that the PTI government is making all the efforts required to help boost the tourism industry in Pakistan. 

Highlighting the importance of this initiative on a public forum, PM said in one of his recent tweets, “The project aims at preservation and conservation of the archeological sites within the radius and the socioeconomic uplift of the surrounding area”.

Many important personalities were in attendance of the inauguration ceremony, such as the Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Ahmad Chaudhary, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari, Usman Bazdar, the Chief Minister for Punjab.

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One of the many efforts made by the government to uplift tourism in the country has been to transform BaghanWala into a modern village. The Prime Minister also stated that facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and link roads will be made to help tourism in Jhelum.

Mr. Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari announced that the department concerned with the project have developed PC-1, the framework for the project. Adding to the statement, he assured people that the area will include parks, educational campus, and 116 km road.

The plan would also include the development of a heritage trail in order to connect the Nandana Fort and many other heritage sites, such as Katas Raj Temple, Salt Mines of Khewra, Malot Fort and Takht-e-Babri near Kalar Kahar.

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