A Committee is hired for the restoration of Burns Road in Karachi.

Karachi: The government of Sindh has made a committee to restore the heritage in Karachi Burns Road, as a part to initiate a plan for renovating a food street- according to the news report on January 12. The buildings have been painted with different colors and they are getting public attention throughout social media. 

The committee will reestablish the old buildings with new colors. The supervision of the committee will be appointed to the Sindh’s Antiquities and Archaeology Department Director-General Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro.

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The Sindh Government made a 10-member committee for the reinstallation of burns road and recently the government decided to extend footpaths for citizens to enjoy their favorite food in the street. A notification was passed on January 5, stating that the police will bar any vehicles after 7 PM, as it will become a complete food street for pedestrians.

The visitors in the food street will be provided with a parking area. The police will draw chalk lines on the roads to prevent any restaurant from spreading their chairs for the intrusion.

Everything will happen after 7 PM, as scheduled by the committee for the arrangements and security.