All You Need to Know About Ababeel Squad In Lahore

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The City of Gardens is witnessing a slew of developments in recent years, especially when its rankings in the World Crime Index have improved. The city is the epicenter of history, literature, and culture while its infrastructure is exemplary. In the government’s latest moves to support the city’s prosperity and security system, Punjab Police has introduced Ababeel Squad in Lahore to strengthen the local security system.

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More About Ababeel Squad in Lahore 

Crime in congested areas in Lahore and the hotspot areas of the city need constant attention from the government. Coming up with a patrolling force in order to keep the situation handled seemed like an idea to the local law departments.

Hence, Ababeel Squad in Lahore is formed to keep law and order situations intact in the city. This newly introduced security force is integrated and announced with a nice gesture and warm ceremony. 

The primary function of the Ababeel Squad is to aid Lahore police in combating crimes and maintaining peace in Lahore. The fleet of Ababeel Squad is based on 40 personnel and 20 motorcycles to help the squad scale up at a fast pace.

The Ababeel squad patrols across the under-developed neighbourhoods of Lahore to make sure they deliver rapid responses to all the condoning crime scenes in those areas and all other hotspot areas of the city.

Needless to say, this initiative will help Punjab Police by functioning side-by-side like the Dolphin Force and the Anti Riot Force.

Speaking of which, there are a few more security forces in Lahore just like the Ababeel Squad in Lahore. We will take a look at each of them in the latter part of this blog.

List of Security Forces in Lahore

Besides Ababeel Squad, the city has abundant security forces ensuring the safety of its citizens. No wonder why Lahore is also deemed as the safest city in Pakistan. 

Moving forward, we will take a look at some of the most remarkable security forces in Lahore:

Dolphin Force Lahore

Dolphin Force Lahore elite security unit
The concept for this security force was derived from the Turkish Police

Dolphin force Lahore also known as the elite security unit. This Force was introduced by the Chief Minister of Punjab in 2016. The initiative became so successful that they further expanded the Dolphin Force in the twin cities. 

Dolphin Force has many personnel and motorcycles to function with ease around the city. It is the only police force that has 500cc bikes that are comparatively faster than any other police force bike in the city. The concept of this security force is derived from the Turkish Police. 

Anti-Riot Force

In the past couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of riots and to counter those riots a special force was made named the Anti-Riot Force. Specially trained by the Turkish police force, Anti Riot Force acts to counter-violence. Their training is solely based to defend the city during the riots.

This Anti Riot unit has many groups and special vehicles to patrol around the city. Moreover, their task is to keep a close eye on the crowd in events like the Pakistan Super League to avoid incidents. 

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA)

using mobile and video surveillance tech
It is a tech-driven security force and is the biggest reason why the crime rate in Lahore has decreased (Image Credits: @PunjabPolicePakistanOfficial)

The Ordinance passed in the year 2015 to initiate this autonomous body. It is a tech-driven security force and is the biggest reason why the crime rate in Lahore has decreased. 

They have introduced many noteworthy initiatives under the name of PSCA. Although, there is the Dolphin force and Ababeel Squad in Lahore with the Anti Riot Force to help Punjab counter illegal activities. 

They have been using mobile and video surveillance tech to make sure the crime can be lowered with digitization. Not to mention the semi-automated traffic management systems around the city that have significantly reduced road accidents. 

Low Crime Rate In Lahore

Owing to these recent advancements, the security system in Lahore has improved significantly. The crime rate went down and a sense of security has increased by manifolds. Ababeel Squad in Lahore, Dolphin Force, and the Anti Riot Force are the reason why the city is becoming safe with each passing day. All in all, it’s the dedication of the Punjab Police Force that is leading Lahore to a place where the citizens feel safe. 

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